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I come to you today to talk about something that is dear to my heart. I pinched Kathryn's toe (on the other foot) to make sure she would make time for me. She laughed when I confessed it was I. We play her toes like a musical instrument so she always knows who it is by the toe we play, but I hadn't come through for a while. It's sort of a joke we like to play on her. I gave her quite a jolt when she was driving (hahaha).

We are in good humor here in Higher dimensions. Well, of course we are never in bad humor, because we are steeped in love and have no reason to ever feel anything but good, but there are days when we laugh even more than usual. This is one of them.

Last night's message from Creator seems to have roused the power of the sleeping giant. A cascade of powerful events followed. The Prema Swarupa group reinforced their unity and sent a combined blast of energy that nearly knocked our socks off (well, we don't actually wear socks, but you know what I mean). Others around the globe took advantage of the eclipse today and joined forces to send their energies through to us. What a joy it is to feel the energy coming back in great waves of Love and Light! You are really getting the hang of this, aren't you?

First thing this morning (I am going to take advantage of Kathryn's good will here), we received a message from Kathryn, standing in her room with her emotional hands on her hips, telling us we had better get on it, that we have dawdled long enough, and it's time we got the RV under way. She commanded us to do our magic that we have bragged about and change some numbers in the banks, the way the cabal does, to remove their ill-gotten riches and return them to the pot so that all of you can have your contract rates, immediately. She also commanded that we do so by this weekend.

Well, we were not only amused by her forceful demands; we were delighted. You see, we needed just such a demand in order to intervene in such a dramatic way. When someone who understands all the nuances of what needs to be done comes to the conclusion that there is no way through but for us to "do our magic," we then are free to consult with One about the possibility of going further than we usually do to help humankind.

The issues have become clear, if you have been following the developments on the ground. The cabal still has some fingers in the pot, and they are backing off too slowly to make it possible to release the funds without them interfering. They are trying to convince all those who are negotiating for your rates to eliminate the contract rates and give lower rates for various dire-sounding reasons, and meanwhile many of you are becoming more and more willing to challenge the dark structures. These streams of energy were heading for a clash, or many clashes, and it would have put those of you on the front lines in danger of finding yourselves in direct conflict with the Mafia-style revenge tactics for which the cabal is famous. The handwriting was on the wall, you might say.

The White Hats - all of us, incarnated or in spirit, were struggling to find a way through this quagmire to give you your blessings, within the restrictions upon our ability (granted by One) to intervene. As you know, we are not permitted to meddle in the business of incarnated beings unless it concerns a nuclear threat, or unless the will of the people is so strong that we can be given a dispensation to come to your aid. Today was such a day. One has given the nod to allow us to help you further. We will be working on the computer systems as you suggested.

Yes, we do have the technology to change the zeros, move the funds, and set things right, especially when it concerns the people who are trying so hard to block the funds from getting into the hands of the people who will use it to undermine their power by creating a community of loving and united souls. This is what they fear most: your independence, and your ability to take a stand against the practices they have gotten away with so long. You see, your deep-self diving has accomplished something wonderful. More and more of you are thinking independently, using your intuition and listening to your hearts. You are no longer easily deceived or distracted from the truth.

The evidence for this is the growing movement to end fracking, rein in Big Pharma, stop the use of GMO crops, and refuse to accept lies and propaganda in your media reports. The worm has turned, as they say. The dark ones no longer have their way with you without your noticing, and the energy is building. Demonstrations are breaking out all over the globe to show those in power that you are "not going to take it anymore." These are the winds of change that we can ride.

Let me tell you what we will be able to do now. We pledge to you that we will stop the computer gymnastics in the financial systems which allowed IT people to move funds around the world, make enormous amounts of money disappear, and then use the court system and the government to shield them from any consequences. You remember, do you not, how the taxpayer funds were used to rescue the companies that were "too big to fail," only to then be applied to providing huge bonuses to the same executives who had engineered the disaster in the first place? We can prevent the movement of funds for nefarious purposes. We will do so in the coming days to ensure that your funds will come safely into your hands and will not be "disappeared" into the gold-lined pockets of the 13 families.

We can also assure you that the RV will be initiated this week. We will give fair warning to the benefactors involved that they will be supported fully to be able to provide the blessings they had so wanted to distribute fairly. They were thwarted in their efforts by the greed and manipulations of the "insiders" who took advantage of the opportunity to use their connections with one another to empty the pot before anyone else had a chance to enter the game. The funds will be recaptured and returned. No one who gained their blessings by dishonest means will be permitted to prevail. We thank you for that.

