October 27, 2019
I Can’t

Two of the most destructive words anyone can utter; “I can’t”.

“I can’t” effectively stops the growth/learning process.

“I can’t” denies The Universe the opportunity to give you the gifts you have been asking for.

“I can’t” gives away personal responsibility.

Take every “I can’t” in your life and change it! (Smiling) You have the power, the will and the drive. You can! ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

October 26, 2019 at 4:28 PM

Take a moment to really look at what is around you. Are you surrounded by those who support you and appreciate your talents? Do you feel secure and safe in being who you are without fear of judgement? Is your day filled with positive thoughts regarding the direction you are traveling? The Universe would like you to know that you are worthy and deserving of these things! All you have to do is embrace the conscious realization of it and know you can change accordingly. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

As the shifts and energy waves continue, please be sure to give yourself a little space to breathe. As you weave your way through the triggers, the growth and learning and navigating other’s reactions to this new phase, please know that great care is being taken of you. If, by chance, you find yourself reacting in a less than light-filled way, remember to forgive and know that one thought can put you back on your path. A seemingly small personal shift can redirect the course for you and those around you. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

October 24, 2019

Just a reminder…

Everything you do, every thought, feeling, action, reaction has a vibrational ‘marker’. Each one of those markers, even the inaudible, are heard by those around you and is transmitted to The Universe and will respond in kind. (Smiling) Take a few moments today to really think about this.

Whatever you choose to broadcast from your own personal station reverberates throughout your existence. It is up to you to decide how to proceed and what you want to be surrounded with. As always, you are supported and loved regardless. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

The Universe would like you to be aware of the current energies and how they may bring triggers along with them. Armed with this knowledge, you are being given the opportunity to prepare to keep yourself centered and calm. If you are in a space of peace and have a conscious awareness of what is really going on, the triggers will lose their emotional charge. This will also give you a moment or two to see/feel where they are coming from so you can safely and comfortably release them to be transformed to light and love. You are being invited to give yourself this gift…every day…for a healthier and more joyful existence. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

October 22, 2019 
There will be times when others judge you. It is very important to remember that they are not really seeing you; they are seeing what they lack. When a person is in complete denial about themselves, they will often project onto you. When you feel this is happening…take a moment, step outside yourself and look. Then ask to see what The Universe sees. The pictures will be very different! (Smiling) You know you better than anyone. You know your kindness, compassion, love, joys and pains. Release the needs to fall into the trap of letting others define you. You are you and perfect in your imperfections. ~ Creator

Today, The Universe is requesting you take time and find the remains of ‘victim’ within, the part of you that does not recognize your responsibility in any given situation. This is the part of you that turns your power over to others because it seems to be the easier path. When you have found it ask, “Why it is still there?” How can you finally release it without feeling you are compromising the safety you have built for yourself? Once you have identified the source you can begin…and the beginning of any great journey starts with the first step. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

October 21, 2019  at 9:17 AM

October 21, 2019Kryon Book Nine – The New Beginning
Odd, Weird, and Spooky
We have told you before that many things that are going to be brought to you in an interdimensional fashion may look odd, weird, and spooky because you have not seen them before. But we remind you that it is only because you are unfamiliar with what is common that makes you feel this way. Just because you haven’t experienced it, it does not mean it doesn’t exist.
through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel

Dearest child, it is time to fasten your seat belts yet again for more incoming energy, more changes, more shifting and more work. The Universe knows this may be the very last thing you want to hear but, here it is. Let it be known:

You can take it as quickly or as slowly as you choose.

You can ask for the information to be delivered in a way you can best understand.

You can stop the process at any time but, know that it will eventually need to be completed.

You are loved unconditionally, supported and admired for every step you take toward your future. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

Some of you are looking to others to provide you with answers…the black/white version with a ‘beyond a shadow of a doubt’ conclusion.
When you are feeling powerless remember this: You are being asked to be very aware of the infinite choices available to you. You get to choose in which direction you move, you are the one that co-creates those experiences, you have the final say in any action. Changing one thing will open an entirely new set of infinite things from which to choose. As always, The Universe is always there for guidance, support and love, however, the real power in your life lies within. ~ Creator
Jennifer Farley

Yes, dearest one, I know you are tired. The shifts over the past few months have you in a space where you feel you barely have the energy to put one foot in front of the other. Moving forward, learning and letting go may be the very last thing on your mind but….

