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May 18, 2019

During this great shift (which, by the way, is still going on) many of the things you believed to be true will be challenged. What you have held close to your heart for much of your life will be modified, changed and morphed into completely different thoughts, feelings and actions. Please keep in mind; this is not a bad thing! (Smiling) As the soul grows and gains knowledge, it finds a new center of balance, begins to forge new realities and will always seek out and find a more compassionate space to exist. In that space there will be less room for judgement of yourself and others. Some will approach this part of the shift with reluctance and negativity; change is scary! Others will embrace it with open arm because…change! Whichever space you are in now, know that all is well in The Universe. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

Many of you have noticed that today’s energy brings a certain gravitas. This is a reminder that, as always, The Universe (and its continual shifting) has great things in store for humankind. (Smiling) Before the anxiety of not knowing kicks in, please keep this in mind; change may not always be easy but, it is needed for a greater understanding of how to heal your world.

As you make choices for your everyday life, remember that you are also working with a multitude of others toward a peace and tranquility your Earth has never known. Stay focused, calm and carry an awareness in your heart that, even though it may feel challenging in this moment, what you have always longed for is on the way. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

As you move through and release your ‘deep darks’, it may feel like a never-ending process…that the negative emotions, hurts, anger, resentment and fear will swallow you alive. Always remember, my dearest child; there is a guiding hand and light with you every step of the way. Letting go will be one of the most important things you do in your lifetime and, the further to move from where you started, the more manifesting you will be able to accomplish. Steady on! You can do it! ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

May 14, 10:00AM
As you are riding the waves remember to relax! Every moment you are presented with is temporary at best. Know that, even though it may be challenging right now, the next will be something completely different and lovely. Allowing yourself to ‘go with the flow’ does not mean blowing listlessly in the wind and being at the mercy of what goes on around you. It means changing and adapting to whatever comes your way and, yes, stepping out of the way if you feel it is not in your highest and best. Your free will is always active…all you have to do is put it to use! ~ Creator
May 13, 2019 at 10:19AM

Take a moment today and think, really think about how you choose to move through and present yourself to the world. This may seem like a pointless exercise that you want to skip over but, really think about it! Do you spend it kvetching and blaming others for your difficulties, do you have the feeling that everything bad happens to you or that you cannot ‘catch a break’ no matter how hard you try? If you spend your time thinking about all the times it has happened in the past, anticipate the worst coming at you and believe it will happen again and again no matter what you do to change it, then you are missing the point!

Even though you may have heard this before, it bears repeating; you are responsible for you! There may be outside force directing negative things toward you but, ultimately, you are responsible for you. You choose to continue there simply because it is where you have always been. The Universe would love to say that changing your thoughts does not require any effort. It may require a lot of effort! However, armed with a conscious awareness and the will to change, all things are possible. Give The Universe a chance to show you…and allow yourself to be amazed! ~ Creator

When you were small, there were certain things you needed to learn…walking, talking, interacting with others. These were not part of a conscious thought process, you just learned. There was no “I give up”, “I quit” or “I’m so over this” involved. You knew on a soul level these things needed to be done so, you accomplished them.

Take a moment to look at your existence now. Yes, there is effort, time and patience involve in acquiring knowledge but, you can become that child learning to walk and talk…making it something you just do! Allow yourself the time and space know that, with help from The Universe, you can accomplish anything! ~ Creator

Before you arrived on Earth, you made choices about what you would do with your time. Many of you decided on a ‘calling’, a purpose to help your soul grow. What you may not understand is that there will be many callings over the course of your existence. Surprised? (Smiling)

As your soul expands, your learning will shift accordingly. What worked for and made your soul sing when you were younger may no longer resonate. You came with the intent of gathering knowledge and participating in the wonderful school of emotion. Do not limit yourself to one specific thing! Have fun and enjoy the infinite possibilities and choices you are offered. It is what you came to do, is it not? ~ Creator

It is time to begin loving yourself. Yes, many of you say, “I love me” but, saying it and feeling it within are two different things. Look closely, my beautiful child, and ask yourself why you are unable to/afraid to love. Is it something you heard in your past or a situation that made you feel ‘less than’? You have made great leaps and bounds in that direction…now it is time to start embracing it! If it feels uncomfortable to you, start small; take time to appreciate the little thing that make you who you are. Forgive yourself for your ‘not so nice’ moments and know that, regardless of what has happened, you are making a new now. ~ Creator