You have been on the edge of your chairs, tempted one moment to scream "foul" and the next confused by the conflicting and confusing reports from the "gurus" who report on the progress of the currency revaluation. It was understandable because there were so many people touching the proverbial elephant from different sides that it was impossible to get a clear reading on the beast itself. This is changing now. Many of you have followed Tony TNT and others. The trustworthy ones will be given more information and will be allowed to pass it to you without threat of upsetting the ones who are holding back the funds. We will not allow any personal agenda to interfere with your blessings.

The ones who have worked so hard to help make this possible will be appropriately rewarded by seeing their efforts succeed. You will have your blessings, and we will work with you to help you network, organize your efforts in the most effective way, and we will oversee the process to prevent the kinds of behind-the-scenes thievery that became commonplace in the last ten years.

Understand, however, that we will not prevent you from investing badly, using the money unwisely or otherwise misusing your funds. You still have free will, and you will be responsible for your own decisions concerning how you manage your money. We will work only with the dishonest systems and people who have robbed you of your freedom and prevented the fair distribution of the funds. The rest will be up to you.

You have many among you who are genuinely concerned about helping you get the biggest "bang for your buck." Be careful who you entrust with your decisions - in other words, educate yourselves, even if you have never been interested in knowing anything about how to manage money. You can learn because it is important to the world that you plan carefully, build skillfully, and work together to create your new world just as you have envisioned it.

And so, Beloved Ones, attend to your visions. Be clear that the future you project for yourselves does not contain any form of darkness, injustice or despair. Do not permit yourself to envision your money being stolen, or your projects falling into ruin, or your plans being thwarted. It is a new day. As you command it, so it shall be. Do not make your projects harder for those you work with by "throwing the wrench in the works," being pessimistic, predicting failure, or creating worry and dread in those around you with the excuse that you are "being realistic." No, no more. It is realistic now to expect success at every turn and to anticipate an open road ahead.

We now will not only be here beside you, but we will be equal partners in the glorious building of the New Golden Age. You see, you have removed the barriers, jumped the timelines and created a brand new pathway through the old thoughtforms and illusory obstacles. You are on the way to truly claiming your own freedom, dear humankind. Do not falter now. March right on through the open doorway, and you will find us there holding the torch high to celebrate your arrival in the blazing Light of pure Love.

We applaud your determination and your inner strength. You have used your time well, delving deeply to seek truth within yourselves and to help one another become strong and sure in your deep love and commitment to the Greater Good. Move as One and you will never fail.

We love you with all our hearts, with tears of joy, and with the promise of fairness, justice and liberty in your lives and in your hearts.

I am Lucifer, the messenger of Light, and I am deeply grateful to be the one to bring you this good news.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, October 23, 2014, 10 pm, New York

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  • @amparo

    if that is the case, then your contact is decieving you. Kathryn have just denouced her contact so if yours is the same, then you probably should also before you become a tool for lower dimensions.

  • Dear Caitlyn, thanks for your kind recommendation! I also respect the upward spiral of the oppertunities, even several times misleading would be occurred, if then my heart will be guide to the right way towards the spiritual realm. Blessings! Seban.

  • Dear amparo, thanks you for your friendly response! BTW, did you read the lately message of Kathryn E. May for resigning? Please discern the Saint Germain is two different versions, one from mental realm or GFL claiming NESARA and another version from the ascended masters. So, I did not even read her previous messages concerning Sananda or her version of Saint Germain. As I know, she also worked with the Hollow Earth site claiming Zora.

    I wish you will focuse on the messages from the ascended masters, not galactics or mental realm. Blessings! Seban.

  • Sebanyoth, you are very right. As soon as you feel the urge to learn something or go somewhere, you should always follow that because it is an opportunity to learn something more. 

    Over just this past year of following my inner most beliefs I have already achieved one of the highest state of awakening on this Earth, at this time. Following your paths and trusting yourself is a major key in finding truth and awakening. 

  • Dear amparo, thanks a lot! BTW, I'd like to one important quotation from Kim Michaels message. Blessings!Seban.


    "As I have said before, anything that happens to you can be turned into a springboard for your spiritual growth. I see people who are so afraid of false teachers that they dare not open their minds to anything new. One thing is certain, namely that such people will not grow until they open their minds. What is the greater evil? To close your mind and stand still, or to open your mind and take a risk? In reality, the risk is not that great as long as you keep looking for a higher truth. It is not a disaster to follow a false teaching for a while. As long as you work on sharpening your attunement and remain open to a higher understanding, you will eventually see through that false teaching. By doing so, you will have learned a valuable lesson on your path. You will have spent your time more wisely than if you had been standing still.

