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Human-Rights Focus Brilliant

I can’t tell you how grateful I feel to see the change of official memes from the “war on terror” to “human rights.”

There’s a spectrum of political memes. All those that pretend to be victimized and advocate a war against the victimizer cluster at one end.

All those that focus on freedom and personal responsibility cluster at the other. And the pendulum swings back and forth throughout history between the two poles.

If we now swing back towards the protection of human rights, nothing would make me happier.

Obviously its first and primary use is to take down the cabal, most of whose activities violate human rights.

But beyond that, its ultimate use is to restore a free society. Those words have been co-opted by a lot of people who don’t really seem to understand freedom. “Freedom” means “our side and anyone who allies with us.” And making war on another nation in the name of freedom  carries no hint of contradiction. None of that is freedom.

For me, a free society is one that allows all its citizens the right to make their own choices in all matters, as long as they don’t choose to harm another.  (1)

The President’s Executive Order (EO) is a good start and a good foundation. But now we need changes to arise out of it.

We need to repeal all legislation motivated by authors of the terror/national security meme. Human rights that were taken away need to be restored, as an early order of business.

The shift in values puts dictatorial regimes on notice. The official policy of the United States is now to freeze the assets of human-rights abusers in foreign countries and their confederates in America. Many folks’ bank accounts, Q has said, were immediately shut down.

“Human-rights abusers” seem to form a vast web, one supporting the other. Their financial records leave a trail of incrimination, as Anthony Wiener’s laptop illustrates.

When some leading figures are broke, chances are they’ll turn to others to seek funds and that then brings the other party into the EO’s net.

The advisers of the President are following the money trail and bankrupting the deep state. That may drain the swamp the quickest possible way.

Matthew Ward and SaLuSa talked about confiscation of funds years ago – Matthew related that Illuminati funds were being intercepted and redirected and SaLuSa said that the galactics know where all the treasure is buried and can retrieve it in a heartbeat.

The President’s EO starts by naming human-rights abusers abroad, probably knowing full well they can be linked to American citizens.

I think that appearing to focus on citizens of other countries will serve to keep the operation from becoming too widely known, frightening the population.

For once, both the white hats and the cabal probably seem to want the same thing: To talk as little as possible in the mainstream media about a sweep from power being underway.

But the executive branch is not above leaking what’s happening to lightworkers. Some people need to know. Why us? Because we may be playing a significant role later on reassuring the rest of the population that what just happened was a good thing.

The President’s EO gives comfort to populations around the world who want to throw off the shackles of dictatorship. I think the value to the world of such a precedent cannot be overstated.

I imagine the plan was well-worked out and required probably years of preparation. I don’t believe it came from President Trump. There are so many pieces to it and it’s evidently coming off like clockwork. The total take down of a global regime without the public so much as suspecting it would require a lot of planning by a lot of people, long before Trump became President.

I like the EO for another reason. Focusing on human rights is something people can easily grasp. It’s something that warms most people’s hearts because it says that the government is doing what it’s supposed to do – protect the population from harm and abuse, rather than harming them with false flags and taking away their rights.

State protection stands to become real and present again, rather than police brutality, CIA assassinations, and armed takeovers we’ve become used to. And resigned to.

Human-rights abuse is the one thing all members of the “New World Order” are implicated in. Whether it’s pedophilia or assassination or treason  – all are conspiring to corrode, impact, or destroy the human rights of others.

Most people are unaware that their human rights have been under attack by the deep state on every front – medical, financial, political, religious, entertainment, taxation, etc.

It’ll be our job later on to explain to the newly-awakened, in a compassionate way, exactly what’s happening on Planet Earth – and exactly what just happened.

We may all  navigate the minefield of wondering how much to say (Angels? Galactics? Chinese elders?)  Therefore putting matters on a footing that everyone can understand – human rights – will prove later on to be a great blessing.


(1) There are other exceptions as well. A young child may not possess the wherewithal to decide certain matters for itself. Emergency teams and armed forces cannot operate on allowing their personnel choice in each situation. Etc.

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