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Greetings Beloved Ones,

I am Kai of the Pyramid Beings and I have come to speak to you today through this Emissary of Light, Letitia of Lemuria. She is our family and we have been working on orienting her in her sleep hours to the new energies that she will be working in. The greater and deeper energies of understanding, compassion and love that will awaken the greater abilities she has been asking for. These are the reason's that so many of us are in the Theater of the Stars.

We have come to support and aid ALL of you. Please call upon us and ask to visit our Ship in your Sleep hours. We have great Healing Modalities within our Healing Rooms of our Ship, (Our Home), much like the Arcturians and Pleadians have brought into many of your lives awareness. And please remember that I am 1/2 Arcturian and 1/2 Essasani. *** Explanation from the Channeled Message*** Let Not Fear Rule Your Hearts*** ( I am 1/2 Essassani from the Planet of Triangles/Three's/Pyramids called Essassani. We Love the numbers 3 and it is the foundation of the society in many ways.)
(I am a Hybrid, *** As are so many of you*** So I inherit the gifts and traits of both my peoples. As do my Hybrid children in the House of Kai, as well.) We offer you these gifts and Love with the highest intentions to aid you all in your Ascension pathways, as you ask. Much like my Brother of Heart, Adama, High Priest of Telos and his people have encouraged each of you to use the Healing Temple's in Telos in your night time hours. We are all here with many delightful Light Advancements that will help and amaze you in these next several years.

Our greatest Loving Advice that we would wish to share with all of you today is simply this. Let go of ALL FEAR. The Only Thing To Fear IS Fear! Love is the Answer to ALL! We must become the Love we wish to Receive in the world. The Higher You allow the Light within you to become that Divine Vibration of Love, The Higher will be the Vibrations of Life you Attract to you in this ever changing world. This is the Key to all of advancement in the Universe, through the Divine Actions of Love. For it is truly limitless.

It is Very Wise to know the dangers and chaos of the world and around you in your seemingly upside down world events. However, one must be very careful to whom, how and what they will take into their consciousness if you are all to join in the light of Love and change the world into the Divine Place that all Light worker's see it as. Remember Beloveds, that there are many silent Light Workers that are simply sharing their hearts quietly in their loving ways and know that there is a great, great number of you that have truly woken up and are doing the loving works that are needed, as they have been called to do.
Most of you know that if you are low in your Vibrational Frequency and you watch Fear and Chaos in the News and in other forms of Media, you will begin to immerse yourself into that Vibration and it will absorb you instead of you being able to heal the chaos in the light. So we implore you to be Very Conscious in all the things you do in your daily lives. It is time to come out of what you all call Auto Pilot and live fully from the heart.

The Art of Discernment is Very separate from the world of Judgement that mankind has lived for many millenia. This timeline and this moment is in Your power as a mass of the Human Angels you are, to bring back the Love and Light with the Harmony that the Universal Love of All Mother Nature would love to share and empower the your world with.

You see, Mother Nature is not only of your planet. Mother Nature is the vital Essence in all life of the Universe. People of your planet seem to tend to think of Mother Nature as an exclusive presence on Earth, but she is the feminine of the Great I AM and she is the Love of Nurturing. Play with her, work with her and call upon her to expand the heart of you and all peoples in your life.
You, as Human Angels are meant to be the Change through Love and the High Vibrations of Light that you instinctively have the patterns of knowing in your very DNA! In the Hearts of your Souls. Many, Many of you that have incarnated again upon the Great Mother Earth at this time, where from Atlantis, Lemuria, Hyporbea, and other civilizations that have reached this Critical Mass experience of many times in the past upon your Great and Loving Mother Earth. The time to succeed for all of you is now and this is why so many of you have deep cellular memories of your lifetimes past, such as Letitia of Lemuria.

There is a purpose to why you, as the Beautiful Light Loving Souls that are reading and taking in these words and healing light codes, chose to come into this life again at this time, beloved ones. This time is about simply allowing the Loving Light within each and everyone of you to simply grow and expand and through this joining of light through the Mass Consciousness of Mankind.

Now is the time that you are meant to shift the final vestiges of darkness away, you may feel restless, yet know not why in your lives. This is your purpose, beloved ones. You all are meant, through the Light of Love, to change the world and through the Acts of Love, burn through the Darkness in the Souls of the ones that have been unable to see. The Awakening is upon you.
There are many, many good things and changes to come here upon you all very soon and you will be asked, through the Art of Discernment, what you all wish to be done with the Dark Ones that have perpetrated these acts of Fear upon Humanity, Animal Kind, Plant Kind and Your Great Mother Earth in a basic attack upon Mother Nature in various insane ways. For it is "Insanity" to attack the very breath of Life. Don't you think? But you see, they are insane, but there are ways that "they can be returned to the light." For ALL are children of the Great I AM.

We all know that the ones that have done these acts of insanity, have been wrong. But if I, As Kai of the Pyramid Beings and we of the House of Kai see you and know the next things to happen for your awakening, I implore you to go forth, as one through the Wisdom of Love that all of you have in the Center of your Beings! This is key to your tomorrows in Joy, beloved ones. This is a great step for all of you to move beyond the things that have tricked and fooled you in civilizations of the past.

Do not allow the pain, anger and hurt of the past to sway you in your last moments before the Golden Promised times. You will all need to work together to awaken, expand and decide without judgement what is the best ways to deal with the dark ones. Use the Energy Waves that are being sent from the Heart of the Great I AM to help you, for these waves of energy have never been sent to your Loving Mother Earth before. You are all needed with Love and Your Time is upon you, beloved ones.
[Click and drag to move] These next few years are going to be bringing so many acts of wonder and delight to you. This is what we are asking you to keep your focus upon in the trials and the few coming challenges that truly are going to show you all the light at the end of the tunnel. Great acts of wisdom, love and compassion will be asked of you all. Yes, the chaos is front stage center in your world, if you will. But Great Times of Stress bring Great Healing. Hold that thought in the Loving Light of your Hearts and simply Be the Love you wish to see in the world.

Humanity has support from the theater of the stars and within your Great Mother Earth in those of your own Ancestors that have retreated within and others that will surprise you, when you are reunited. But you have a few more steps to take in the fullness of understanding the true currency of the Universe, beloved ones. The Currency of Love. Go within often to shake out the fear thoughts and shine Love upon the hearts of everyone of you, for the Universe is with you and we love you far more than you can imagine. Remember, we are your Family in the Stars. And you are all in this together. Love one Another, as we Love you. I AM Kai of the Pyramid Beings. Namaste Beloved Ones.

Letitia of Lemuria Healing

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