Message and Meditation from ONE
I am sending this transcript of the radio message from One and the meditation instructions below so that everyone can use the gift of these words to help raise themselves in preparation for the coming Ascension. You can use this every day; it will create a connection directly from you to the loving essence of One.

ONE through Carlos Soriano Marti is asking us to fulfill these instructions now.

1. Please post the transcript of ONE radio show of Sept. 17th.
2. Read it slowly and aloud.
3. If there is someone with you and willing - read it together.
4. Read it, each of you, out loud and allow ONE to pass through your voice.
5. This is what is needed now.
6. This is going to put you even higher my angels.
7. "Read it aloud, slowly and feel Me and be filled by Me." ~ ONE

The source of this message:
"Channel Panel with Dr. Kathryn, Meg and ONE!"

Transcription & Show Link
Show Date: September 17, 2014
Host: Dr. Kathryn May, Co-Host: Meg Davis, Guest: ONE
Topic: Our first time to welcome ONE. ONE speaks on this Earth experience and re-entering the higher dimensions.


Song LINK (When You Believe, Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey Official Version YouTube):

(9:52 - 64:16)

Greetings Beloved. Yes, it is I. Of course, I rarely speak in person, but today is a special time. And I want to tell you, when I say, "It is I," this is not the way I usually think of myself. I am, yes I am, the one they call "One," but I am also a group consciousness, an awareness of All That Is.

I speak with a voice, but I have no voice. I speak with you everyday through your mind, through your feelings. Now, when I say I have no voice, I have not made myself known as a person because up until now, humankind has a way, you now, of worshiping, of changing who we are or what we say into something that seems unreachable or unintelligible. I can speak with you, of course, but I wanted to be known.

Just as Creator, the one you call Prime Creator, has told you: we do not sit on a cloud and think angry thoughts about you. That's probably a description of a parent you've known. But it does not fit who we are.

In the messages that Creator has given you, he/she has told you about their beginnings, about learning to create - learning to create a Universe. For that was the destiny of your Prime Creator. To be one, who would create Universes. And so, we worked together for many many eons, as I do with those who are my children. You see it matters not to me what your parentage is. You all lead back to me, don't you? For I have been the Source of all things. Yes, in the Multiverse.

Now, you often think of me as the center of the Universe, the one who sends you the energy. It is I, but with the help, of course, of your Creator, who is in charge of your Universe. There are many, many, many Universes.

I cannot describe to you what it looks like from where I observe, but I can tell you it is thrilling. It is thrilling for me to look out upon the work that we have done. For I have done very little of it all alone. And I cannot describe myself that way except for the fact that your English does not allow for the same kind of communication that I can send to you when I give you pictures to go with the words. I am doing that now. Open your minds and open your hearts, and you will see what I see.

A Universe is an intricate, fascinating... well, would you call it a 'thing?' It is more an experience: multi-layered, complex, fascinating. If you are a scientist, you understand why there is such curiosity to understand how all this came to be. Your scientists on Earth have not yet come close to understanding. Some of the spiritual people do, to a larger degree. They understand that creation is the process that you have been told about.

When a feeling and an intention, a thought, are melded with passion - that is Creation.

The lovely song you just heard (opening of the show), the words about: "we've been moving mountains long before we understood that we could." It is true. You do have the power to do wondrous things. You're only just beginning to learn. This has been a training process for you.

Of course, when you re-enter the higher dimensions, it is much easier. But this experience you have had - this experience of living a life on Terra - it will serve you well. The people that you have known, the Souls you have traveled with, the love you have felt for one another, it changes everything. When you return to higher dimensions, you will carry with you this great love that you're learning to express, to experience, to enjoy. And those you have felt these marvelous joyful feeling with will remain in your energy field, in your heart, forever. Once you have loved, that connection remains for eternity. It is a very good system, isn't it?

The times you've been upset or angry or the people you have disliked will all melt away because they are shadows. They are not part of creation, and therefore, they will not be recorded in the same way in your record of what you feel about the world. The love, you carry for eternity. The difficulties you felt here - not matter how terrible they may have seemed at the time, no matter how discouraged you might have been - all will melt away. And what you will come away with is the excitement, the fascination, the thrill of learning, experiencing this brand new life you have never experienced before.

