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Heavenletter #5520 Published on: January 4, 2016
God said:

In all the world, there is you, and there is I.   To you, it is as if We hang in space, and yet you have well-heard that space does not exist. Nor do you quite catch on to timelessness when your life, as you know it, is fraught with time. There is no space in which you wish to accumulate and no time which you must hurry or pause hurry in or pace.   What you really want is Infinity. Well, you have it already although Infinity can’t exactly be had. You want to know Infinity. You want Incredible Infinity as if it were in the palm of your hand. Yet Infinity cannot be in the palm of your hand, nor is Infinity vague. It is very real. Infinity is the Real, yet, of course, My children have confused the concrete and taken the impermanent as real whereas Infinity is eternal and the only real.   It is not easy for you to understand the Boundlessness of Infinity.

There really isn’t a vocabulary for Infinity. How could there be? The words may not yet have been cognized, yet, of course, Infinity is Beyond Language. The Infinite is non-specific and is beyond either expanding or decreasing. Infinity knows nothing of bounds. Infinity doesn't consist of space nor Infinity recognize space, nor does Infinity consist of time nor recognize it. Infinity cannot be circumscribed. Infinity is not finite. Infinity is a pretty good word whatever language it may be said in. When you were born, you had a Sense of Infinity.   Infinity, We could say, is beyond love, yet I will not say that. Infinity includes Everything and yet it also includes Nothing, and yet Infinity exists, and Love exists in Infinity.   We can say that Infinity exists in your heart right now. You heart can be described as Infinite, yet neither Infinity nor your heart can be described. There is One Heart in the whole wide world. We share it, just as We share Infinity even as you may often be not quite aware.   Infinity is not far away. Infinity is right here. It is as close as close can be, yet, in Infinity, there is no near and there is no far. Infinity is not locatable. Even so, Infinity is your Home, yet Infinity houses nothing but itself. Nevertheless, Infinity is where you live. You bask in Infinity.

  You may think of Infinity as being greater than the Sun. Well, Infinity is less concrete than the Sun. Infinity is Greater than the Great, yet Infinity cannot be described as Great. Infinity has no dimensions. It is dimensionless. It cannot be broken up. It cannot be dissected. Infinity, which cannot be described, seems more like the common understanding of Inner Space yet Infinity is not space at all. You are Infinite. You live within mysterious indescribable Infinity.   But, no, there are no parts to Infinity. Infinity is. Infinity is bigger than Wholeness, yet size cannot be ascribed to Infinity.   If We were to attempt to describe Infinity, We could say that Infinity is rich. 

We could say it is Everything, yet We would also have to say that Infinity is Nothing. It certainly is nothing you can put your finger on, and, so, you can’t take your finger off it either, even as your finger does not exist in Infinity. Only in the relative world do digits exist.   You can’t go to Infinity, for you ARE Infinity even as you seem to be visiting Earth and know a lot of language and vocabulary. Perhaps Life on Earth is nothing more than a figure of speech.   The closest word to Infinity that I can think of is Ocean. Sure, Infinity is the Ocean you swim in, and yet you are far more than a mere swimmer in the Ocean of Infinity.

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