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Even though is passed I bring this since it contains more information and I went through some of the symptoms mentioned here...

Diane Canfield - 3 Days Of Intense Geomagnetic Storms, Hurricane Dorian, Waves Of Higher Consciousness Arriving - September 2, 2019

By Diane Canfield

Blessings Beloveds,

We have had an intense last week !


We have been experiencing 3 days of extremely high solar winds and extremely intense solar storms. The graph above show the intense storms/the wind has been between 600/700 ( normal is 250 to 350) This has brought in with it many Ascension Symptoms. 

Some of these are: 

Bizarre Dreams
Interrupted or No Sleep
Intense Hunger
Extreme Blurry Eyes
Hot Body

These are all signs of Ascension that can happen in times of increased solar wind and increased solar storms. These symptoms are not new to many of us, yet I feel I need to keep reporting on them for the many that may just be coming into the Ascension process and for those that are able to access these symptoms to be able to feel them.

Everyone eventually will be able to feel these and that is the goal. It is what we are all looking for. The ones who feel nothing now need to work to raise their consciousness so they too can join the Ascension process. Since we will all be ascending together, now is the time for everyone to become involved in the Expanding of Higher Consciousness. My team ( In the higher realms ) has informed me now this must be said to encourage those that still feel nothing, to start working towards Ascension.

Hurricane Dorian

My team in the higher realms and my team of friends who have joined in to help me move Dorian have succeeded in moving it from the Middle of the State where it was projected to hit, to off the coast of Florida. This does not mean we are 100 percent clear, we were able to move it just off the coast, so now we see what happens. I have been working on moving Hurricanes for decades now along with all of my other energy work that I do with clients. I also change weather patterns for myself, whenever I feel it is necessary. As an energy expert, this is something that has always come naturally for me. Its a joy when others join me in the same goal

If you live in Florida or are energy sensitive you might also feel energy symptoms based on the Hurricane. You may feel very dragged out and heavy the past few days. This is occurring because of Hurricane Dorian off the coast of Florida. If you are sensitive enough, you will feel many energy symptoms from this just like we do when earthquakes happen or volcanoes go off ->no matter where you live. Some of these symptoms are: 

Feeling Very Dragged Out
Feelings Very Tired
Feeling Loopy
Feeling On Edge
Feeling Anxiety

Notice there are specific symptoms to each event that takes place. 

This is because energy is event specific. Gone are the long lists of symptoms a person may feel, now we want to focus on what they actually do feel. In order to write about this and report it, the reporter has to actually feel it also.

Higher Consciousness Waves The Month Of August

There has been lots of energy going on this entire year as I predicted would happen at the beginning of the year. This will continue to grow now and encompass more humans and peel the layers off of each person on the planet. This is what has happened the entire month of August, more and more layers pulled back for our authentic self to shine through. Expect this to continue through the end of the year. Notice, we are not getting so many physical waves now, for those of us that have been in this process for a decade but instead it’s all happening within the consciousness. Waves of higher consciousness coming in.

Will update soon!

Stay tuned for my new Equinox Event coming soon !

Love Diane

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