This morning in my meditation I went to the 13th Octave and sat with Mother/Father God...I had a beautiful meditation about 4 hours long...Just now I came to the computer and this message popped out of nowhere and I know Gloria the scribe is being sick for a while so she is not receiving any more letters as far as I know...But this one just came into a page on its own? I doubted...I know I was meant to read this letter today...and so I did...I bring it here for I am sure would give many of you confidence in that there is no need to force things into your awareness.At least not always...The desire of knowing all is great...I am one of them...I agree wholeheartedly that not knowing is much better than thinking we know things...Certain things naturally and easily flow to us and we know deep down it is the right time to accept and acknowledge them...We need not force certain knowledge to come to our awareness for is not necessary to do so ...All is divinely guided and will come when we are ready for it and when the time is right...Blessings...Amparo

Life Will Have Surprises Up Its Sleeve

God said:

Beloved, in some ways, perhaps in many ways, the less you know, the better off you are. There is an advantage in being innocent. There is advantage in finding out rather than being positive that you already know all the ins and outs of life, that you are sure you have life figured out and have the ability to evaluate it.

Be wide-eyed. Be open to life. All is not yet said and done.

You may address life itself in new ways and not at all as you might have thought you would.

Life plays itself out as it plays itself out. You may not know best.

What you can be certain of is that life, as it appears to you, is not an absolute certainty. Life is not always the same as it appears to be, nor can life turn out exactly as you would like it to. No one knows how life will turn out no matter how sure you may be. A map of life isn’t hung up on the wall so you can unfailingly know all of life's ins and out.

Life will have surprises up its sleeve.

Would you really rather have your script memorized ahead of time – really? Would you really desire to be all-knowing? Where would the fun in this be?

At the same time, you are not reverent to the idea of having shocks in life that are unsettling and upsetting, because life doesn’t allow you to hand over a checklist that you can cross out or add to as you might like to. Yes, you might like to put a cap on what life can allow for the good of all.

One take on life can be that you already do set the boundaries of life by the very choices you dilly-dally in – when you say Yes or when you say No, or you do or you don’t.

You don’t have to confront life. You don’t have to be the head honcho. You do not have to be the wise owl who sits on a branch, observes, hoots and calls itself all-knowing.

By and large, life has to be as it is and follow its own course. Life on Earth is entwined with so many ends and outs that you see them as loose ends.

One school of thought is called Destiny, and life pops up every which way. Life doesn’t seem to ask you for your approval or even your expert diagnosis.

Even after the course of life has moseyed along, who can attest to what actually happened, let alone what should have been?

Take off your thinking cap and put it away.

All the degrees in the world do not give you the sum and total of your story.

Life plays itself out as it does. Life has all possibilities.

It has also been said that life is simply a dream. Life on Earth is called real when it is not real and, so far as you can see, it isn’t the primed part of a dream that you would have dreamed of. A revised dream you would fill in might have lacked the substance of the dream given.

Your life on Earth has a destination that you find out about along the way, even as your life goes on forever and a day and may give some reruns, so you are led to believe.

Life on Earth is quite a maze as you see it. Truly, who can figure life out, and what for? What is the meaning of this life, you ask yourself. And what then? What comes next?

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