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August 14, 2019

It is time to open your eyes, darling one. Things have begun to shift in ways your Earth did not expect. The deep sleepers are awakening, the awakened ones are stepping into their power and the dissonance is beginning to fade. Please do not let these changes lull you into complacency. There is still much to do but, The Universe knows that with all of you participating, the great shift is well underway. You are so worthy and deserving of the peace that is in its way! Keep up your good work, The Universe is proud of you! ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

August 13, 2019 

Whenever you find yourself in an unpleasant situation or experience, one of the first questions you may want to ask yourself this…“How does/has my energy played a part in this?”

Now, you may not have done anything to warrant judgment or derisiveness but, participating in a self-check is always encouraged. If you find your energy has played a part, then you have a conscious awareness of what needs to be changed within to continue walking your path in a peaceful way. If, after your check-in, you have been given the realization that other’s belief systems are at work, then you can move on knowing that you have maintained your truth and integrity in the best way possible. Taking responsibility for your own thoughts/actions/reactions will always keep you on the steady path. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

How often do you allow yourself to be the best version of you? There are many in your life that trust you to be who you are. The Universe will always say to you, “I trust you to be your very best self!” When you consciously realize All That Is has the faith to let you be…miracles begin to happen! ~ Creator
Jennifer Farley

The Universe speaks to you every day through your conscience. What you believe, how you function in your world, how you live your life all moves through that filter. Over the course of your Earth-plane existence, you are offered opportunities to change and become a better version of yourself. Whether you choose to take those opportunities is based on your free will…the one thing that can never be taken from you. Your world is changing much more quickly than anticipated and this is your chance to begin shining brighter than ever. Disregard what others think, do what you feel is right and keep working toward the ultimate goal of peace. It is time to stand in your power and say, “I can be, I will, I am”, remembering you are building a better tomorrow. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

My beautiful child; do not be afraid of the darkness presenting itself in your world today. Even though it seems that it is intensifying, it is heaving its last breaths. The people of the world are awakening at an unprecedented rate, growing in light and love. The darkness feels/sees this and is struggling to maintain a hold by creating more fear, hatred and negativity.

Some feel a battle or war needs to be waged but, the truth of the matter is this; the more integrity you show, the more Unconditional Love you send, the more you speak your truth, the harder it becomes for the darkness to exist. Do not allow your will to be bent by the fear being created and remember…the Wizard of Oz was just a man behind a curtain making himself much bigger and scarier than what and who he was. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

The Universe knows the recent changes have been very taxing on both your spiritual and energetic bodies. With more on the way, it is extremely important to remember and practice your self-care rituals.

Processing the incoming information is going to be vital to understanding the next phase of your Earth plane’s growth. Chaos may reign now but, slowly and very surely, peace will begin to settle in as more of you begin to fully awaken.

Look around, darling child, those who need assistance will be drawn to you for guidance and support. You have been preparing for this your whole life…the time is (finally) at hand! ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

Many of you are waiting for a change. Waiting for something mighty to shift that will bring manifestations to light, for the ‘love of your life’ to knock on your door, for an opportunity to express, feel, love or participate. You may even be waiting for permission and wondering why all that you want/wish for has not appeared yet.

Take a moment and think; what is the operative word?


The Universe has provided everything you need to grow, learn, manifest and love but, still you wait. The truth of the matter; action is a necessary piece of the picture! If you are unable to move outside your comfort zone, unwilling to take a chance because you might fail, then it is best to stay put. It is time to release your fear and step into your dreams. In truth, failure does not exist…there are only attempts at success. (Smiling) So, dearest one, what are you waiting for? ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

There will be many times that you may fail to do or say the ‘right’ thing. The Universe wants you to know that, with the current energy of the past coming up to be released, failures are not failures…just attempts at success.

Think back on the times you may have chosen a direction that was not in your best interest; was it internal (or external) pressure from others or were you running an ‘old program’ as a means of self-protection? Regardless of the circumstances, The Universe will always give you another attempt at success. The key to any of these scenarios is…you!