No one has done what you are all doing together. In this, you are fascinating. All of you - yes you are. I look upon you with great pleasure, with great love. I smile, when I watch how you struggle, how you fall down, trip yourself, stand back up and begin again. You are brave and very lovable. I have watched your progress as a species.

Creator's message yesterday was very important because he made it very clear. There is a great difference between the species humankind and the Soul that you are. Now, in the process of this life on Earth, we encourage you to embed yourself entirely into this body you were given because this is how it's meant to be experienced. Do not be in a hurry to remove yourself from this body. In fact, take it the opposite direction. Reach down deeply. Connect with every cell, every nerve fiber and especially with the deepest part of your heart.

This is an experience like no other. It has been provided for you for a very special reason: you wished to do this. We consulted together. This great plan was the making of so many Souls together. And you know, in the process of the planning and the design, and the hopes and the dreams, there was no dissension. There was no argument.

The representatives, the Souls, who have experienced many lifetimes, the ones who spoke in favor of this great plan, received unanimous approval. There were no nay-sayers, "Oh no we can't do that; we can't get all of us together to do the same thing." You have an expression, "like herding cats." Well, there were a few people who said things like that, but no one said it couldn't be done.

You see how resourceful and creative and filled with hope you all are, when you allow yourselves to reach deeply into Who You Are. For you are in this body the combination of the Soul that you have been for eternity and this beautiful body that was created especially to reflect who we are, and in order for you to understand, I will say, "Who I am."

You have been told in recent years, you are Gods and Goddesses. It is true. For you carry the spark that is who I am. And so, you - all of you - are me. We are one. When you experience joy, when you experience the excitement of creating something new, that is who I am. That is what I feel. We are not different in that way. I have given you the elements, the aspect, the facets of Who I Am - some of you a little more of this or a little more of that.

Because there are limits to the human brain and body, you could not hold all of the energy of who I am, and so, you choose. This lifetime you'll be an adventurer. The next lifetime, you'll be a teacher. The next lifetime you'll create: a painter, or an architect, or a builder. The next one, a parent, and so on: a doctor, a caretaker, a merchant. Well of course I don't sell anything, but I do provide.

Yes, we have provided everything that you could possibly need. You have right here, on your planet, everything that humankind could ever ever need. Abundance, beauty, inspiration - everything you need. Of course there have been problems with the ones who divvy up the resources and try to keep it all for themselves, but you and I are changing that.

It has been "a good run," as they would say. You were challenged. You were mightily challenged. The ones who invaded your Universe were determined. But as you know, our Universal Law requires several things. First, that no one will attack and try to take over any other culture, civilization, planet or territory.

Another requirement: because you were born in love and Light, another requirement is that we do not intervene, especially with those in lower dimensions who have been given Free Will. We do not monkey in your lives. We allow you to live it out. That is the purpose of being here. To live your life as you wish, as you choose.

Of course, those of us in higher dimensions - who see ourselves as your guides, your mentors - we watch. We care for you. We listen. We send you our love because we want you to succeed. We want you to be happy. We want you to learn and grow, but we also want you to enjoy it.

You're getting the idea, aren't you... how much I have enjoyed this, your beautiful Universe, that your Prime Creator worked to develop and build. We began it together. I was present at the birth of every Soul. I know you, all of you, every Universe, every being, the circumstances, the beauty of each special planet, every star, every energetic system. Because all are connected, all are a part of who I am. Because they are rays, expressions, facets of the energy that I am, all of us connected, all of us in communication with one another.

And today, I am here to specifically ask you, invite you, to strengthen your connection with me.

I want to be the one who hears your prayers. I am the one who agreed that you needed to be born - you in your Soul and you in this lifetime. It was not an accident; it is your destiny to be here. And, mind you, it is a special privilege because as difficult as things are on the surface of Earth, there were millions who wished to be here, billions more than who are here at this moment. It's no accident, you know, that you population exploded so quickly in the last generation. That was so that there would be room for more of you to come.

And the eyes of your entire Universe and of other Universes are all on you because this is the source of the spark. Yes, so it has been determined. We put our trust in you because we know of your capabilities. Of course you feel like: how could you be the center of anything? Things are going so badly, and it looks as if you're all stumbling around doing awful things to each other. Well you are not all doing terrible things to each other. The numbers of atrocities are actually fading. We're very happy to see that. Yes, there are still difficulties. The ones we cannot reach, the ones who have not heard our call, they too will awaken eventually. They too will learn that they are responsible for their own actions.

