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Greetings dear brothers and sisters,

I am Allyria of the High Council of Lyrians,

These paths that you have gone through to get where you are right now do not matter, what matters most here is the (re) discovery that you can have this intimate relationship with your Divine Essence.
You must thank yourself for this rediscovery, this recognition with yourself which is far from all that has been inculcated until now, and which represents the true teaching of this Great Master who came to tread the soil of your world, which is often represented with an open and flamboyant heart, representing the power of Love, of Light, all the knowledge thus revealing itself in the center of you.

The Heart Chakra is the central chakra of your being, nothing is random. You must reach the center of all things and understand that you are part of the “All”, that “All” is in you, that you are separated from nothing and especially not from your Brothers and Sisters children of the Source, as you are too, despite the fact that one never stops on this world to make you believe the opposite.
The Father-Mother “expects” only your return to her bosom, resulting from the recognition of yourself as a Creative Divine Being.

Yes, we are more and more present around you, near you. You hear about this, feel for some of our presence, and you are more likely to see us manifest in your skies.
You, children of the stars, know that the long-awaited moment is near.
You have prepared the Earth and its inhabitants for the next stage in evolution.
We are more than ever present to you.
For all the others we ask you to look at this by thanking without fear, in front of what must happen, because of some time, which we can not measure in terrestrial time, that depends on the choices of each individual and the evolution of human consciousness, we will be able to appear on your plan, that is to say, to come back to this Ascension of which we spoke to you, what you will live inside yourself will allow you to see, feel, listen to the Higher Frequencies, and we arrive for witness the “birth” of your Divine personalities, allowing you to join us in the Love of the Source.

Your Earth must now free itself from all the imprisonments it has known so far and so you are going dear Brothers and Sisters back within this Great Galactic Brotherhood that actually exists, that comes to you and that you are going to have the opportunity to meet.
This Great Brotherhood will therefore present itself to hold you the “hand”, to raise you more and more on the Higher Frequencies of your Divine Beings.

We are here and we love you.


My name is Ahkryll,

I’m part of the Council of Elders,

the old matrix and the new meet and blend slowly.
You have arrived at this crucial moment at the junction point between the two matrices.
This transition in this space-time is essential for your system.
This encounter between the two systems is crucial because it constitutes the advent of the new matrix (that of the new Earth in 5D).
This planet has been kept in the darkness for far too long.
So rejoice, The timeline has changed. Welcome to your new life and your new reality. You will live henceforth in love and abundance, peace and harmony.


My warmest greetings, dear friends, brothers and sisters,

I am Ash’Tar Ka’Ree, from Jupiter’s command.

Within this very great inter-galactic council, we are all here (Pleiadians, Arcturians, Lyrans, Sirians, Antarians, Andromedans, Blue Avians and all Highly Evolved Beings) to guide you, to accompany you in this process of evolution.
All our ships are ready to step in and provide you with the support you may need.
As Allyria pointed out, more and more of you will be able to observe our ships.
You can also ask us to show you to you. You just have to put yourself in the heart for this request. Through the heart, emerges what you really are. A being of light.
We intervene a lot these days to transmit messages of light … codes of light that you call LIGHT LANGUAGE.
These messages re-encode your DNA to prepare you for what is coming.

With all our love.
Ash’Tar Ka’Ree


Dear ones,
we are the Arcturians,

Every awakened person is automatically seeding the universal collective consciousness with truth. Every truth realized adds more truth and helps to dissolve that which is false. These changes are beginning to penetrate the consciousness of everyone, both those who are awake and those who are not, resulting in the intense outer expressions of fear, hatred, and resistance you are now witnessing.
If we can say like that, you are living the darkest era and, at once, the brightest .
The lower realms hold much darkness, theirs is the apocalyptic hell dimension of the “Bible” and many of your other prophesies. However it will have a limited life cycle with no new blood to recruit. We see timelines of continued ascension to higher realms, aided by sustained, committed clearing by Starseeds and Lightworkers on the material plane and on the astral. Assimilation of upgrades, breaking Atlantean modifications, uploading transdimensional skills into your DNA, is the directive of the next few moments.

We are with you.
The Arcturians

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