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August 12, 2020

I’ll try to contain myself here because what she says resonates deeply.  I could write a book…

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Comment by amparo alvarez on August 15, 2020 at 7:12pm

Lori Ladd – Neutralizing the Polarity

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Very special thanks to Len for pressing me to watch Lori Ladd. That is what it took.

And a nod to Suzi on Patreon for posting the video there and here.

As Elizabethans would say, a most excellent choice.

When you combine what Lori says here (see below) with what Magenta Pixie said some time back about the three steps to take as lightworkers, (1) plus Laura Eisenhower’s demonstration of taking a stand, (2) what good leadership we’re being shown as “digital soldiers” or “warriors of peace.”

And, yes, it’s not lost on me that it’s coming from the Divine Feminine. Jai Ma!

Click on the graphic to go to the video.

Lori says she’s speaking on the subject of the turmoil that’s currently happening, to neutralize the polarity and have us look at matters from a higher perspective.

Neutralize the polarity…. Well said.

A lot in the business of commentary rests in finding (or being inspired with) useful, memorable distinctions (the alternative to memes) and “neutralizing the polarity” is distinctly useful and memorable in my eyes.

I’ve called it “return to the center.” The Council of Love might call it balance. But neutralizing the polarity is a much better metaphor.

Let me add a dimension of my own to the discussion. I’d like to see our commentary act like an antacid that neutralizes an acidic inner environment.

I fear that the environment, in the U.S. at least, as the American election approaches, could get really acidic. Not like I want to make that real or concrete. And not like I want to say this.

We all know some of what’s happening backstage – the rescue of children, for instance. We see some of the nastiness that passes for political ads and watch the absurd lengths of Congressional posturing.  And we know what’s at stake for the cabal – and the Alliance.

All of it suggests to me that for some in the cabal this will be a fight to the finish. The finish of the cabal’s minions, that is.

When the fighting promises to reach the spider in the web, as David Icke would say, I predict they’ll surrender rather than fight. That seems to be the way these things go historically: Let your hirelings die for you but you yourself surrender. (3) “Hey, you think I’m crazy?”

Her second purpose – to view the matter from the higher perspective of consciousness and Ascension – is again very useful. That higher perspective eliminates all one-off occurrences and looks for themes and processes, trends and directions.

It ignores the snapshots (structural descriptions removed from action) in favor of the movie (flow of events as they happen). The snapshots, as I experienced in academia, can be manipulated when removed from their context.

The Galactic Federation, whom Lori says inspires her speaking, represent Pres. Trump (Q Anon and the Alliance) as dismantling the dark structures. Lori points out that he’s the only President who has even mentioned child s** trafficking, never mind taking the lead in dismantling it.

He himself says that the world has this one chance to take on all of the corruption in it and end it globally. Our star family might disagree with that but I believe they wouldn’t quibble with a man who risks his life every day to free the world from darkness. (4)

I’m excited by the leadership that’s been shown by so many lightworkers – let me add David Icke (in a class by himself), all the doctors and front-line workers, all alternative interviewers, all whistleblowers.

The collective leadership that lightworkers are showing, not the least POTUS, is inspiring. Even if we may not be doing what they’re doing, we can still participate by getting the word out in every possible way.

Comment by amparo alvarez on August 15, 2020 at 3:14pm

I felt the truth in this message when I received it...It also makes sense when I or anyone can remember his words: "They are not after me, I am only in their way...They are after you the people"...

Comment by Susanna Antonyi on August 15, 2020 at 8:47am

Great video, thanks!!!!! I have also contact with commander Ashtar and got similar messages....I have posted the best message on Ashtarcommand in June......

wishing you much love & light / Susanna

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