Love is Misplaced

Message from the Grandmothers, Sharon McErlane

The world is not in a political crisis, an economic crisis, or a climate crisis.  It's in a crisis of values.  This is what causes the crises that ravage the world like a cancer.  What is the cure?  In a word: love.  The absence of love is propelling the ego-driven actions that have caused all the calamities of this age, the Kali Yuga.

"Love is misplaced.  Love of money takes the form of greed.  Love of self takes the form of selfishness.  Love of power takes the form of ego.  Love of control takes the form of abuse of power.

"When true love is fostered in the heart, then peace will reign on earth. Harmony will prevail.  The problems you face will find easy solutions once love is the motivation, not money or power or control.  You can't solve a problem with another problem.  Trying to 'fix' the world's problems with the same motives that caused them is not a solution but breeds different problems.  Only when love is the motivation, will solutions arise.

"It's time to call on the Goddess.  All Her different manifestations are one and the same Goddess, just called by different names.  Whether as mother, warrior, teacher, or healer, they are the same Feminine aspect of Divinity, simply displaying different facets of the Divine Form.

"It is the Feminine aspect of Divinity that is needed today to balance the fires engulfing the planet.  The 'heat' consuming the planet is not due to carbon emissions, or green house gases, but is caused by the imbalance between the forces of Yang, represented by fire, and those of Yin, represented by water.  Yin, the Divine Feminine, is the balancing energy of love, compassion, heart, wisdom, harmony, beauty, and nurturing. These qualities need to be called into your everyday lives to help balance the Yang forces of aggression and mind which are now raging out of control.  Each of you possesses a spark of this Divine Feminine Yin energy.  In every act of kindness, compassion, love, tenderness and forgiveness, you walk in the footsteps of the Divine Mother.  Through you She walks here on earth.  It doesn't matter if you are in a male or a female body, the Great Mother is available to all.

"The battle today is not between the forces of good and evil on the planet, it is the battle that each must wage within. It is through the Goddess, the Divine Feminine, that the battle will be victorious.  It's not through force, might, aggression or power, but through the qualities embodied by the Goddess that the inner battle is won.  Through compassion, love, forbearance, forgiveness, patience, and nurturing.

"Dramatic battles between good and evil serve as metaphors for the inner battle and how it must be waged and won.  Not through force arising from the ego, but through the power of love which springs from the heart.  The power of love will always endure the test of time.  Victories that come as a result of force are temporary and the gains are lost as soon as a new despot usurps them.  But victories acquired through the power of love are still here thousands of years later, long after the empires of force have returned to dust."

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