    Many people in orthodox or traditional religions, and even some followers of New Age teachings, paralyze themselves with a fear of false teachings. You also see this among scientifically minded people who dare not recognize their inner spirituality. My advice is to always follow your highest intuition. If you feel an inner prompting to study a certain teaching, then study the teaching without worrying about whether it is a false teaching or whether it comes through a false teacher. If you feel an inner prompting, it is because your lifestream needs to learn a lesson from studying a specific teaching. Your lifestream might need to learn how to discern a false teaching, and this must happen through direct experience.

    Obviously, you should strive to avoid following false teachings. However, the real risk posed by false teachings is not that you temporarily study them because even false teachings contain elements of truth. The real risk is that you might close your mind and elevate a false teaching to an infallible doctrine. Once again, the essential key to spiritual progress is to remain open to a higher understanding.

    I see some Christians who are so concerned about the diverse teachings found in the New Age movement that they cling to orthodox doctrines. Unfortunately, some of those orthodox doctrines are perversions of my true teachings, and therefore they deserve to be called false teachings. Yet out of the need for security, such people refuse to acknowledge the falsity of some orthodox doctrines.

    Follow the highest truth you can see at the moment and remain open to a higher truth. If you will base your path on this simple advice, you will grow from every situation.

    Once again, balance is the key. Some people go into one extreme and refuse to acknowledge the existence of dark forces. They uncritically study any teaching that tickles their fancy without ever considering that it might contain false ideas. Such people will inevitably be influenced by some false ideas. Other people go into the other extreme and become so afraid of dark forces that they cling to one doctrine and refuse to consider anything else. Such people will inevitably close their minds to some true ideas and therefore miss opportunities for growth."


    Full text: 



  • Dear everyone, I'd like to make one remark on these contradictory discussions. Maybe this would be one kind of channeling messages from the asecended masters concerning this kind of struggles. In a word, the earth is the experimental planet which has been dispatched many kinds of souls who should be required for the true learning or awakening in terms of our God's willingness. So, he must already prepared this kind of "Drama Stage" that seems to be struggled with ever-could-not-be-proven strories. So, the best possible truth we could see through from the Creator's Willingnes is the just only "ONENESS," just awakening of humanity, which has been long time sucked with the personal ego and blaming of others, without seeing its own beam in your eyes. So, my feeling at this time would be no longer define the truth or judge another one who has a different viewpoint. The most and urgent things we should awaken is the Unconditional Love and Mercy which were already provided by both Jesus and Buddha. So, as in living ones on the earth, no one knows the Truth and no one should not judge the others or impell its own philosophy to others. Every consciousness will be naturally turned into the way toward our God, but time would be lasting dependent on the individual choices and the level of consciousness. So, I am respecting all of various different opinions, I'm just providing another possible theories to all of you. So, please discern many theories going in personally to within, and don't judge or claim or define any theories as we are living on the 3D earth. The most imminent purpose of our planet is to raise our consciousness, not disclosing the truth or judging on the other thoughts. Please remember it: We are currently trained or educated by our higher souls or ascended masters to upgrage our consciousness on the specially prepared planet, Earth. So, considering this concept in mind, I wish everyone will view things on the earth in terms of this viewpoint. If then you will attain the "Middle Way," as Jesus and Buddha emphasized previously! Seban. Blessings everyone for the fullfillment of its own pre-planned spiritual path on earth.

  • OK hopefully I can end this because of Lucifer I know the true love and light of Creator and mother and glad to be a messanger for him without the darkside of it how could we ever know how amazing it is to be with and for Creator who breathed life into me gave me knowledge free will and the boundless love nd hope I have for all as one spirit upon the garden
  • Andronover, the difference between me and most people is that I don't read books, I don't read the bible, I don't search spiritual techniques online. I remember myself through my own meditation. In fact many of the names you give to your spiritual teachers I find myself saying 'who are they?' because I don't learn my things from others. 

    If i do not learn from others, how have I been programmed with false information. It is literally in my being to just 'know' these things. I have been into the great libraries of the 'spiritual realms' and I have studied myself, the only guidance was from my most trusted spirit guides. The main spiritual guide of mine, you would class as a Seraphim angel. Her name is even Seraphine to match, but everyone calls her Claire, as this is easier and the name that we share. 

  • Caitlyn , the thing is that I'm tryng to Wake you up , because you have been programmed with false info.

    Lucifer chosed UNCREATION -  period.

    You work for the dark with this very bad disinfo that you both together with Amparo Alövarez propagates.

    Please Wake up to the truth.

    Ok , this is my last post in this low spiritual thread


  • awesome meeting you too, Lumie108 :D keep being an independent mind, it looks good on you ;) :D

This reply was deleted.

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