Lao Tse: Invisible

Lao Tse: Invisible


2/10/2021 Era of Light

JJK: Now it occurs to me that I can work directly with this circle of light (see message: “Create free space in 5 minutes”), that is, if it were necessary, I could also make myself invisible. This has already happened to me. But not in such a way that I would have controlled it, but it was shown to me.

That was years ago at a plan square in Vienna, when a group of policemen with inspectors of the Wiener Linien checked the tickets of the customers at an exit.

There was no way through. When all the people had already been processed, I was the last one standing with a valid ID card, one meter in front of two policemen and three inspectors. They all ignored me as if I wasn’t even there. I even spoke to them, they did not hear me, looked me directly in the face, but they looked through! A very funny situation… while the policeman and the policewoman continued their private conversation in front of me. “They just don’t notice me!”, I had to realize. Without anyone checking my ticket, I left the subway station.

Afterwards I was informed by MEISTER EL MORYA that this scene was arranged for me to experience this once. Still days afterwards this experience had an effect on me and I am impressed until today what is possible.

Now my question: Can I also bring this about consciously and myself? For example, if I see that a situation could become unpleasant – if I would not have a ticket for once (little joke …).

LAO TSE: You can bring about anything you want to bring about. It is a matter of practice and power of manifestation. Once you have integrated the creation of individual space into your daily life, you can experiment with it. Becoming invisible or making yourself invisible is easy once you have created the basis for it. It’s all a matter of aligning with your divine consciousness.

The higher your natural vibration is and the longer you can keep it constant, the greater the possibilities this energy field offers you. Be playful with it. Avoid any thought of effort or training.

Simply practice these 5 minutes every day and notice how your perception changes and how much you influence the events in your sphere of influence.

JJK: That is, through the manifestation of “free space” it is also possible to leave out all harmful radiations, such as 5G?

LAO TSE: The higher and more constant your natural vibration is, the greater the impact on your life. Yes, it is the point of this exercise that harmful energy fields can no longer reach you! The difficulty is that most people cannot yet constantly maintain their light-filled energy field of love.

Therefore, it is important to start the day with these 5 minutes. By doing so, you anchor the light-filled energies of the Creator in your energy field. Regularity is the key.

JJK: What if people carry this out, but then find that nothing actually changes.

They are still beset by negative assaults or put in difficult situations? That happens so often. Because there are so many exercises and then many people say, “It’s not working? What’s going wrong with it?”

What do you look for in manifesting?

LAO TSE: Intentions, desires or thoughts manifest once they have been enriched with enough spiritual energy. This is an alchemical process and it happens gradually.

Why do so many people fail in the project of manifesting? Because they release too little energy for it.

What do you have to pay attention to? On a clear alignment, on a pure intention and on the unconditional will. If you combine this with regular practice and repeat certain processes, then success will come automatically. Many people have deficiencies on some level, and they need to be identified and resolved. Then everything takes the way it should take.

JJK: So let’s go to manifestation …

LAO TSE: The best approach is a playful one.

With the necessary mindfulness and dedication, each person will reach the goal. I am with you at this time and at all times.




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