Allowing yourself to acknowledge mistakes, learn from them and move on is one of the greatest gifts you have been given. So, darling child, it is time to take a deep breath and move forward. The only one truly keeping score is you and it is time to be done with it. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

A gentle reminder; the path you travel is yours. You get to choose what stays and what goes. Others may give their opinions, provide unsolicited advice, they may even criticize your personal decisions, using shame/guilt as a means of deterring you. Please do not take this personally, dear one! If you are guided by your heart and soul, with pure intent, pure thought and pure love from The Universe, you will always be moving in the direction that is best for you. As always, you are lovingly supported on your journey. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley


August 5, 2019
My darling child, it is time to realize you are not ‘damaged goods’. Just about every single person on your Earth plane has experienced negative things and, although painful and hurtful, it did not damage you. The You that exists within the human body you inhabit has and will always remain blessedly touched by The Universe, a single jewel unequal in price and worth, a beauty to behold. When your perspective is changed, your world will begin to change as well. And, from this moment forward, every time you look in the mirror you can say, “I am a priceless gift of The Universe to my world, unique and unequaled in my beauty and skill!” ~ Creator
Jennifer Farley

August 4, 2019 

It may be confusing to walk in a world of contradictions. Those who say they love people then commit violence against them, humans who say they want to protect the delicate balance of nature but only do so in their own back yard, others who say they respect all life but end up taking it in rage and anger. All of this can be very disheartening. What can you do about it, my beautiful child? Keep on loving, of course!
The Universe gave each of you the life you are living now and the free will to decide in which direction it moves. When you find yourself abhorring the human actions that cause pain, focus on and send Unconditional Love to the Divine Spark that exists in each of you. It may not change the outcome but, you can move forward in peace knowing you have done a bit to sooth the pain of the wounded child that choose to hurt rather than heal. ~ Creator
Jennifer Farley

August 3, 2019 

The most recent energy may have left you floundering around in what seems like a dark room, feeling your way along the wall in hopes of finding an exit. “I know there is one somewhere…just let me find it!”

As you become more accustomed to it, the floundering will be replaced with more purposeful movement, light will begin to show at the cracks and very soon, you will be gliding around as if nothing unusual has occurred. (Smiling) The most constructive way to move yourself out of this space is to practice compassion and kindness to yourself and those around you. This seemingly simply act, one you have done many times before, has begun to carry more power and weight, giving you the opportunity to expand the awareness so many of you have been wanting. For every loving moment you send out to The Universe, a tenfold of blessings will return. ~ Creator

August 2, 2019
Over the next few days, you may feel very different than those around you. It is like walking in a fog; being in a space neither here nor there, knowing light is there but not being able to see it clearly. This transition time may catch a lot of you by surprise. Never fear, darling child! As you and your energy move forward and up, The Universe will help you continue communicating effectively with others without feeling stuck in the residual energies. More and more people will be joining the ranks of the awakened and they will need your help and guidance. As the fog lifts, look around…there are so many more than you anticipated! It is time to step up into your role and begin. The Universe is supporting you every step of the way! ~ Creator
Jennifer Farley

August 1, 2019 

Where is it hiding? Where does the reluctance to release lie? How has your day to day functioning been affected by that reluctance? The Universe asks you daily to let go of what you can and work on the rest but, when the purging of old emotion places you in a position of stagnation, internal battles may begin to arise and wars have their beginnings in unresolved battles.

Sometimes, what The Universe designed to be easy is not so easy after all. Do not beat yourself up over this, dear one! Having a conscious realization is the first step to moving forward in truth and love. If you need it, ask for assistance. It always has and always will be available to you. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

July 30, 2019
Oh dearest child; it is time to take a huge, deep breath and a step back to re-assess and re-group. The energies presenting themselves are really stirring the pot, bringing up things you have not felt in quite some time. The path you are on may feel a bit bumpy, challenging to navigate, and making more than a few of you say, “Again?! I don’t know if I have the strength to do this!”
The Universe will offer this gentle reminder…you have always been strong enough. Even in your weakest moments, the deep well existing within will always provide you with enough. It is time to pick yourself up, dust off and continue. Do your best and know that you will move through this with great aplomb, coming out the other side a bit brighter and with more confidence than you have ever had before. ~ Creator
July 29, 2019 12:55 PM

For those of you watching and waiting; another big spin of the wheel is in process. There is nothing special that needs to be done aside from staying as grounded as possible. Shifts/changes are inevitable on your Earth plane and getting used to the new incoming energy is going to be the best thing you can do for yourself. Remember, you are all free-flowing energies working toward a common goal. Keep your wits about you and keep moving forward. The Universe is beside you always. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