Today you are being invited to really look at what is in your heart? Look closely, my dearest, at the parts and pieces you have hidden away…bring them into the light and examine them closely! Your heart will dictate the direction your life will move and how you view the world. If there is something you want to change, change it. If you would like to experience something different, then take the first steps toward it.
Releasing the ‘burdens’ of your heart will be extremely important in the next few weeks and months. Any change, however minuscule, will begin to reverberate out into your existence and begin a chain of loving events your Earth plane so desperately needs now. The Universe has faith in and knows you can do this. ~ Creator

My dearest one; during this momentous time in your Earth’s history, there will be people (some newly awakened) in your life that do not want help. They may ask, often repeatedly, and still not put any suggestions into practice. Dearest, take a moment to remember what you were experiencing when you first began your own process and do not take this personally! They have found and chosen their safe space and, although they consciously realize it may not be the best place, they will continue to exist there until they are ready to change within themselves. What can you do until then? Ask The Universe to send them as much Unconditional Love as possible! (Smiling) Remember, it is not your job to walk their path but, you can support and offer guidance along the way. It is all about free will. ~ Creator

With the giddy highs and lows, the sudden stops and jerky starts, the waves of energy continue to break over your Earth. It can be very challenging on your body and emotions but, there is a distinct purpose to this ‘madness’. (Smiling) Each and everyone of you is in preparation for the next steps needed in your journey…think of it as studying for a mid-term exam. Not as structured, of course, but you get the point. The benefits of such a shift will be noticeable to you as the energy integrates. Give yourself some time, a little patience and a lot of care and remember, this is what you were born to do! ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

How you move through your world is your choice. You can move quietly, observing what is around you, taking it all in and learning what you can. You can riot through your existence, making waves, waving banners, proclaiming love to everyone/thing, gathering knowledge as you careen from one moment to the next. Although each of these paints a different picture, each is valid and beloved because it is who you are! (Smiling) Whichever you choose, embrace and love yourself for it…The Universe does. ~ Creator

May 5, 2019 
The Universe is sure you have noticed the energy arriving on your Earth plane by now. If you have not experienced this before, this is your ‘primer’ to the next few weeks and months. Your physical Earth is on a truncated time table to maintain your environment, therefore, your spiritual awareness has been put into overdrive so you may understand the infinite picture of what is really happening. With each new leveling up, your mind, body and spirit are being fine-tuned to pick up on exactly what needs to be done in the highest and best to maintain your planet. Please pay attention to this! Each and every one of you has an important part in this new awareness…embrace it and know that, yes, you can change your world! ~ Creator
Jennifer Farley

Making peace with all parts of your life is imperative during this shifting/growing/learning/expanding time. You are being given the opportunity to change things (and change them very rapidly) in ways never presented before. Allowing this to happen in a way that works in your highest and best is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. If you want to slow it down a bit, ask. If you choose to integrate faster, wonderful. You, standing in your power, have the choices and control. What a wonderful gift, indeed! ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

What are you holding onto? What past thoughts, actions or emotions do you re-live again and again? Your brain has stored every single experience within its gentle, unassuming folds and you have access to that information 24/7. Now, dearest one, this is where free-will comes into play. (Smiling) You can choose to focus on the positive or negative…consciously aware that, when bringing up any particular ‘file’, you are also creating your reality now. Today, you are being invited to create a new story, a different script, a lighter and brighter future for yourself. You have done the work; you are worthy and deserving of it. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

My darling child; it is time to fully inhabit your body. The Universe knows that, sometimes, it is easier to be ‘out there’ rather than being 100% human. Yes, there are painful things from your past and situations in which you would rather not participate but, your world has gotten to a point where each of you with gifts is in great demand. You are needed to help change the trajectory of history and your full presence is necessary. Your opportunity is at hand, please do not let it pass you by. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

May 1st, 2019

It can be very easy taking the path of least resistance and going along with what others are doing/saying/thinking. But, is that really what you came to your Earth to do? (Smiling) Standing in your truth, speaking from your heart, being honest and practicing integrity can be challenging. It can be disheartening to look around and see people gaining when it feels as if you are standing still. It may be ‘slow going’ in this moment but, as the world shifts, the rewards of your way of being are coming. Continue walking your path with your head held high, knowing that when you arrive, you will be surrounded by those of like mind and heart. ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

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