by Adeana M. Slater, 
Contributing writer,.

The onion is beginning to peel now, layer by layer. You might say that as this “exposure” of the darkness happens, it will be revealed in short doses. This is for a reason. Even though the more you peel this onion away, more and more Truths are exposed and also brought to the Light!!

It is going to be slow and steady so that each phase of Truth has some time to heal until the next wave comes. This does not mean you will be fully healed when the next blow comes. Like a domino-effect the Truth will come as it is intended to. Humanity may not be ready for the next Truth and the next after that… but it is coming regardless of soul preparation for it to finally come into the Light.

Lightworkers are being called now to step into their own power to hold heart space and act as the Wayshowers they are in order to guide their fellow men/women into the light. We have come to teach about love and forgiveness most of all. But we are also here so that you can see the value in who you are as a soul and be able to rise above anything and everything placed in your path. Do you remember who you are? The value, power, and strength you hold deep within your heart to move beyond and scale any mountains or obstacles in your way?

We are also here to remind you that your heart’s called and cried for change. The old ways have NOT worked and have become more and more tainted with evil and unnecessary challenges as time has gone on. The hearts of man entered a downward spiral that took the literal Army of the Light to incarnate and remind you of the greatness that you are! Don’t give up on yourself and your brothers/sisters. You are ALL in this together! You can become stronger by building the bond you have together and coming together in Unity.

As these layers of “exposure” onion is unpeeled, know that it is meant to be this way! You cannot ever “start over” as a fresh new way of being if there is still creepy-crawlers lurking in the darkness, still hidden in plain sight but not in complete awareness. Humanity has functioned this way for eons of time. It is no longer going to be possible! Fortunately and unfortunately this is going to bring A LOT to the surface for Collective healing! We are in this together. So, please remember that you are not alone. ❤️

Just know that all is unfolding as the great plan that it is. You are ALL a magnificent part of it!

So Be It!

And so it is…

Love and blessings to ALL,


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