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Behavior of Energy Vampires
Ivo and I have created a list of behaviours that energy vampires use to steal your energy. As we state in
this video, OUR ENTIRE SOCIETY is created to facilitate energy vampiring from each other. That
keeps everyone's vibration low and keeps many from ascending. Those who do ascend are wise to these
behaviours, don't engage in them anymore themselves, and shield against those who do.
Admittedly, I find it's a challenge, because there are so many out there who attack others, especially on
social media. When you have leaky aura syndrome, as I do, which I developed in childhood because of
my vampiring family, it can be draining picking up on others' negativity, without there being an actual
attack as well. Empaths are the ones who have this problem. Perhaps these vampires think that, because
they don't interact face to face with others, that they've gotten away with something. Obviously, they're
not versed in universal laws, one of which states that "what you put out, comes back to you," so when
you're nasty you get nasty back. It's not about retribution, which is a negative man-made concept; it's
about balance. Karma is not a bitch; it's about balance. Ivo and I have a book about universal laws if
you're interested in learning about them. See our page on this website. Ivo on the Importance of
Universal Law
Those who are ready, and tired of this type of aggressive energy exchange, as I am, here is your list of
what to stop doing and what to look for in others, if you're one who can't actually see hooks and cords
or feel your energy being drained until after it's finished (Ivo: Clues: listen to how you feel while
talking to someone. Are you becoming pissed off at them, when before you were in a good or neutral
mood? Has your mood suddenly changed at all for the worse? Do you feel impatient, annoyed, or
suddenly fearful? It's important to understand your own typical reactions to things and learn to discern
what is your stuff and what could be energy vampiring.
Do you feel yourself wanting to end the conversation or wanting to get away from this person?
Emotions are good indicators of not only your energy and your feelings - but that of others you're
connecting to as well! Also when you don't want to have a conversation with a person you've spoken
with before, ask yourself why that is. Are they an energy vampire and you haven't recognized that yet?
Or do you just not like them for reasons of your own? Or could it be both? Yes, not easy to discern. But
best to clear your own shadow and come from a place of love. Then discernment will be easy. If you
have leaky aura syndrome, this has to be resolved first before you can be really clear because it leaves
you prone to behaving in certain negative ways. See Kelly LaSha's list, below.)
It's time to evolve. It's time to ascend. So a change of behaviour is necessary.
Energy Vampires
Ivo and I have created this comprehensive list of the behaviours of energy vampires. You may be
shocked to see this includes many ways we commonly interact in life. This is to show you that we live
stealing energy from other people and they from us – how pervasive it is. We're all guilty of it but the
good news is we can all stop it too. In doing so, you take back personal power and increase your Light
Life is an energy exchange. All of life is energy. Some of it is slow enough so you perceive it as solid,
but it's still energy.
I've been referring to energy exchanges between people, cords and cording. You've been doing cord
cutting meditations. But why? To disconnect your energy from others who either you've connected with
in love and given it to (these cords often remain) or to cut yourself off from energy vampires who are
stealing it from you.
We ALL have been energy vampires at some point in our life and unless we make a concerted effort to
stop behaving in these ways, we're going to have a hard time finding our Light and ascending. That's
why people who are soul-based become authentic expressions of their true selves – because they don't
engage in these negative ego behaviours. The key is to become aware of it and to just stop it. Don't
engage in behaviours that steal energy from others. And don't let others steal it from you. It's your life
force. If enough were taken from you, you could die although to my knowledge this isn't that common,
thank God.
When you come across someone engaging in any of the behaviours I've listed below (and I may have
missed some), the only thing to do is to shield up and IGNORE the vampire. When you react, you've
given them your energy. You've picked up the phone. You've made the connection. You've answered
their call. And their call is for energy booty.
Energy vampires can appear sweet and nice, or dark and sinister, raging or sublime.... but they have an
often unconscious agenda many don't even realize they're carrying out. Some do. Some are aware and
make a game of stealing others' energy. This is why it's important to examine your behaviour, become
aware of where it's off course and to correct it. Most of us live life unconsciously, dealing with others
the way we learned to when we were kids!! We're not children at 30 or 40 and our behaviour should
reflect our maturity!
We here on 4D earth are influenced by the dark. We are its food source. Unless we act negatively, the
dark will starve. Rick Jewers explains here:
“What has been depicted through this current/past attack, is much value in how the darkness works, and
how it is able to control One, to do its bidding, of which its bidding is, to create food for it, and of
which its main diet is, fear and negativity. Darkness works in way to separate, a dark thread will begin
that One YET, that has not been cleared and sets the perfect stage for the One to be controlled and to
create the conception point for a feeding thread/frenzy. Darkness works with the mind in such a way
that it will distort the thought process, cloud the perception, and replace the Ones perception with a
darker perception, it is through energy that it does this, HOWEVER, DARKNESS CANNOT CREATE
feeds. The more the darkness feeds, the bigger it could grow, consuming and attaching to Others, that
have a bit of negativity or darkness, still within. The darkness sometimes does not need for You to be in
a negative energetic state to a large degree, to begin to administer control over You. If You are even
susceptible to being "pissed off", it opens a door for darkness to infect and fester. Darkness enjoys
hate, hurt, blame, anger, competition, etc, because it is what grows food for it.”
