Mass Meditation for the US Presidential Election 

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Steve: Why do we include advertisements? Because everyone needs to live.  And it’s never been financially harder or more challenging to be a lightworker than at this time.

Mass Meditation
for the US Presidential Election 

As we’re all aware, there is great turmoil within our midst about the upcoming US presidential election on November 3. So many people are feeling anxious or angry – or despairing about the poor choice we’re being given.

There are also predictions of violence and false flags occurring before, during and after the election.

So it seems really important that we do what we can to help bring a sense of stability, calm and sanity to America during these times.

This is late notice – but the inspiration just hit me to create a mass meditation as we approach the November 3 date. I hope you will be able to join me on:

Sunday, November 1 
11 AM Pacific Time

As a group, we can be really powerful. Let’s do what we can to bring America onto the highest, smoothest and fastest timeline possible!

You can also listen to this meditation at any other time, before or after the mass meditation. We need to keep the feeling of it going as much as possible, as we move into the unknown days ahead of us. Thank you for joining!

And please send this far and wide to everyone you know — put it on facebook and all other social media you use. Thank you!
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