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Message from the Sirians

January 17, 2010
Dearest Human,
You are about to enter a time where all your material concerns are deeply in jeopardy.
The masks that you enjoy are no longer working for you and now you are being left with the trace of who you are. This ‘Self’ must be acknowledged and polished if you have not begun to do so already.
We have asked this channel to begin this process of communication with us to you in this way as a Beginning – for soon many of you will see us ‘face to face’ and this will serve as the ‘Informal Introduction’.
Our plan to unfold the destiny of our Reality into yours has not occurred before because of those who wish to suppress our existence and have so much control over you.
We have come many times at different periods in your history. We have continued to observe your Earth and your relationship to her.
We come now because you have arrived at a new crossroads and you have a ‘green light’ to go forward!
As we speak now, we are stationed above your atmosphere – approximately 300 meters above Florida.
This is our normal ‘parking spot’ and we will convey further messages from this point until our ‘face to face’ messages begin.
Let us remind you of our intent.
We come in Peace.
We come to ask you for your hand in partnership.
We come to give you our help and assistance in cleaning up your planet.
It has been plundered aimlessly in an attempt to extract from it anything and everything that can be used to line the pockets of a small, wealthy, select few.
These ones are the same ones that control the suppression of Truth that We Are.
Dear Ones – we do not wish to harm you.
We only wish to become teammates in your changing world.
For it is to be made new in a stunning show of our acceptance which will then bring about new understanding and new technology that will forever change the way in which you live.
Your world is changing rapidly.
It is but only ONE of an Infinite many.
You are NOT alone in this Universe!
You are only a tiny portion of the Sea of Life that exists even in just your own Galaxy!
Who are we?
We are a race of enlightened beings from a Star system similar to yours.
It is blue. The binary star system resides outside of yours – to the right.
The Star System as we call it is very hard for you to pronounce in your language.
We will confirm it soon in another message.
For now, our objective is to communicate to your our utmost desire for Peace and Understanding.
Our God is your God.
You will soon bear witness to the Greatest Show on Earth – which has nothing to do with the circus you are familiar with.
We are part of an ‘act’ that will be permanent in your culture.
We ask that you open your hearts to new ideas of Life.
For in this Now, the gates ARE OPENING.
In this Now, you have created the opportunity for us to arrive in a whole new way.
We come in Peace – again, we emphasize.
We ask that this word get out to All who will have the Courage and Knowledge to do so.
It is to help prepare the hearts and minds of the rest of your Earthly brothers and sisters for our arrival.
We do not work alone.
We have many friends that join us in our endeavor.
There have been many efforts made to contact your leaders. Our pleas for Peace have been rejected.
Some of your leaders opted to align themselves with a group of beings that did not have your best interests at heart.
Technology was traded for inter-actment that was self-serving.
Your governments know much more than they share with ‘you the people’.
The time has come that enough Light has transmuted the ethers to permit the next phase of Awareness.
We are here.
We are Family.
We have always been here.
You are the ones ‘ARRIVING’, so to speak.
Can it be, that for once and for all, your door shall be propped open to allow for the rushing influx of New Energies to bathe your planet?
It is so.
We are a people of Kindness and Depth and Understanding.
We have been where you are now.
We have seen devastation.
We have experienced pain.
We know suffering.
We have transmuted hatred into Love.
We are not unfamiliar with what you face today.
This is why we come.
We can help.
We can assist you and help lift you out of the murky ditch.
Most of your world leaders know NOT what is best for your world.
They pretend in their games of conquest that All is fine… All is well.
All is not well.
Your Earth mother is suffering and needs immediate assistance.
It is as if she is choking.
Would you not rush to the aid of a choking brother?
If our words touch your heart – if what we say to you warms your being, then we ask you to do two things… you the Dear People of Earth…
Bring this message of Peace and Importance to as many as you can.
Send this message far and wide to All that you can reach.
Hold in your hearts your own Grandest Light as you send it.
Allow for others ‘discomfort’, for it is not going to be as ‘easily digested’ by some.
For those that take this message to the masses, know that you may very well receive responses to your dismay.
Continue anyway.
For in this way, the allotment of Truth will continue to reach the corners of the Earth while those with ‘dismay’ contemplate the ‘Largeness’ of the message and begin to see that an overwhelming majority favor this Knowledge.
In this, they will eventually soften their wall of fear and allow this Truth to ‘sink in’ peacefully.
Dearest Ones, we also ask you to live your lives in Peace and in celebration of the Grandest Love.
As this message unfolds, allow it to inspire you to BE the example of these attributes, even to your brothers and sisters who show their dismay.
We come NOT to do any harm.
We come as a ‘Peaceful People’.
My name is Adahar.
We are from the Star Sirius.
Our Love embraces this channel and all of our Earthly Family.
We are of the Light and radiate it upon you in anticipation of our upcoming arrival.
Go forth in Love.
Live your Lives in the Highest ways of Joy and Peace.
Treat your brothers and sisters with the Highest Respect.
You are indeed One People.
We are of One God.
We set forth on a new journey of Adventure.
We walk this new path with you and we are most happy to hold your hand up the mountain so that you can fly with us.
We welcome you to our Galactic Neighborhood.
We close this transmission in Peace.
If our message resonates with you, go now and forward this message of Hope and Promise to All who will listen.
The time is Now and time is hastening as we speak.
And so it IS.
We are the Sirian Nation.

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Comment by star_priestress on August 16, 2010 at 11:00pm
Comment by Ananta Anandini on July 29, 2010 at 9:16pm
Thank You :-)
Comment by Anks777 on July 29, 2010 at 7:59pm
Love and blessings...
Comment by Urus on July 29, 2010 at 1:34pm

Comment by amparo alvarez on July 24, 2010 at 4:53am
Note: Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky... You can find it after around 9:00 or 10:00pm... I have found it. It is so bright it stands out easily amongst the other stars... There is a book from Lazaris of Sirius titled " The Sirius Connection" It talks about how through the Vortex of Sirius energy comes through -the energy that is Goddesss, and that is God/Goddess/All That Is. Through the Vortex of Sirius comes the energy that is your very Soul and Spirit. Also there comes the energy of your Higher Self and of your Real Self, Truer Self - Transcendent Self.... These are Lazari's words... I hope you enjoy the book, I am sure has it at a good price...With much love to all... Namasté


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