1-Their Own Way, 1A - They Eyes of Time, 1B -Creation & Manifestation, 2 - A Purpose, 3 - The Right Time,  3 - Walk With It, 4 - She the Old,  5 - Greater Growth, 6 - Embrace Yourself, 7  - Send Love, 8 - Diamond, 9- A Time of Change, 10 - Moments Like These, 11 - What Will You Have Left?, 12 - Essential, 13 - Hold Your Head High, 14 - Step into the Warmth, 15- Forgive Yourself,  16 - Do It For You, Creator, 17 - Let Us Begin, 18 - Loved Beyond Meassure,  19 -Divine Timing, 20 - If You Need Help, Ask!, 21 - Another Perspective, 22 -  The Artist, 23 - Fear or Faith?, 24 - The Universe Has Been Waiting

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 February 3, 2021 ALL WILL BE WELL


You now know your Earth plane existence can be as easy or as challenging as you choose.  You have heard this many times.  What you need to remember is that The Universe has unwavering faith in you and your ability to navigate the sometimes-tumultuous experiences that occur.  View yourself as I do, my love, and all will be well. ~ Creator







March 2, 2021


Your “growing time” may be perceived by your conscious mind as painful, irritating, and frustrating. It is a necessary part of being human. You are expanding your awareness of what you are going to be to yourself, each other, and the world around you. The end result will always be satisfying. ~ Creator

















March 1, 2021

Step Into Your New Reality


During this monumental time of change some hard and fast truths may come to you in a challenging way.  The Universe is no longer asking, but insisting, that you step out of your comfort zone and into your new reality.  Some things may fall by the wayside…that has always been a given.  Do your best to make it graceful and easy; disengage your ego-self and surrender to the flow knowing that you are protected regardless of what comes into your existence. ~ Creator









Their Own Way

February 28, 2021

 Sometimes, you have to stand by and watch another’s truth unfold. Your involvement in it might dilute, distort, influence, change or dis-create it for them. This does not

mean you love them any less, have no desire to help or do not want to share in the experience with them. It shows that you, in all your perfection, want the other to attain theirs in their own way. ~ Creator


They Eyes Of Time


February 27, 2021
A child will play with emotions to learn their significance. “I love you”, “I hate you”, “I am sad”, “I am angry” are often expressed with intensity

and passion in the moment to be replaced by another of equal strength. As you grow older, the tempo changes to a more even rhythm. Be like a child in your emotional expressions, but temper them with the eyes of time. ~ Creator




 Creation & Manifestation

February 26, 20231


It is time to release the need to bemoan what you do not have and celebrate what is in your life.  As you joyously embrace what you do have, you create feelings of thankfulness which, in turn, opens your whole being to receive.  What exists in your world is in direct relation to your thoughts of who you are and what you think of yourself.  Being grateful creates the energy needed to co-create and manifest!  The Universe is ready and waiting for you! ~ Creator



A Purpose

February 25, 2021


If you feel you are in the wrong place and time, remember this: The Universe places its brightest lights where they are needed most. It may not be what you expect but, there is a purpose to it. Open your heart and listen; you will hear the truth of it. ~ Creator





The Right Time

February 24, 2021


As the newest wave of energy begins to arrive, please remember to continue your forgiveness work.  It may be tempting to set it aside and come back to it later when things seem less energetically charged.  The Universe is gently reminding you that this is definitely the right time. (Smiling) Being as clear as possible will make your transition more graceful, easy and peaceful.  As always, The Universe is there to guide and support you every step of the way. ~ Creator







Walk with it

February 23, 2021

Occasionally The Universe will present a challenging emotion, situation or experience and ask you to ‘walk with it’ to gain a deeper, more visceral understanding.  Rather than fighting those moments, embrace them and know that when they have reached their conclusion, you will have an insight very few possess.  The best part of it all, my darling child, is you can make the process as long or as short as you choose. ~ Creator 

Shed the Old


Part of the reason you choose not to shed your old layers is because you know not what you will become. Just breathe, my love, and embrace this thought; you will become nothing less than what you are now and only a deep understanding of The Universe and its grace await you. ~ Creator


Greater Growth


Over the next few weeks and months, The Universe is requesting you take a second look at what you have accomplished as far as taking responsibility for your own healing and what still needs to be done.  A great deal of energetic activity will be arriving to your Earth plane and it will be particularly important to approach it with a clear plan on how to implement it.  Taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions is the first step to greater growth. ~ Creator 

Embrace Yourself

Februry 20, 2021

Embrace all parts of yourself; the spiritual, the intellectual and yes, the primal as well. Becoming

comfortable with your whole self is the next step in your personal evolution. ~ Creator

February 19, 2021
 Send Love
There will be times as you journey on your path that others may attempt to hurt your feelings, mock, judge you or make

you feel uncomfortable. Take a deep breath and see it for what it really is. Do not let another’s feelings of inadequacy get in the way of your growth. Send them love and be on your way. ~ Creator

February 18, 2021
Each of you is a diamond; a beautifully shining creation of love with so many facets to explore. Your brilliant existence is one of the great joys of The Universe! ~ Creator
February 17, 2021
The Universe has been waiting
You have been walking your path for some time now, dear one.
You know how The Universe feels/sounds when it is speaking to you.
You know you are being supported and guided on your journey.
You know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, you are loved completely and unconditionally.


