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"Be a loving witness as you perceive layers of illusion dissolving before your eyes. 

Remember that all you see, all you hear, and all you experience is able to be a loving guide for you...

When you choose to respond through the perspective of your divinity. 

And so return to, step back into and retain the awareness of your highest divine love.

Embodying and stepping into all that you are, one moment at a time. 

In this moment, allow yourself to be, to breathe, to receive your divine codex to guide you... 

Your divine wisdom, to inspire you... 

The gifts of your true divine nature being unwrapped and once again, revealed to you... 

Through your open heart, clear mind, and clear vessel. 

This supports you at this time: Love what arises. Love what emerges and appears. Fill your system with light... Return to harmony.

Remember that all is well, that you are so loved and that all are supporting you on this journey of becoming reacquainted with truth, reacquainted with your personal guides and realigned with your absolute highest primary soul light and ascension timeline. 

You support this through your willingness to surrender who you have been, and to surrender the doubt and fear... 

To merge with your highest light, choose your highest embodiment, and be the highest expression of love you are...

We love you and we are here for you as you journey into this next stage of your mastery...  

Of remembering who you really are and all that is possible for you now....

... Read or listen to this full message and incredible frequency transmission with the Council of Light here: 

FREE Message & Frequency from the Ascension Council of Light >> 

With love and blessings, 


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