Message from the Angels 06/19/21

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Never in your human history have you, as a species, been clearer on what you want from life. Your pandemic inspired you to send cries unto the heavens. "We want to be in this together. We are one world." "We want to connect! We are tired of hatred!" "We are tired of polluting the planet we walk upon." "We are tired of doing things that feel meaningless, going through the motions in life, and feeling duty-bound." "Dear heavens, we are tired..."

And so many of you are tired, dear friends. Many of you are exhausted from trying to "push the river' and/or resisting your own feelings.

All of you are acclimating to the new energies. You are all working diligently to raise your vibration so the new, increased, and beautiful flow of love can move you and move through you unobstructed. Like a wire not yet rated for a higher current, it is your resistance to love that makes you, like that wire, short circuit, burn out, or blow up!

Conversely, if you're living in alignment with your heart, which most of you are in many instances throughout the day, you will feel more energized, passionate, and open to guidance than ever before.

Most of you are vacillating between these two extremes, inspired by a thought one moment, exhausted the next.

You have complete control over these dear ones! You can choose to surrender to the exhaustion, nap, rest, and be gentle with yourselves. You can choose to give your own thoughts a rest and do what feels good to you in the moment. In loving yourselves in this fashion, you will raise your vibration and find increased energy. When you are impassioned by or feel drawn to something, you will feel energized if you go with your flow of thinking or action. You will feel tired if you resist. You will feel energized by loving thoughts, and tired or even exhausted by anything less. Best of all, in surrendering to the heart, you surrender to your guidance.

Your feelings are a loving barometer that let you know when you're in a higher or lower vibration. They tell you whether or not you are surrendered to your heart and flowing gracefully towards your desires, or whether or not you are resisting a loving flow. In neither case are you right or wrong, good, or bad. You're just having a different experience of life. Don't judge yourself when you're in a low vibe. Just do your best to shift towards a kinder one. your thoughts are the tools you use to fine-tune your feelings.

We have said this many times. Be gentle with yourselves. To the best of your ability, listen to your hearts. Don't push yourselves to do things you don't want to do, or if you must, at least find reasons to like what you're doing. To the best of your ability, try not to indulge in thoughts that bring you down. Instead allow your mind to naturally drift upwards towards what feels best.

You are all learning to live in a higher vibration. Watch your feelings this week and notice how they correlate to your physical conditions and physical energies. You will soon come to understand, through your own observation, that you are energetic beings who are either choosing your vibration or reacting to the vibrations of the world. It is always your vibration that dictates how you feel, what you will attract, and how gracefully you flow through your days. We wish you ease, grace, joy, and dreams come true.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

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  • Thank you Val and Valana...I cherish your words...I am lately going deeper than ever into my soul and I am finding so many beautiful things about me...I am Love, (we all are), and I can Love all without any distinction...I kind of suspected things about myself and now it is time for me to take charge of this Love, this awesome power that is Universal Love and spread it all over...Along with compassion, simplicity, and always being of service to others is the only way to go from this day forward...Many misunderstand where I am coming from but it only has to do with where they are at vibrationally...I thank you Valana for being such a sensitive beautiful Being of Love and Light...Some here do not see that and do not understand that either...It matters not, just keep being YOU...Love and Light to you and Val always...
  • Dearest Amparo,
    I am not here much lately but always I know to look for your psts for upliftment and love vibs.
    I know you work so very hard to try to pick those that are best to post at the time and your hard work will not go unrewarded. You are known and oved by those that watch over us
    Bless you dear one and let your Light shne brightly...you are loved... - Valana and Val
  • Blessings to you both Hellen and Indigenous Alien...I am glad these messages are reaching your soul...That is my intent...The same way I read thousands and thousands of messages over the years and learned so much...Yet I will never stop learning...Learning is infinite...Much Love always...
  • this is why I stay at this site, I find what I need when I need it AND the energy emitted on this site by all you awesome loving people is unbelievable... Thanx, Amapro,
  • Thank You Amapro I always like reading your articles.
This reply was deleted.

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