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Kat and Galaxy Girl: Regarding the Animals in Australia

January 14, 2020

“Until one has loved an animal,

a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

~ Anatole France

After lengthy and intensifying drought, more than one hundred Australian bushfires began burning in the states of Queensland and New South Wales in September 2019.

After five months, the horrific infernos are still blazing, unabated to this day.

It has been reported in the MSM that some fires were started by lightning, some by arson, but most have been attributed to that generic, impossible-to-pin-down-phrase, “climate change,” which can be interpreted as six ways from Sunday—so who actually knows? (1)

The Golden Age of Gaia has published alternate ways of understanding the cause of these fires that will not be found in the MSM, and honestly, these points of view are more along the lines of how I feel them:

On January 8, 2020, Matthew Ward wrote ~

“In reply to your comments and questions about these situations, we shall first address the devastating bushfires.  They are not Mother Nature’s doing. Arson is involved and so is weather manipulation technology, which Illuminati minions are using to prevent heavy rains and to create gusting and shifting winds.” (Matthew’s Message, Jan. 9, 2020) (2)

Blossom Goodchild’s Federation of Light wrote ~

“Yet, like most things, it (the fires) is not just about the cleansing. For it is also part of a plot to cause destruction and devastation and again, as we say … give a reason for souls to look ‘down’ upon it all. With the greatest of respect … with all the water surrounding your island, do you not think that there are ways for it to be ‘put out’ … right now this very day?

“Your governments have more than enough resources to download gallons and gallons at a time onto these burning landscapes, yet, it suits not their purposes…. Stories are of a mixed nature concerning what is happening with these flames. Are you following your TRUTH?

“We would be so bold and state quite categorically that these fires are unnecessary and ‘derived’.” (The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, January 8, 2020) (3)

As of today, at least twenty-four people have been killed, more than 15.6 million acres torched, over 1,400 home destroyed and more than one billion animals have been killed. (4)

One billion animals.

As a Californian, I’ve lived through my share of wildfires and can tell you that it’s terrifying. There are so many elements to surviving them that it’s difficult to recount.  The one feature that’s in all wildfires, especially those that persist for weeks or, as in the case of Australia, for months—is the unbreathable, choking, sooty, carcinogenic air.

It doesn’t matter what you do: Keep humidifiers going day and night (assuming you have electricity), wear masks when you go out, close all the windows and doors and stuff towels and blankets in the cracks, press wet washcloths over your mouth and nose, the air is stifling and burns when you inhale it and it finds its way into your nose, eyes, and skin no matter how careful you are. Many more perish from the terrible smoke than they do from the flames.

There are too many elements about this tragedy to summarize here.  My focus is on the Animal Kingdom. It’s the Animals I prayed for most passionately when wildfires surrounded my house two years ago, and it is they who I pray for now in Australia, unceasingly.

In full disclosure, I am a Vegan and have been for more than thirty years. I neither eat, nor wear, nor buy anything that contains any Animal products.

It has long been clear to me, as it has to multitudes of humans, that we will never have our Gaian Paradise—the beautiful Nova Earth we all so devotedly pray for and visualize with all our hearts—until the Animal Kingdom is free, safe and loved, revered, cherished and respected.  The Animals that grace our planet are wise, intelligent and creative… innovative, extraordinary, emotional and insightful.  They are unconditionally loving souls.

“To my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

After the last round of wildfires in my area in California, it took months for recovery, but recover we did. Homes and lives were tragically lost, but the Earth, our glorious goddess Gaia, came back stronger than ever with vivid green mountains and rich, lush vegetation. I can report that after terrible fires, the planet’s rebirth is a beautiful sight to behold.

I hourly transmit those images in my prayers to all in Australia. The fires will cease. You will recover. The Earth will be even more beautiful and there will be happy times again.

But I also know, from observing my little dog, Dhatri, that the soot and ash stay in the ground for years after the fires have stopped burning. My pup’s breathing was never the same after the fires because, being a dog, he sniffed everything, and by so doing, the ash got into his lungs.

My little pup passed away in June, 2019. I do not attribute his death to the fires. He was almost seventeen years old, but I can report that his breathing was never the same after the wildfires. He wheezed all the time, and his health declined more quickly than if he’d had clean air to breathe and zero ash in his lungs, I am convinced of it.

As an aside to my subject, those of us who have lost our dearest pups, can understand the sorrow that still hangs heavy in my heart and my tears that still flow six months later.

But to the global cry, to the global concern and agony for the more than one billion Animals who have so far perished in Australia, a beautiful channeling from Galaxygirl offers hope.

Galaxygirl is known to so many of us for her wonderful messages from dragons, unicorns, whales, angels and crystals, etc. But the other day she channeled Ascended Dragonflies and Fire Salamanders, and in that channeling, addressed our global heartache for the Animals in Australia:

“…Do not fear for the animals that have been vanishing in the fires. They are well protected and loved. They are here. They are in inner earth. We glow for them. We heal for them as well. We hold the codes. We ground the light. Partner with us. We love you. Always.

“We are the Fire Salamanders. We are not in your books of now, but in ancient writings, cave pictures. There was a time when we were not so hidden. We were sought for our glowing, and so we hid. We heal deep within Gaia now. We cool the fires with our light.

“The animals are protected, recovering, rebirthing. Nova Gaia will see the returning of many species. Safely they have been here in this space. We too bridge the realms. We love you. Hold the light. Glow brightly. We are the Fire Salamanders.” ~ galaxygirl, January 6, 2020 (5)

I pray this message fills all hearts with joy and relief, as it did for me. My thanks to Galaxygirl is unceasing.

xo, Kat

Footnotes ~


Note from Suzanne ~ It’s my understanding that the animals are taken from their bodies before trauma or suffering happens, and that they’re very well cared for upon exiting the Earth Plane.  The ‘how’ of it is beyond me at the moment, but like so many other things right now … I’m in trust mode. 

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