Mandala For Corona Virus Protection


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 I am waiting for the Mandala...I requested a free one...Amparo
What is a virus?
According to the latest scientific research, viruses are negative energy packs that attach themselves to living cells, taking their energy and thereby destroying them.
 When you increase the energy and positive information of your body and thereby the energy and information of your cells, the negative energy packs cannot attach themselves to them.
The Mandala is helping you to inform your body cells with healing information and light, lifting them to a higher frequency which helps them to resist the virus.



This Mandala is based on number codes.

>>> For better understanding please read here

"Mathematics is the alphabet
with which God described the Universe"

- Galileo Gallilei -

"The number is the
very nature of all things"

- Pythagoras -

How to use the Mandala:

--- Meditate on it
--- Allow the light & information of the Mandala to  inform all your body-cells and to raise the energy level of your body
--- Let the Mandala spiral through your body amd every cell
--- Put your water or food about 15 Minutes on the mandala, before consumption.
--- Put a bottle of water on it and drink over the day
--- Spray water with the information of the Mandala into your aura
--- Put your body lotion on it overnight
--- Put it underneath your pillow while you sleep
--- Wear it on your body, etc.
--- Print out any size and laminate it.

Play with it, use your inspiration and imagination and trust!

Remember, you are a creator!  Cooperate with the power of the Mandala.
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  • Hi Amparo, that's fine...same here with often not getting back to blogs etc, everything keeps flowing along swiftly on many levels...and thank you for replying now. :)
    Interesting to hear how Ute has travelled around according to her guidance...I've just come home from travelling 250kms south of where I live (focusing with Star Family and ships sending light into the 33rd parallel south - the 33rds are connected with the planetary merkaba...which, when we look at a merkaba in a flat plane, it appears as a 6-pointed star, also connected with the hexagon mandala forms, and flower of life)... :)

    Dear SiStar, my Higher Self name/soundform is TwinFlame Ashura&Irana, radiating from our Oversoul, Ashurana'Ra...
    Oversouls are like Stars sending out countless Rays, that translate as specific soul strands...the soul strand of this 'Joanna-self' holds and anchors a particular stream of higher dimension soul expressions...Rowena(Ro'Ana)&Arnap Sheran in 5D expressions, Ashima&Ashur in 6D, Min&Mu'at in 7D etc etc....
    I/we see/feel all the rays/strands flowing from our Oversoul/OneFlame...and I work closely with a star sister on the ground who flows along another ray/strand of the same at the Higher Self level, we are One Soul...I'm aware of others also on this Earth plane, and sometimes we have moments of connection...there's a particular resonance, among all the rays of an Oversoul Star...
    And more widely, with all the Oversouls radiating through our Soul Family and Soul Group(s) in this and other Universes and galaxies...
    That at least is my perception/translation from ground level at this time....there's always more... 😊😊😊

    With all my/our Love, and Blessings to you too 💛
  • Joanna I just saw your answer...Sometimes I forget to look back at my blogs even in my e-mails...I am glad you resonate with this mandala as I did...I will see if the original is available...Ute the Lightworker has been in Australia, Germany, The Canary Islands, Spain, and other places guided by her guides...following her mission...I have known her for about a minimum of 10 years now...And I always felt she was very advanced...Her channeled messages are very high vibrational like James and Shoshanna your HigherSelf...I am feeling the messages too...Not perfect yet...I am learning...Blessings dear friend...
  • Hi Amparo, back at the beginning of the Covid spread, the virus looked to me like tiny black suns in the etheric layer, and I heard/felt to see the etheric filling with golden light, and the black suns transforming into 6-pointed golden stars. Another friend's guidance was hexagons of golden light, with 6-point stars in the the shape of this mandala is resonant for me...the 6-point star/hexagon vibrates with 6D and the 'golden harmonic of life'...with natural Divine Harmony...and is capable of transmuting corona-type viruses in the etheric, at the 'template' level, and a mandala works vibrationally as a reorganizing template.
    Blessings, stay well. 🌞
This reply was deleted.

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