You know anything you choose to co-create with The Universe is in your highest and best.
Step into your best life, move toward what you have been manifesting, embrace the joy of living.
Now is the time to release second-guessing yourself. The Universe has been waiting for you to begin! ~ Creator
February 16, 2021
Free Will
Dearest child…there have been a great many changes to your Earth plane over the past few months and you have handled them admirably!  But you may have also noticed there are some that have not dealt with them at all and that is okay. (Smiling) Even though you may want to, you cannot force, cajole or persuade them into seeing what you see.  You can ask that they receive unconditional love, guidance and the ability to change when they are ready.  That is the gift of free will. ~ Creator


February 15, 2021

A Time of Change

It has been said before and bears repeating…
So much on your Earth-plane is changing so quickly that you may feel it is difficult to keep up. What was

once comfortable, familiar and made you feel safe no longer exists. Why continue in your ‘old ways’, they will very soon be obsolete. This is the time of the new reality, this is your time, this is the time of change. ~ Creator


d90a1537-e36a-43c8-9dab-2e450729c416.jpeg?w=588&profile=RESIZE_584xFebruary 14, 2021

Moments like these...

Gather and take stock of your skills…both newly learned and old favorites.  Over the next few days and weeks, it will be extremely beneficial to release any negatives to which you have been clinging.  The incoming wave of energy may shake things up a bit.  Being as clear possible will facilitate a smooth transition.  Remember, there is nothing to fear…you were created for moments like these! ~ Creator







February 13, 2021

What Will You Have Left?

There is going to be a time, very soon, when you will have to start seeing yourself as others see you.  Take away the pretense, the societal programming and the false sense of security that ego often provides.  What will you have left?  A You, totally transparent, that is infinitely more interesting than anything you could have imagined or wanted for yourself. ~ Creator




February 12, 2021



 Your Earth plane moments are essential learning tools for your soul. If you block, skip over, ignore or refuse to deal with these moments, you are denying one of the reasons you chose to come. Pleasant or not, they are needed and celebrated by The Universe. ~ Creator





February 11, 2021

Hold Your Head High


For those of you experiencing the wild swinging of the emotional pendulum…just keep breathing, dear one. (Smiling) The Universe knows that linear time and challenges being presented to you now are tiring but, just like every other experience, you will come out the other side better than you were before.  Allow yourself to let go of what needs to be released and hold your head high knowing you are prepared for the next energetic wave coming your way. ~ Creator












February 10.2021

Step Into The Warmth


You can spend every day out in the cold, with your nose pressed up against the glass, longing for what is on the other side. The only way to know

if you truly want it is to leave your fear at the door, step into the warmth and experience a bit of it for yourself. ~ Creator





February 9, 2021

Forgive Yourself


The Universe never has and never will punish you for anything you have or have not done.  That is not the way it works, my love!  Please understand…The Universe has always loved you and no amount of self-punishment can undo that love.  Begin by forgiving yourself.  Once that wheel starts turning, it will free up your energy and the forgiveness you have been longing for will appear. ~ Creator



Do It For You, Creator 


February 8, 2021


Do It For You!

Who have you been?  Who are you now?  Who do you wish to be?  Now that you have been fully immersed in this great change, these are critical questions The Universe is requesting you examine.  Do not do it for The Universe or the people around you, do it for you!  An infinite number of choices and directions are being offered, it is now up to you to choose what is in your highest and best.  If you are in doubt, you can ask, and the answer will always be given with love! ~ Creator




February 7, 2021


Let Us Begin

Come take my hand, my love. I will show you the secrets of The Universe, how to navigate among the stars, show you who you really are. All you have to do is make that first move and take my hand. I love you! Let us begin. ~ Creator








Loved Beyond Measure

On February 6, 2021, through Jennifer Farley


Every time you feel lonely or disconnected, remember this; you are far from being singular and isolated. You are a part of a greater Whole….so infinite and all encompassing there are no human words to explain it. Every breath, every heartbeat is intimately known and loved beyond measure. ~ Creator







Divine Timing   

February 5, 2021



My dearest child…there may be times when you are disheartened with the speed in which The Universe is changing.  It may feel as if things are moving at a snail’s pace rather than the expected quantum leaping.  Please do not become discouraged.  You have personally experienced Divine Timing, let that be your guide. (Smiling) Change, however quickly or slowly it comes, is always a good thing and worth the wait. ~ Creator





February 4, 2021

If you need help, ask!

With the Earth plane changes coming hard and fast, it may be challenging to keep up.  When one adjustment is made, everything seems to change, and you may feel as if you are back at square one.  When these moments happen, remember you have all the tools necessary to navigate the shifts occurring now.  If you begin to feel overwhelmed…take a breath, a step back and find your center.  If you need help, ask!  The Universe has always had faith in you, now it is time to find it in yourself. ~ Creator


February 3, 2021

Another perspective

There may be times when you try to pull out or kill off the very things that are meant to heal you in a natural, graceful and easy way. Before you do this; step back and look at the challenging situation from another perspective…..see what it is teaching you. You may be very surprised. ~ Creator


February 2, 2021

The Artist

Your thoughts are the palette from which you draw colors to paint your existence on this Earth-plane. Soft, bold, dark, light, broad strokes or fine lines, they are a part of your experience. Embrace and love them all….they are who you were, who you are and who you will become. ~ Creator



February 1, 2021


Fear or Faith?

Fear and faith are unable to exist together.  The Universe wants you to know that it has not and never will punish you for the decisions and choices you have made.  That is a purely human concept.  If you spend your time living in fear there will be no room for faith…or love.  To fully embrace faith, you must release fear! ~ Creator

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  • I Love how Creator in His/Her simple and short messages gives us the best advice at the perfect moment...Today I went to AT&T because I could not get through my phone service...An update was going on whilst I slept and I had no choice but go and get their help...Well, there was a friend of mine there and I told him what happened and he fixed it for me, then I proceeded to tell him that my phone bill was too high...Well to make it short he proceeded to lower it and I am saving 40+ dollars...I know that this got done because I kept this thought of reducing my bill somehow and today without even thinking about it it got done for me...I am so grateful for it...I think I already pay too much for everything so this is a nice break...
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