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Hello Friends of Ashtar Command,

These latest months I've had a few times what I call an imagining, where I'm in a resting pose with eyes closed, and there's this adventure that begins in my mind. Every time it's something else, but all of them feel the same. It's not an out of body experience (maybe not a full one), because it doesn't seem very lucid. It's like I'm picking up everything that happens in a very light way, and it's like I imagine it, but I flow with the happenings and I'm able to participate in a light way. I also feel all the feelings in this happening as happening to my physical body, all the energies involved I feel in and on my physical body, while still aware that my body is lying on the bed/wherever.

So here I'd like to tell about the latest one that happened just now as I was lying in the bathtub.

So I was with eyes closed, and there was a winged unicorn that came next to the tub. I stood up (in the imagining) and pet the unicorn and hugged it. I went on it's back (by the way it seemed this unicorn knows me, like we're friends), and we flew up up above the earth and into space. Then there was a circular portal in front of us and we went into it. We came out of it on another planet, and around us was a lot of glowing plants and flowers, and some fairies came our way. They smiled and I smiled back, and they made a big bubble around us. This transported us really fast to one of the cities that were near. These cities have giant towers, and the whole city glows of pure energy. There is no "noise" made of disruptive and mindy energy, like we have here, it is pure and clean. We stopped in a small room that's there for these bubbles, and the big bubble popped. I came off the back of the unicorn, and met a very very beautiful female light being (the energy of her was beautiful) and she said hello happily, and showed me a tower that I was supposed to go into. I went there and met another light being (male), and we both went into an elevator, that lifted us to the top floor of the tower. I came out of the elevator and then saw that in the room, which had it's walls transparent so there was light from outside, the whole room was full of big crystals of many colors, and I said "wow!!". The being told me that he's going to activate some energies in me, so that I would be able to help more on the earth. I went and sat in a floating chair, which flew above the crystals into a small spherical room, that had big crystals all around pointing to its center, where I was on the chair floating. I noticed that the energy of the crystals were matched to the energies of the chakras, so the crystals that were below were attuned to the base chakra, and the ones above them to the sacral chakra and so on till the crown. The being that sat outside and operated this thing, said "ready?" and I said "yes", and he said..... "Activate!!!!"

Then as this whole activation was occurring I felt energies shooting up through my physical body in the tub.

The crystals around me started glowing with energy.

He said "chakras from root to crown, Activate!!"

"Light body in all the bodies in all dimensions" (of my soul) "Activate full capacity!!"

"Merkaba fields, activate and rotate at full capacity!!!"

"Energy vortexes in the body, Activate!!"

The activation lasted for a few minutes, and then I felt the energy from the crystals around me diminish, and he said "that's it, we're done" and the chair flew back to the main room, and I stood up and he said "that's it.You are Love. You are Light. You are Divine. Everything that you need will be there for you on earth. Now go back to earth." I was happy and went down the elevator and out the tower, and met with the female light being that I met before, and she said "was it good?" and I said "Yes", and she hugged me and said "Go", and I said "wait, will I meet my twin flame?" (because lately I've been thinking about it) and she said "didn't the being tell you that everything that you'll need will be there?" and I was happy and said "Thank you (:", and went onto the back of the unicorn in the room he was in, the bubble appeared, and we flew the way back to the earth, to the room where I was, and I came off the unicorn, I hugged him, and went back into my physical body and opened my eyes.

This is great and I feel that many lightworkers now are activating, energies activating, and generally the world is waking up. And personally I just can't wait until fairies and unicorns are part of our natural reality.

Namaste and thanks for reading. Love and Light!!!!!!

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