Magenta Pixie: Three Step Process to Stargate Ascension in Lockdown (Full Monadic Download)

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magenta-pixie.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xMagenta Pixie lays out a Three Step Process for dealing with the dark during our lockdown and bringing Ascension to us.

The process she outlines is incredibly promising. I hope it spreads like wildfire.  Her discussion starts at 27:00. A transcript appears below.

Pixie holds Laura Eisenhower up as an example of someone carrying out Step 2 so let me add Laura’s video here as well.


Pixie: They were giving me this download and telling me to teach this download for now, for the time we are in global pandemic lockdown [and during the cabal’s last attempt to create a New World Order].

This is for those who are consciously ascending. …  This is a template. It’s not the only template. … These are just three steps, the beginning of many, many, many more steps yet to take place.  Yet within these three steps is everything. It’s a fractal of the whole. …

Step One.  Understand the dark plan. Integrate the emotions that you feel when you understand the dark plan. (1)

Step Two.  Make your declaration of sovereignty. Make the statement that you do not consent, you do not give permission for global control, vaccines, microchips, etc. This is you laying down your boundaries. … [This] is where you are the warrior.

Step Three.  Through forgiveness and gratitude you send love to those beings.

You are making your boundaries firm but fair with love.

We need to do this on a grand scale. We need to get all the starseeds, truthers, lightworkers and aware individuals to do this

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  •    Our ancient past is filled with drama and conflicts in a race to protect advanced technology that once existed on earth. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table once existed on earth and most or perhaps some people may know little of their past history except in romanticized versions.The true  account of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table has to do with the Ark of the Covenant Gold Box which was buried in the Vale of Pewsey England. King Arthur's legendary sword Excalibar was actually a battle sword some people may already know but the sword fashioned to hold the Staff Star Gate Tool from the Arc of the Covenant Gold Box  which Arthur and Victorous ( son of Meridan ) retrieved from the Vale of Pewsey in England. Victorous the son of Meridan came to be known as '' Merlin'' his father was Knight Templar but this name had a dark past and had to do with the black arts occult and his mother was of Celtic Maji King line. One can see the struggle of good and evil in the past. This is to reveal the past history of this drama that is always unfolding to this day.


  • Luckily these are times where all we think and do is pure synchronicity...I am careful how I use my energy (thoughts, actions, words)...When I fall in any way I return to my heart center and gently realign myself with my truth...I am learning, we are all learning and observing what resonates deep within us...And when we do, we proceed with no fear...Blessings Michael...

  • My declaration as a sovereign Being here in physicality:

    I absolutely reclaim my sovereignty of my whole physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies and all feelings, thoughts and actions by taking responsibility for my life with the guidance of my God Self/Higher Self and under the blessings of Father/Mother God by staying the course of my chosen path of enlightenment, therefore not accepting or giving permission to any dark agendas be it in action, thoughts or based on feelings to be imposed upon me or any innocent human beings not being aware of such dark agendas being imposed upon them or not being aware of how to protect themselves from these dark agendas if and when they are not agreeing with them, this only to be so with the permission of their Higher Selves...I wish not to interfere with those that chose such path of allowing these things happening to them...My aim is to help those that chose ascension and are violated against their will and are not aware of how to proceed...Enough is enough...I choose to be free...I choose freedom for humanity as we Are All One, and I choose freedom for Mother Earth and all life on Her...We are all One...We are free beings of Love and Light...We are free, we are free, we are free, and so it is...Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved We All Are,

  • I agree! funny amparo I have been too, with the exception of step 2 at face value. I resonated with it all :) funny how it brings perspective to those around me at each of these stages.

  • Finally I had a chance to look at these videos and I am doing this already...all three steps for quite a long time...The last one I just did last year and I am repeating it since this year started...So I am so glad I resonate with Magenta Pixie...

  • Yes Roberto...I found that video I am not even sure, but it was I believe last year...Then I found it again recently and so did other people at the same time, so there is a reason for this coming back...Maybe it is telling us to be brave and to stay the course no matter what? That is what I felt...Blessings

  • Very nice you bring back this information Hellen...I knew about Marduk but could not remember Tiamet...I read the story about the destruction of Markuk and how Earth was going the same way had those with dark agendas be allowed to continue down the spiral of negativity...You are refreshing my memory...I put so much data in my brain for years that I know is somewhere in the brain but is hard to recall it sometimes...Blessings Hellen..

  •   Thank You, Laura, that is a much-needed speech to the dark forces you didn't let out anything. I couldn't have said it any better. The dark forces include Dracos, Omicron - Draconian, Zeta Dracos these beings are a mix of Draconian DNA and great many of these being are hybrids who enslaved and an attack other star nations throughout the galaxies and they use their advanced technology to enter stargates and wormholes as weapons against benevolent races this involved many negotiations to draw peace treaties between the dark forces only to end in failure. People in the UFO community had eccountered the Men In Black these beings were created by using the Falcon Matrix warmhole to Atlantis of Earth creating a ''Master '' bybrid dominon race now called ''The Men In Black''.

  •   In the first video, Pix talks about her out of the body experiences and her travels to other dimensions ( realties) . She mentions the planet Tiamet and Marduk that were destroyed egos ago. Many temples have existed in other planets. Planet earth is feminine and she the daughter of Tiamet and Marduk. I can she has provided the rest of the information but I did know about Marduk and Tiamet. Marduk was very much like planet earth its resources were plundered and water became scarce and eventually it exploded form lack of water. She says in the video that lightworkers need to know the plans of the dark forces. She mentions David Icke here and I have listened to his message. Thoth has mentioned that dark forces have always existed throughout the solar systems and while he was on earth he taught humanity to always be in the light.

  • I really enjoy the video of Laura Eisenhower, very strong speech that its a real pleasure to listen again and again8115817478?profile=original

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