The food that is created is called “Loosh” but just understand that your negativity is being used to
create negative reactions in yourself and others, to create this loosh. That's where the energy vampire
comes in, who exchanges your light energy for their negativity, thereby lowering your vibrational
frequency to a level that the dark can continue to feed off of you. Does it sound gross? Yes. You have
parasites in your intestines as well. So why not feeding off of your non-physical energy? I've seen
them. They're there.
You are prompted to vamp energy off of other people all the time. In fact, the entire way our society
interrelates has been created to facilitate this process of stealing energy from one another. We are
discouraged from being assertive, we don't respect others' boundaries, we lie to each other... all of the
negative ways we interact are ways to vampire energy. Do you need the list? Okay. I'll do the whole
list. If you have EVER behaved in any of these ways, you have stolen the energy of someone else who
was vibing higher. The victim is often someone of high energy who suffers having it stolen all the time.
My family of origin taught me to be receptive to energy vampires because they sensed I was high
energy and stole it from me.
Refusing to behave in these ways leads to increasing one's Light, ascension, growing up, becoming
more mature, becoming more responsible to self and others, and living your Truth. If these don't sound
like worthwhile goals, I don't know what would be.
Any attacking behaviour that is intended to put someone else on the defensive starts off this list.
Any of these behaviours can be considered energy vampiring:
•arguing (two vampires going at it with the intention of winning, which means one vampire has gleaned
more energy than the other – the “winner” is the one who comes out with the most energy. I don't
argue. I have too much to lose. Anyone who goes into a conversation with the intention of making you
the loser is a vampire! This is far more common than you think! Our egos are trained to want to be
right. Nobody wants to admit we're wrong but it's humble to do so and a sign that you are interested in
growth. There's no harm in being wrong but there is harm in wanting to make someone out to be wrong
so kick these vampires to the curb! And if you're doing it, stop doing it!)
•giving someone advice without their asking (doesn't it make you wonder why their focus is suddenly
on you when selfish people only focus on themselves? It's because they're throwing out the bait to hook
you into giving up your energy. How often do people do nice things for absolute strangers? Why are
they so focused on you now?)
•as above, anyone who is focused on fixing you (this can be just a nice move that is well intentioned
but poor boundaried, or it can be done to take the superior stance and make a victim of you. To
determine which, you would sense benevolent loving energy coming from them if it's the former,
however EVERYTHING done to you requires your permission. Take your power back!)
•raging at someone (the point is to put them on the defensive, which is the posture you need them to be
in in order to vampire their energy)
•manipulating: examples – broad hints that you want something from someone without asking for it
directly (equates to taking their energy without your direct acknowledgement. For the person being
approached for the favour, it is tantamount that you agree to do it. A manipulator tries to trick you into
giving without your actually say yes to it and you may not even be willing to give. This vampire is
taking your energy and possibly even your physical energy in the form of work done, a free ride,
babysitting their kids, without your having agreed to it.)
•bullying (controlling, which amounts to controlling their energy)
•shaming (part of this is projection, which means you're swapping your low feelings about yourself for
their high energy)
•using guilt tactics to get what you want from them (“Oh, you're so mean! You never do anything nice
for me!” - putting them on the defensive. I frankly, would never stand for this type of treatment).
•Keeping you on the phone too long, won't stop talking (they are keeping your energy, your focus on
them longer than you have agreed to. Whatever you focus on, you give energy to. Presumably you have
been repeating, “I've got to go now,” as if often the case. It would not be a bad move to just hang up on
them. Of course, instead of getting the message the vampire will call back and start an argument, trying
to make you wrong for being impolite. This would be their second way of trying to get their supply of
energy from you. Don't argue with them. Better yet, don't pick up the phone, and cut cords.)
Which is another point I need to make: so many of us have been taught to be “nice” which means a
pushover that doesn't stand up for themself. Don't be nice. Be assertive. Anyone who accuses you of
"not being nice" when you're simply asking for self respect and sticking up for yourself, BEWARE. Big
red flag there! This is a manipulation to try to get you to back down. Guilt can be a powerful weapon.
Don't accuse them of trying to manipulate you. They'll only deny it. Just stick to your guns.
•Talking about themselves the whole time. Not letting you get a word in edgewise. (Again, your focus
is on them for longer than you've agreed to allow it).