There has been much discussion recently about the criminal behavior that has happened on your planet. And you've all tried very hard to raise your vibration and to be good people. I want to reassure you. You need not forgive all the criminals in the world in a sense that you let them all out of jail, not until you are sure that you will be safe, and that they will no longer hurt anyone.

And so there will be many who, for a time, will experience what I think of as 'enforced meditation.' It is merciful. Do not worry. That is not being punitive. There is no such thing, as far as I'm concerned. No one is punished for what they do, but we will protect innocent people. And in your 3rd dimension and slightly higher, all the way up to the 5th dimension, actually, it is necessary to protect those, who should not be misused. And sometimes we have to simply remove the ones who are too dangerous or who have caused too much trouble. That is a process that is happening now. But as we have told you, everyone is given the chance to rehabilitate themselves, and they will be helped.

Your first responsibility, my dear children, is to protect yourselves and your loved ones. You can also send love. It's very important that you do that. Send love to those who have transgressed. It will help them. It will help them to awaken, but until they do, do not invite them into the bosom of your family. Do not risk your own lives to be a hero in your own mind, being, rushing out into the fray to save others first. First, save yourselves, and care for those you love, and you will see the changes.

There are enormous changes coming. Some of you know that it is your place to be close to me in the center of the Universe. Your galaxy, The Milky Way, is moving. Yes, your scientists have noticed it, but they're not telling you what they really have seen. Some of them can't even begin to understand; it doesn't even begin to make sense to them that whole galaxies and even whole universes can move. Yours is moving.

The little planet, the beautiful small planet we call Terra - the jewel of your galaxy - will be the center, not only the center of your Universe, but the center of the Multiverse. Now, how do I explain a Multiverse? For you to understand, it's probably easiest to think of it as a layer cake. But it is a layer cake that you can see around, and the layers of course can move, but never the less; let's look at it that way.

You're familiar with the lower dimensions, where you have been. And you have become familiar recently with the Masters who come, who descend in their energy to come and visit you. That is what I did to come to speak with you. I did not want to cause our dear channel, Kathryn, to blow a fuse, which would happen if I brought all of my energy through. It would not be possible for a human being to contain the energy of All That Is.

And so, we calibrate ourselves to come to visit with you, so that you can feel our love. And you have experienced that with many of your Masters. Many of you are very familiar with them, with their feeling, their identities because you can feel who they are. You can tell by their energy signature. They are my beloved children, just as you are.

You will learn, as you raise your vibrations, as you finally achieve full consciousness. Yes, it was a special arrangement for you to have this veil. It's served an important purpose, actually many important purposes, but one of them was to allow you to live out this period of history without having to understand completely and know completely the past.

When you incarnate behind the veil, each lifetime is new. This was a very effective way to experience it now because it meant that each lifetime you would have the opportunity to begin again, to show your mettle, to experience the difficulties and the struggles and to overcome them. And as you have done this, as you have learned to manage your feelings and your thoughts, you have also learned to manage your actions. It is the important challenge of being human. When you can manage a human body, you are a Master. You see how that works?

It's a bit like being in the Olympics. Once you receive a gold medal in the Olympics, you are forever and Olympian. It's no accident that you have created these wonderful games and tests of your abilities. It is a macrocosm and a microcosm of the way life is on planet Earth. It's all about testing yourself and coming through.

When you can be a truly loving, truly present and caring human being, you are, by definition, an Ascended Master. For it could not be possible without true concentration, focus, determination and attention to every detail of what you feel. Every idea that roams through your mind, every glimmer of a nerve ending firing must be attended to. It takes training. It takes, what you have learned to call, 'mindfulness.' We think of it as Presence of Mind, a deep kind of consciousness.

We know how difficult it is, and we know that the ones who are skillful, the ones who are adapt at managing, knowing what they are doing and what it means, knowing what other people see. Yes, it is possible to reach the point where you understand what your impact is on others. This is a kind of transparency that is the goal for a Master: to hear your own voice, to see your own actions as they will be seen and felt by others. Now this does not mean that you should change yourself to please others. This is an entirely different process that we call empathy.