Some hold so staunchly to their beliefs that they no longer feel it is possible to hold any other. The ability to change and grow has been put on hold or lost altogether. The human spirit and energy are designed by The Universe to be free-flowing and ever changing and, even those on an enlightened path, can become stunted and stagnant in their ways. Today, take a moment and find those hidden recesses, those ‘stuck in the mud’ parts…bring them to the light and see if they are really worth holding onto. Practicing this exercise will being to show you infinite possibilities to grow and learn…even beyond your ken. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

As you engage in the process of becoming, it is vital to release your judgments of others. Every human on your Earth plane has chosen their path for a reason and they walk it the best way they know how. Allowing them the same freedom you afford yourself can be a very freeing experience for all involved. If you choose to remain tied to feelings of judgment, you may very well place yourself in a position to be judged. Embracing compassion and caring for those around you, regardless of their direction, is one of the most beautiful gifts you have to give. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

My dearest child…you are a child of light, a carrier of the Divine Spark guiding those who have just begun their journey with compassion and love. You are also human. (Smiling) Being in your humanness does not make you any less light and there is certainly no shame in it. If you choose to have a human moment (and every single one involves a choice), do not feel guilty, there is no room for that emotion! Be who you are! Love yourself as The Universe loves you and rest assured that being human is perfectly perfect! ~ Creator
Jennifer Farley

For those of you who did not receive the memo (Smiling): this current shift is all about cleansing. The old, old stuff coming up for clearing now may make you very emotional and it is extremely important to treat yourself gently. Allowing yourself the time and space to process properly and taking great care to be consciously aware that others may be doing the same.

Deep healing is occurring for humanity! Make allowances for this to happen; know there is always a light to guide you through the darkness and, at the end, the peace you deserve. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

July 24 at 11:51 AM

If someone using harsh words toward you, The Universe is asking that you step back, take a deep breath and think about what was just said. Did your energy play a part or is the person experiencing something you are unaware of? Most of the time, those who use hurtful words are expressing disappointment, anger, hurt or internal emotional distress. It has absolutely nothing to do with you! When you use this tool, you will begin to see what is really going on in the world around you. Do not take it personally, my child, just send Unconditional Love. That is what they need the most. ~ Creator

The Universe knows that you have been working very hard and your growth and learning. One of the things you are being asked to perfect is taking responsibility for your own thoughts and actions. Yes, there are times when you will be presented with a challenging situation and may respond the old way. But the goal is to put at end to projecting. The act of projection uses ‘you statements’.
You made me feel ____”,
“I did this because you ____”,
“This wouldn’t be happening if you ___”
If you have done it, own it! If you are having overwhelming feelings, feel them. If you feel another has hurt you, take a step back and see what part you have played in the scenario. My dearest child, it is time to start owning what you create. Once you have begun, the easier it will become! ~ Creator

Manifestation is one of the easiest and most challenging things for humans to understand. Sure, you can imagine yourself smack in the middle of the wonderful things you would like to/are creating but, bemoan the fact they have not come knocking on your door. Manifestations are created when positive action is accompanied by positive intention. If you do not know how to get there from where you are, ask! The Universe will show you the way. Get out there and move, intrepid soul! The world is waiting for you! ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

It is important to keep in mind during this polarized time in Earth’s history; great strides are being made to move your society back to its balanced center. Just as a pendulum swings from one extreme to another and back again, the movement will eventually slow and come to rest. Some will say inappropriate or hateful things to garner a reaction, to receive attention they feel they so desperately need. As you walk your path, do your best to remain peaceful and stay in your truth. As the arcs lose their wild motion, you will begin to see people change. It may be tempting to lose all hope and walk away from the chaos but, remember you are needed as part of that desirable balancing force. Stay centered, stay grounded and know that, in the end, all will be well. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

As you move through this current shift, many emotions (from the past and present) may surface. Some may be negative and others positive. It is important to remember…all are valid! The Universe knows it is not always easy being human. (Smiling) The choice to join your Earth planed was based on wanting to learn and grow, to change and reach beyond the ordinary. Once you have a conscious awareness of this, things will become a bit smoother, more peaceful and a whole lot easier. Just breathe, dear one, all will be well. ~ Creator
Jennifer Farley

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