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October 6, 2019
The Universe knows that the past week has been, to say the very least, interesting. With the way the energy has been coming in, it may have been challenging to stay grounded and keep moving forward. Now, with more sweeping changes on the way, you may be saying to yourself, “when will this stop?!”
You are being reminded that you have gone through similar shifts/changes before with stellar results! (Smiling) You have embraced self-care, boundaries and have done amazing work. So, dearest one, stand up and know you have the power to complete this next phase in your usual glorious way. ~ Creator
Jennifer Farley

September 23, 2019

As your Earth plane gets ready for yet another shift and moves from one season to another…be kind. Be kind to yourself and others, understand that you have the power to move your life in any direction you choose. There may be some things that are out of your control, however, you have the choice of whether they stay in your life or not. You know what feels peaceful and what feels toxic, trust it! Keep discovering who you are; it changes on a day to day basis and know The Universe loves you beyond measure! ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

September 22, 2019

There is an immeasurable beauty in moving through challenges and coming out the other side light and brighter than you have ever been. As The Universe supports you through your work, it also sees the amazing results and continues to encourage you. If you take one thing with you today, let it be this:

Even though you may feel quite alone, your incredible learning is contributing to the energetic growth of your Earth plane. With each baby step, the planet benefits in ways you cannot imagine. Keep up the good work, dear one, you are making a difference! ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

September 21, 2019 

Before you stepped on your path, you may have done, said or acted in ways that were hurtful to yourself and others. As you do your work now, the pain or regret that you may feel could be an ever present remind of what you were. The Universe would like to gently remind you; even though your previous experiences shaped who you are today, your path is who you are now. It is time to throw the hurt/regret in the deep end of the ocean and forgive. ~ Creator
In your electronic world, making memories with your human senses is becoming a rare and wonderful thing. Those beautiful moments occur every day! Whether you choose to miss or acknowledge them is completely up to you. If you do choose to recognize them…stay in that moment for as long as you can. Interact, enjoy, watch and experience it unfolding before your very eyes. As you move forward on your Earth plane, the details may not remain as crisp as they once were but, the feeling, the emotion will be with you forever. ~ Creator
Jennifer Farley

The Universe knows that this may feel like a resting period but, there is a lot going on behind the scenes. You have been asked to continue clearing your ‘deep darks’ and it is time to get to work! A new phase is beginning, and you have been provided many loving nudges to help get you moving in a direction that is best suited for you. Yes, you can choose to ignore them…that is your human right. (Smiling) But, please keep in mind, the nudges may become stronger and more insistent over time. Act now or act later, the choice has always been yours, dearest one. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

Where do you want to go from here? The Universe has provided yet another huge array of changes for you to choose from. Now it is time to decide what you would like to do. (Smiling) What are the most important things to you? What do you want to accomplish? These are all choices that are available to you! You can remain in the past, a captive of your own thoughts or you can embrace a brighter, more beautiful existence for yourself. The heel-dragging is ending, and unprecedented growth is here! As always…The Universe is guiding and supporting you every step of the way. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

Sometimes, you become so busy planning for the future that you forget your now. Sometimes, you become so focused on the ‘playback’ of the past, the now is ignored. By being in the past or future, you may miss the joyous moments that surround you and the gifts The Universe sends you every day.

Today, you are being invited to reacquaint yourself with the now. Pause, take a look around and see what it feels like to release the ghosts of the past…to let go of the what might be to be here now! It may be challenging but, The Universe is waiting and ready to show you what you have been missing. (Smiling) Come on in, the door is open! ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

From Kryon Book Eleven – Lifting the Veil

…So Get On With It

Now, there’s an entourage here and we described it to you a minute ago. Are they proud of you? Oh yes. But there’s other energy here as well. It’s one some of you have begun to feel. It’s not impatience, but do you feel that anyway? There is a punch from Spirit. It says, “Now you know, so get on with it.”
through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel

Logic, deductive reasoning, intellect; this is your Earth-plane language. Feeling, emotion and intuition; this is how The Universe speaks to you. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

Today, you are being invited to look at the infinite picture. In comparison to the joy, happiness and love you experience, the negative is just a minuscule piece. The Universe is giving you the opportunity to see the entire puzzle and how everything fits into it. And, once you see it, there is no going back. (Smiling) Are you ready and willing to allow? ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

It is time to allow yourself to be more open to receiving from The Universe. It may be in the form of messages, gifts, opportunities or connections with others. Being able to invite and open the lines of communication will give you the chance to change your world in ways that you have not experienced before. The first step is to listen, knowing that whatever you see/feel/hear from The Universe will always bring a positive to your life. This is your time and The Universe is waiting. ~ Creator
Jennifer Farley

It may feel a bit odd hanging out in the space between but, it is exactly what The Universe is asking you to do. If you think of it as the pause before the next note of music, the millisecond between the beats of your heart or, perhaps, the fade to black before the next scene of a film appears, it may be easier to enjoy the moment. This may also be the time when you choose a different path. (Smiling) However you choose to look at it; trust the process and know The Universe is always providing good for you. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

Please be aware, my beautiful child, that you will be setting the tone for the next few weeks of your Earth-plane existence. Yes, it is very enticing to believe that you are at the whim of external forces blowing you this way and that, however, you must keep in mind exactly how powerful you are! (Smiling) If you choose to be peaceful then peace will be there. If you choose to be anxious, it will be there! It may even make you wish for the days when you were blissfully unaware of the shifts and changes The Universe is making in this moment. The gifts that are being given to your world, and your ability to understand and decipher them for others, is what you came for. Embrace them and know humanity is growing and learning into a better tomorrow. ~ Creator
Jennifer Farley

During the next few days, it is going to be of the utmost importance to maintain your balance. Each of you is walking your own path and there may be instances when you will have to remind yourself of this. (Smiling) Release any need you may have to knee-jerk reactions, understand that those around you could be easily triggered by what they do not understand and…breathe! As your Earth plane moves closer to peace, it may cause the negative to respond with loud protestations. Rather than allowing yourself to be drawn in that direction, send Unconditional Love and know you have practiced your due diligence. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

There is a reason for The Universe suggesting you rest your body and spirit, dear one; it is time to get ready for another upward push! Over the next few weeks, you will be receiving quite a bit more information and tools to use as your Earth progresses to the next step of its evolution. There is no need for extra preparation…the previous shifts have given you what you need. (Smiling) Take a deep breath and get ready to move forward. As always, The Universe is beside you every step of the way. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

Dearest one, please continue to be gentle with yourself. This pause in the action has been made available for the specific purpose of allowing a realignment and recuperation of your whole self before the next phase begins. The Universe understands the urgency at which you work but, no rest puts your physical/emotional/spiritual body in a stressed position that slows down any upcoming integration. Rest, eat your favorite foods, watch/read things that bring joy into your life. The upward path will begin again soon enough. You are worthy and deserving of a breather…take it! ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

Your most profound moments will be when you release ‘what I was’ and move into ‘What I Am’. ~ Creator
Jennifer Farley

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