Lord Buddha shares his profound answer for all to ponder. This is brought forward today by Genoveva Coyle. Thank  you!

Greetings my dear ones! I am Lord Buddha, and I come today to take you into the Heart of One, and to bring love, serenity and peace to thee.

When you come home, and there are so many way to do so, you find that there is only unconditional love and acceptance, there is no judgement of self and of the others, you see the beauty and the perfection of the divine plan, you remember that all is well as it is in this moment.

You want to know who you are, you want to reassure yourself that you are on the right path, you want to know and understand the way universes and multiverses work, you want to be at peace.

And here I am to say to thee that when you are at peace, when you let go of all these questions, when you stop your mind chatter, then you will see and understand the truth.

Accept and love yourselves unconditionally, come and sit with me under the tree, inside of the smallest leaf or the ancient rocks, under the sun or on top of the brightest star, and see yourself being perfect and beautiful doing all that you have planned to do, connecting in love with everyone else, with all other magnificent and perfect creations as yourself.

Are the flowers competing for beauty, do they strive to grow bigger and faster than the others? Are they getting upset and tired of their flagrance or colors wanting to change them? Is the seedling rushing to grow and bloom, to bear fruits already? Are they worried about what is going to happen in the winter, or if it rains too much?

No, they just exist, they are happy and content to be who they are and where they are. They respond to love and light though, and they give back unconditionally so much love and joy.

You have your mind, you have your beautiful egos and personalities, you have all these thoughts coming to you constantly, stirring you up, attempting to take you out of your loving heart, competing, judging, analyzing and pleading with you to do something, to take action and get busy and change your reality and who you are.

And I am here to say to thee that you don’t have to do a thing, you can relax and sink into that knowing, that change comes when you are at peace, when you stop your busyness and come into the stillness. Transformation and enlightenment happens quickly when you surrender into who you are, not when you are in the wanting. When you are in the flow of love that you are, there is not much that you need to do or act upon to bring changes in your reality, they just come gracefully to you.

Allow and receive whatever is arriving into your awareness at the moment. Trust and be at peace that you have exactly what you need to bloom beautifully and to bear the most magnificent fruit, as you already are!

I will leave you now with my love and everlasting peace and Zen.


By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.


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