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Just want say Thank You Ben Arion in here! Anyone else?

Just want to say Thank You for anything Ben Arion is teaching us. Thank You for all your work. Thank You God the give all lifes for this Soul here on Shan (Erth). I think you are one of the most knowing Eagles rigth know and a lot of people already know you. Maybe it's almost 20,000 People. Thank You for AC Webpage and for all the other Ways to contact anyone here on Shan (Erth). Thank God the giver all lifes for your life. Be blessed anytime and may the Peace of Jesus be with You. Sending Love and Ligth anytime and yes were always a part of one world, we all can share the same dream, the sun inside is the true, because it´s the love of god the giver all lifes, well the golden ligth. Rama es Amar Ben Arion Namaste !

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