Which is a good point, EVERYTHING that is done to you requires your permission. Would you allow
someone to rape you? No? Then why allow them to fix you, criticize you, shame you, guilt you without
your permission? It's your life to live, no one else's. You didn't ask to have this done to you. They are
doing it against your will and this is vampiring energy.
The book I'm reading brought up another point I need to make: many of us have learned to be helpless.
Where did we learn that? In our society that teaches us non-assertive ways of living and to be the
victim of the government. We see ourselves as valueless beings who schlep ourselves around for
minimum wage, and then go home exhausted at the end of a long day of having to keep our mouths
shut or get fired from our jobs. We are money victims. And because we have taken on these low
vibrational roles, we also engage in low vibrational behaviour, such as what's on this list. Awareness
changes this.
•Anyone who takes the superior position in a discussion. This is someone who draws energy from
others by taking the upper hand. That includes your boss, many of whom want to be a boss because
they don't want to be in your shoes, the worker. We don't live in a hierarchical system that tells us that
power is power over others, for nothing. Some of us want to be the “have's,” the beneficiaries in this
fake control system. Those who believe that power is power over others are most guilty of being energy
vampires. Those who believe that power means power over self are assertive, connected to source and
don't have to vampire energy from others.
•the entitled – they feel entitled to everything, which would mean everyone else as well. Engaging
anyone with this position of superiority will set you back energetically because this person will do
anything to prove they're right. Automatically, you'll be the fall guy. And because they are entitled and
call you their friend, it's because they feel entitled to you and whatever assets you may have like your
car for example. You will find yourself driving these people around like you're their free cab company.
Believe me, I've been there. Let this person in the door and you'll pay for it, sometimes literally. This
energy vampire, who often plays the victim, needs some tough love. Kick them to the curb and don't
give in when they come back for more.
•Making anyone wrong (this is a superior position that extracts energy from the one you've made
•Nagging someone, bitching at someone (complaining) Again, getting you in the defensive posture.
•Making fun of someone – hoping to put them on the defensive
•attacking someone either emotionally or physically
•calling someone names
•gaslighting – any lie or deception is the direction of lower frequency energy at someone. Getting them
to believe the lie lowers their frequency. If you want an example of that, just watch the news.
•Playing the victim. Yes, this person, the adult version anyway, has grown up with seemingly no idea
how to take proper care of themself. Emotionally, physically, financially, this person depends on others
to do for them what they should be doing for themselves. If this isn't an energy vampire, I don't know
what is. How do I know? I WAS one. People avoided me like the plague and now refuse to see me as
recovered, but that I have no control over. That's on them.
•The sex vampire: Spending every moment on the prowl for new sexual encounters, this vampire uses
sex to garner your energy. Then leaves you on the curbside wondering where they went. Don't give in.
Find someone who loves you. It's worth waiting.
•Drama queens and kings – again, your focus is on them and they're using it for all its worth. Ignore
these people. Starve them of your energy.
These are taken from “Liquid Mirror” by Kelly La Sha:
•interrogators – invasive questioning or questioning with an underlying agenda
•telling jokes that offend others
•holding someone in conversation longer than they want to be held
•silent treatment
•making the other person wrong (see my arguing example, above)
•trying to prove that you are right (again, like I was saying about the arguers)
•starting an interesting story and pausing before the end
•playing the martyr
•expectations of others
•hidden agenda
Leaking Energy (Leaky Aura Syndrome):
•attachments to people and material things
•playing the martyr
Kelly La Sha writes: “Certain behaviours can be love-based or fear-based. It's up to you to discover
when you are acting from your wounds or acting from your heart.” See these examples:
1 Bragging
fear based intention: “I don't want you to see how incapable and insecure I am, so I'm pointing out my
strengths and accomplishments.”
love-based intention: “look at this exciting discovery I found about myself!”
2 Admiration
Fear based intention: “Why does he have everything! I want to be successful like him!”
Love-based intention: “I honour this awesome expression of Spirit, and I clearly see what I would like
to manifest in my life as well!”
So you have to ascertain where your intention is coming from: the ego or the soul, whenever you speak.
I can sense the difference in people: whether they're responding from ego or soul.
Look at how much time you're spending listening to others longer than you want to, look at people who
are argumentative, look at the toxic behaviours you and others indulge in – the reason they're low
frequency behaviours and most of us would like to think are beneath ourselves, is because they are
behaviours that harvest energy for energy vampires. That's why they're so low vibrational. Make a point
of shifting to higher frequency behaviour, which will happen automatically because you'll be coming
from soul, not ego, by refusing to engage in any of the behaviours listed above.
Understand that keeping your focus on others' faults and not your own is an abdication of self
responsibility, and self-empowerment and will keep you in your ego and continuing to vampire energy
from others.

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