Knowing what influence you will have on others helps you to understand your power. Truly knowing what influence you have on the world requires vision. Your influence, your impact, your power is tremendous. You underestimate it always because you have not yet had your training in manifesting as we do in the higher dimensions. You have a wonderful wonderful treat ahead of you. I look forward to overseeing your classes, to watching your progress.

Know, all of you, that you have heard my voice on this day, and that we have made this connection. Do not ever forget it beloved ones. Do not forget me. I do not forget you. Do not think that I am inaccessible or too distant or too, well, you think these things of those of us who are the Creators. You think we are awesome and impossibly distant and different from you. It's not true. We are you. You are getting used to hearing that, aren't you? Is it beginning to make sense now? We are you. It was my intention to experience life through you. It is in the doing, the feeling, the experiencing that is the thrill. And all of us, all of us experiencing that together - that is life!

There are no words in any language to express how thrilling, how fulfilling it is to be a part of this wonderful, historic, exciting plan. I am as much a part of it as you are. I am as thrilled, as excited, as filled with anticipation as you are. There are a few steps, just a few, that will take you to places you have never experienced before. You will have your prosperity. The Lightworkers will have their chance to bring delight, solace, comfort and great love to so many across the planet. And there are others who will be helping.

Your laws are changing. Your governments are changing. The places in the world that have been the hotbed of troubles are evolving so quickly to bring Light, to be the center of civilization, the bright lights that will guide others. You will look at these places, where things are changing so fast and you'll say, "If they can do it, so can we." You will be taking to the streets, literally and figuratively. You will be taking to the streets in celebration, in solidarity, in joy. You will no longer need to hide inside your houses to pretend to feel safe, when you are really afraid. This will change. It is changing very quickly.

Those of you who are lucky enough to live in places of great beauty will find the exhilaration and joy in your hearts to be so great that you'll feel you're almost ready to explode with joy. This is how life is supposed to be. This is how you are supposed to feel when you wake up in the morning. Ahhhh the sun is shining again! It is a glorious time to be alive. You, beloved ones, are the apple of our eye. That's a nice image, isn't it?

I come to tell you: I am in love with all of you. And I feel you opening your hearts. I feel your excitement. And as it grows, it creates a great wave. That is how you manifest the most glorious lifetime. That is how you pull all of yourselves up another step, and each time you do, you find yourself in a brand new place. The view is different. The future is different. That is what is meant by, 'jumping timelines.' You've done it.
When you change your mind about your life, you change your life. That is 'jumping a timeline.' You change what would have happened if you'd stayed in that old state, and suddenly, you're on a new track. So many of you are doing this that together, you are literally lifting one another into higher and higher vibrational states. This is Ascension.

Dear ones, you are Ascending. Day-by-day, you are coming closer to all the wonderful things you have envisioned. They are already there. You have already created them, and they will appear before you as surely as I am here, telling you the story of it. You are learning to create, and I assure you, it can be done. I know of what I speak. And soon, you will know too.

Carry on, beloved ones. Just a few steps more, and you will find yourselves at the center of the Universe. Do you have any idea what that means?

There is no way we could tell you what to expect. We can give you some ideas. Learning about the history of your Universe and others, seeing it in a holographic image - what a joyful thing. Whatever you'd like to know, you will be able to learn. More than you could ever fill your plate with. You will have enough to do for one Soul to live an eternity without ever a moment that isn't filled with excitement, curiosity and joy. Your lives here are like that, if you allow it, if you open your hearts and open your minds.

And yes, as Creator and The Company of Heaven have been teaching you, there are only dark thought-forms. You were convinced to believe in them, as if they were real. They are not real. You are real. I am real. Love is real. Light is everything.

When you are in love, knowing, feeling, experiencing love - that is all there is. It cannot be dark. There cannot be fear. And whatever difficulty comes your way, you will simply soar above it. And you will find, always, the doorway that will lead you to love.

I will wish you farewell Beloved Ones, but I will not leave you.
And I hope you will not leave me.

I am here for you.
I love you eternally.
I Am One.

Transcribed by Christine Brightlight for Kathryn E. May, Sept. 18, 2014

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