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Now I have been on this site for around 3 years now, and I admit I have lost interest then come back a few times. Saying that I have found a pattern emerge, one of hope and salvation, a message that the Federation will come down and make everything better. And clearly if you look out of your window, that has not happened.

There are a number of reasons I find this all very disturbing. Firstly, how can people be duped so often. Every year this happens, yet all these promises never happen. I can only come up with two possible solutions for this. Either the new members (being a little naive) fuel these lies, or that this new 'prophet' appears and people get caught up in their new fancy fantasies. Possibly a combination of both. 

Secondly what I find amazing is what these entries say, especially the latest ones. How are the people of Earth supposed to evolve into a higher state of consciousness if they come down and do all th work for us? What have we learnt? Nothing.  If the Federation wasn't looking over our shoulder the entire time we would revert right back to where we are now.  And I am telling you this now, the Federation is a coalition of planets and systems who work together for the greater good, not a Big Brother programme. We have to learn the lessons ourselves. They can't interfere directly in this planets evolution, that is against the rules, the same reason the Greys don't come down and conquer us in a matter of hours. The difference is the Federation follows the rules and would enforce this rule if the Greys had to flaunt them. Coming down and arresting all the baddies and giving us free health care sounds a little ridiculous to me.

Now I am going to get a little mean. All Lightworkers come here for a reason, you have a mission. That mission may be specific, or maybe a little vague that gives wriggle room. But nonetheless, a reason. And no point were tricked into coming here, you CHOSE to. So please, stop complaining. You all seem to forget this, saying this life is too difficult and traumatic. It was a sacrifice coming here, and you will be rewarded for it.

And that brings me to another reason most of these high-read blog entries seem stupid to me. If you came here, to perform a mission, to better mankind, to evolve it, what the hell is the point of all that if they just come down and make things better themselves. Why would you come here if they were going to do that anyway, whats the point. The reason is all the work, all the heavy lifting is to be done by YOU. Sorry to say it, but they're not coming down to do all the work. We have to do the work ourselves. Thats why you have a mission. If their scenario was true, this would be something of a....work holiday? What a shitty holiday we are all having.

So please, really analyse these blog posts. I believe them to be either the ramblings of crazy people, or disinformation. Either way they do nothing but hold us all back. They make you believe that they will take care of all of the difficult stuff, and that in the meantime you can just sit on your ass and wait. Thats what the evil forces want, because who will stop them when the people with the power to stop them ARE SITTING ON THEIR ASSES STARING  AT THE SKY

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  • I am not griping @marianinia, I am pointing out things that are wrong. Maybe you are on this planet to simply live and be happy, but I am not. I have a mission. The ascension of this planet is being held back by people and their false promises and lies. You may say to yourself that none of this is my problem, but it is, I wasn't sent here to make friends.

  • Thank you for sharing Mathias. Good post and thoughts, I could not agree more with you and Ben that it is not going to accomplish much if we wait for someone else to come "fix" us.  We have to connect with the God within us all.  No one can do our soul work for us, no matter what the promises are. Time to go within to find peace and to create the loving place and love for our fellow humans we so want to have happen, and that all comes from our hearts and souls within, and not something that is going to be given to us on a platter from spaceships from above. 

  • WE ARE the change ......why wait, simply.....BE....HERE....NOW

    LOVE of life........LOVE of truth........LOVE you ALL...always  _/|\_

  • There is Actually a similar post to yours here:

    Where I posted:


    This is really important! Im glad you wrote about this. We have to BE FREE within ourselves. We should not WAIT for anything or anyone. Whatever happens or not happens, we have to understand that FREEDOM isnt an external Gift, its something you Feel when you are Completely in tune with Creation, All that is, GOD IS! I AM THAT I AM. 

    Ascension is an inner shift and recognition that We are and create what we focus on. Train your mind and surrender to your heart. Forgiveness is the way. There is no world "OUT THERE" to fix, it will fall into place when we Work on ourselves. The world is within us, the world is not seperated from us.
    http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/the-miracle-of-forgiv... )

    Whats beneath the surface? Whats beyond all these predictions and promises?  

    Me personally, do not focus on all these things, because whats truly important is LOVE, and LOVE
    is something that is not separated from our being. Peeling off all these layers of Beliefs, of fear and Let LOVE shine through. The plan for earth will unfold as Spring comes After winter, effortless. But if you have a "curious" mind, go ahead and read all the "rumours", but know that truth isnt out there in the world, its within you.

    Waiting for something to change on the outside, is like trying to change the Mirror reflection. We have to 
    LET go of Anger, of fear, of Judgements and TRUST our Heart. The "Planetary Guardians" of the Ashtar Command look upon us humans as Keys, as doorways for change. Everytime we connect with our hearts, in peace, giving space to BE LOVE IN TOTAL FREEDOM no matter what is going on out there, we change and invite higher frequencies. 

    Everything is possible and things can change very quick, but we cannot get "hooked" into the external information we are feeded with. We should create PEACE, LOVE, JOY within our own lives to the best of our ability and live as Heaven on earth is already here AND NOW. 

    Channelings is like reading the "newspaper" - but for "spiritual aware people", we cannot take it all to serious. We already know that we cannot Control LIFE and that LOVE is something we Open up to from within. It cannot be forced on anyone. We are the KEYS, the DOORWAYS for change, create PEACE within your being, know that the OUTER world cannot "remove" peace from you.
    Of course there is "value" in channelings, but your heart is your true channel. 

    Appreciation and Gratitude to everyone, because everything is interconnected and all are "playing"
    their roles as they should. Nothing is by Coincidence.


    This is just my point of view. We all have different view points or perspectives on WHAT IS.





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