The Universe is here to say do not give up! Everyone deserves the right to be human occasionally and you have definitely earned that right! Allow yourself to be in a space of inaction for a while. No ground will be lost, and it will give you some much needed rest time. When you are ready, stand up and begin again. You have sometimes been tasked with some difficult things but, you are up to the challenge! Remember, love and support is always available and just a thought away. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

Today, it is time to sit quietly and think of all that has passed in your existence; all the experiences that made you who you are today. When you are in-process, you may find joyful moments you have forgotten or challenging moments you’d rather not remember. This will be an opportunity for you to keep what you need and release what you do not. Allowing yourself to do this will give you the space and time you need to prepare for the great changes coming your way. As always, The Universe supports you on your journey. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

On occasion, you may say, “When is it going to be my turn?” You have done the work, feel satisfied in your growth, you are learning every day but…
The Universe would like to remind you that your turn is right in front of you. (Smiling) The only thing left to do is allow it to happen! It may feel much more complicated but, it is really that simple. Take the gift of the energy coming in now, put it to good use; let go of the need for it to be your turn and, voila, it is there! ~ Creator
Jennifer Farley
October 15, 2019
What would it take to renew the love, joy and wonder of life for you? Would it be more inner-strength or, perhaps, peace? Would it be witnessing kindness on a more regular basis or possibly bringing your truth to light knowing that you can safely express without wounding others?
You have the opportunity to do it right now! As you continue to grow and learn, the more you become in tune with your inner and outer worlds, the easier this will become. Embrace the small moments, dearest one, and see your world change before your eyes. ~ Creator
Jennifer Farley

Get ready…new energy is on the way! It will afford you the time and opportunities to view yourself and others differently. It will open doors that were previously closed.It will teach you that every part of you deserves to grow, learn and be at peace. All you have to do is allow it. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

October 13, 2019 

YOU ARE WORTHY! Worthy of your greatest dreams and your most simple pleasures. YOU ARE WORTHY! Worthy of the gift of giving and receiving love, kindness, honor, respect and admiration. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

It is time to clear up some confusion. Human have learned that power can mean greed, negative ambition and holding sway and dominion over others. The Universe sees power as the individual embracing self-worth and Unconditional Love, showing kindness to others without boundary violations and a deep knowing that embracing the truth will always bring you closer to your manifestations. Now is the time to re-educate yourself and know you are held safely in The Universe’s care. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

You have the power, knowledge and wisdom to change a negative to a positive at any time.

If you are feeling misunderstood, ask for it to change.

If you feel unloved, ask to be shown how much love is around you.

If you feel as if you are always giving, ask to receive.

If you need support, all you have to do is ask.

It is just a matter of remembering! ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

Dearest child…over the past few months, The Universe has presented you with many changes. Some you have embraced wholeheartedly, with others you were a bit reluctant and the rest…well, you may not have dealt with at all. (Smiling) As always, you are given the ability to choose what you want to accept and what you do not. But, what about those changes you did not want but, keep showing up in your paradigm? This is, quite simply, The Universe saying it would be a good idea to accept and/or release and is waiting until you are ready. Today, you are being invited to take a second (or third) look and decide if you are willing to take the next step. It will be well worth your time. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

Your Earth plane, to say the very least, is going through an interesting transition right now. (Smiling) If you feel you have reached a plateau, then be in that moment. If you feel you need to rest, then do it. If you feel the push to keep working, then embrace it. If you want to play, then play away. There is no set way of moving through this particular shift so, do what you feel is best for you. The Universe will always support any decision you make for yourself. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

The Universe is asking…what would you like to build today? Are you ready to begin bringing all your manifestations into your reality? Are you willing to allow kindness, love and peace to become a part of who you are? These things are, literally, a moment away. Why wait? You have done your work, you are worthy and deserving and The Universe is ready to give! ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

As you move forward in this current shift, it may be frustrating to be around those who want you to stay put. Instead of releasing you to grow easily, they may push to violate your boundaries, demanding that you surrender your morals and ethics to please them. This, again, is where choice comes into play. You can state and enforce those boundaries firmly or allow them to change your thoughts and feelings of what is right for you.

Remember…they are not thinking of you; any compliance they are requesting is solely for their benefit and you are the only one with control over whether this will happen or not. Regardless of what you decide, The Universe will always love and support you no matter what. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

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