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I am Ashtar highest commander of the light! Call universe Mother

 Story how Ashtar and I met, he came from one universe and I came another universe. He was a boy about ten or 11 years old. He had crash of me, when I was a teenage. I have glowing reddish blonde hair.  I was creating stuff with crystal. He was amazed by my ability.  I never have attraction to ashtar. I have true mate zack , ET highest scientist. Beside ashtar silly crash on me, by when he was teenager.we join team of universe protector. He made me highest commander of multi universe, well I aside me the prosistion. My ability to help create life and make sure we have safety to all universe

 That how I met his closet brother, when we became adult. His brother became my best friend. Than all war happen. We went our separate ways. 

My mother hide me on earth. Due to deadly universe war outside our universe. She hide me in my grandchild mother earth with our 7 DNA. She was trying to protect me. I have too much reincarnation, I finally remember who I am. Now it too dangerous for me. I know too much.

I I am link back to my true mate and work as universe protector  Along with ashtar. I monitor of life and what I create life from beginning of our universe. 

Short story, is my true wisdom. I never lie to the children of light of my true self.

Love you all.

Universe mother Charlotte

Respect copyright, respect all life.

All et call me mother. I never lie who I am. I am truthful. You can ashtar. Who i am? He say i am brightest star cover mother earth. Big bright sun, I am one of creator ,whom help to create your universe. Their are many mother and father universe. There 5 et created our universe.


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Comment by UniverseMother3 on April 2, 2019 at 3:56am

Sorry type o. Posting blog on phone.

Comment by UniverseMother3 on April 2, 2019 at 3:52am

My true fact, 


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