In the Field of Oneness
Heavenletter #5018 Published on:

August 21, 2014
God said:
Despite all the surface differences among My children, despite even all the interior differences between My children, there is an indefinable core that connects. It is called Oneness.

Every single person leads a life different from every other. All possibilities exist within each child of Mine at the same time that there is an irrefutable Oneness, a bond in common, a power of Oneness, a ringing of Oneness, a beauty of Oneness. In this Field of Oneness, all barriers break down. Well, they do not break down. They simply aren’t.

The connection is Oneness, and yet Oneness does not bind. Oneness is an irrefutable bond that does not tie but frees. Oneness is. Oneness is the Ultimate yet there is no finality to it. It is Oneness Entire on into Infinity. Infinitely One are We, am I. Oneness exists. Nothing else does. Now We are speaking of Truth. The One of Us is getting to the bottom of it, the top of it, the Oneness of Oneness.

Oneness is a Union of Choice, yet there is no choice to it. To drink water when you are thirsty is like falling off a log. It is inevitable, and it is irresistible.

In talking about Oneness, We speak of Vastness. Oneness is not a contraction but an expansion. Long live expansion. Long live Creation, the Creator, and the Created. In the same breath, three is One. Three are not variants. They are One Entirety. Oneness is not a symbol of Oneness. Oneness is One.

Symbols of Oneness may exist, yet Oneness Itself is not symbolic. A smile can be considered a symbol of Oneness. Laughter certainly can. Long live Laughter. Is not laughter whole? Laughter is One. Trinity is One. Words are like playing a piano. Words have their touch and texture as well as sound and sight and taste. Words can be delicious. Oneness is the delight of all. Happiness is Oneness. Even sorrow is a partnership of sorts. It is not true that he who weeps weeps alone. All the waves in an ocean are joined. A chorus sings as One. A chord is struck. All My children beckon the same.

Every Heavenletter strikes a chord. A chord is struck, and One Heart answers.

In Reality, there is no one who sits opposite you. You sit across from yourself. It is a mirage that you are other than I. We are married in Oneness, and never shall We part. Never shall We – I -- be twain. I AM but One, one irrevocable One. Oneness is built-in. It could be said that We are Partners, yet that is not altogether true. Can Oneness have partners? Is Oneness Oneness or not?

Thy Will IS My Will. On the surface, you may not know what your will is. In the depths reclines a different story. The Knower knows. The Knower knows what is called the Unknown. There is nothing unknown. In the depths, All is Known. Oneness is Known. Anything else is not. Anything not Oneness does not exist. There is no such thing as One-less-ness. There is One. One can count to One. More than One is less than One. One is One.

I may say in your language that you are brothers and sisters. In this, I speak your language. The idea of brother and sister is understandable to you. Oneness is ephemeral to you. To your human mind, how can there be Oneness in this world of disparity and despair? There can be, and there is. Oneness alone is. There is no concession when it comes to Oneness. I am the One Source. There is no other. For the sake of peace then, I will say there is the One of Us.

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  • I truly love this message.  I have never read a heaven letter that did not uplift me and give me truth and understanding.  Excellent blog and thank you for sharing.

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