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GREAT NEWS - Archangel Michael, Raphael, and The Council of Angels via Goldenlight ~ Planet Earth is on the Brink of Great Evolutionary and Transformational Change

From Steve Beckow of GOLDEN AGE OF GAIA

March 4, 2019

Greetings, we are The Council of Angels, including Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Gabriel, and Archangel Zadkiel. Your planet is poised to fly off the cliff, so to speak, away from destruction and towards the creation of great heights of evolutionary and transformational change. The high frequency energy embracing your planet now is creating a cascade of transformation from dark to light energy.

This high frequency energy is enhancing your planet’s leaps in consciousness, in harnessing the power of creation rather than destruction… these two forces of creation and destruction are the two overarching energies of All That Is, in all the Multiverse. Everything that exists, and All That Is, is an emanation of Source Creator, including your planet and all the beings upon it. Your planet is now poised to complete a great transformation that will tip the scales from dark to light…all of the dark must vanish now, as darkness cannot exist within this high frequency energy or higher dimensional light; this high frequency energy is raising the consciousness of every living being on your planet.

Those of the darkness will either align and “alight” their beings to match the frequency of this energy, or they will simply leave the planet in one way or another. This has been foretold by us in many of the previous messages by this dear channel Goldenlight… we have also foretold of this Great Awakening which is occurring in your now time of March 2019…we of The Council of Angels are completely outside of time, which is a man-made creation of the third dimension…as you and all the beings on your planet continue to ascend towards the higher dimensions, time will take on less importance and meaning, as moving towards the higher dimensions is also moving away from this artificial construct of “time”.

Many of you will soon begin to realize that everything is a Now Moment; in fact there is actually no past or future …all that actually really exists is this Now Moment in “time”. As you can begin to understand this concept, it will propel you out of the lower dimensional energies of fear, worry, anger, hatred, destruction, etc., towards the higher dimensional energies of creation, love, joy, and harmony… peace, prosperity, unity, and well-being. For all your planet is now moving towards encompassing these higher dimensional concepts, and all of the darkness is now coming towards the light, to be released and transmuted.

We are all eagerly watching, observing, and sending our divine love and light towards all of you on planet Earth. Your planet is in the throes of such monumental changes that this time in your “history” will always be a cherished one.

The lower dimensional energies of service to self, fear, greed and hatred and war, are now all being transmuted. Your world leaders who serve the dark are now beginning to be toppled, one by one. The dark energies of greed, power over others, and fear used to control the masses can no longer rule your planet… they simply will not survive the influx of higher dimensional energies in and around your planet now.

In fact your entire planet is now bathed in higher dimensional divine light… we are sending you a telepathic image now of your planet totally encased and bathed in divine light… all must now begin to resonate in harmony with this beautiful higher dimensional energy and divine light. The transformation of your planet will benevolently affect the rest of the universe, as all of the other higher dimensional societies in all universes and multiverses… we wait and watch in earnest as your planet tips the scales towards light. We are All One Being, we are all a part of the Whole…This is a group endeavor on your planet… there are now many many more beings of light on Earth than beings of dark… the beings of dark are rapidly losing their power one by one, quickly, in succession.

The higher dimensional qualities of unity, peace, prosperity, well-being and abundance for all will soon be the guiding energies of your planet rather than the energies of the dark. So many are working behind the scenes now, so many who are turned towards the light who are emanating this divine light to turn around the fate of your planet. We of the Council of Angels are watching in joy as this occurs.

Everyone who is living on planet Earth now is a part and a piece of this puzzle of light… all who read this message are part of this process. You are all working now in tandem to increase the light quotient of your planet exponentially, so that it reaches into 80%, 90%, and eventually 100% light and high frequency thought forms. All That Is, including your planet and all planets, all universes and all multiverses, are simply an out-breath of Source Creator, a dream of the dreamer… and you are all a part of this dream, a part of this creation, a part of this hologram.

Darkness simply exists as an opposite to light, and darkness in Source Creator’s out-breath is a temporary creation to create contrast and show what the light is compared to the dark. Without one, you would not know the other. So the dark upon your planet was to show you what things are like when there is more dark than light… and you are all now transforming the planet into one of 100% light, so that you can totally embrace and experience the light now.

As your planet completes this transformation, you can fully participate in this metamorphosis from dark to light by placing your focus upon envisioning your planet as a harmonious cohesive whole, wherein each person’s intention, including your own, is to be a benovolent, loving, caring, and empathic part of the whole, guiding and transforming your planet One Soul at a Time. Each act of kindness, each hand lent in support of others, each caring thought contributed to the whole, assists this benevolent change. Your thought focus matters, and is a part of this transition. Your meditations and visions of a harmonious planet working for the betterment of all upon and within it, as well as radiating these intentions out into the universe and multi-verse, assist tremendously with this process…so much more than you know.

Each of you are mini creators, each of you have been endowed with the gifts of the Great Creator and Source of All… never underestimate the power of your thoughts and consciousness… remember always that you came here to help with the planet during this time from dark to light. Raise your thoughts up in harmony, cohesion, and love to witness as this tidal wave of transformation completely and rapidly changes the entire vibrational structure of your beautiful planet.

Rejoice as your awareness and consciousness is tuned into this beautiful energy…know that your consciousness contributes to the benevolent unity of All that Is. Know that the dark overlords and days of slavery are all but gone, as this darkness and dross is removed rapidly now from your planet, and as the higher frequency energy continues to raise your vibration and consciousness to a level that serves the simultaneous “future” of your planet (which already exists simultaneously in the Great Now), as well as the highest good of All That Is.

You are part of an epic transformation in one of the greatest changes your planet will ever experience. These days will go down in the true history books, shown in the Akashic Records, as days of monumental and epic transformation and transmutation. All benevolent higher dimensional beings are watching with great joy as the light overcomes one after another of the soon to be vanished spots of darkness and destruction on your planet.

Soon the powers of light in the alliance on your planet will benevolently and openly lead the way towards the rapid conclusion of this complete and total transformation. Those of higher awareness, such as you reading this, will be a part of this… you are a part of this. Envision your world as you wish it to be… use your thoughts to manifest this benevolent and higher dimensional creation.

Never doubt that you are part of Source Creator, and that you are endowed with the great powers of All That Is… you have the power to assist in this conclusion of the rapid transformation from dark to light…you are the Light… you are the Change… you are the Creation…you are the Manifestation.

Believe in yourself, believe in your planet, and send loving thoughts of support to those who are working in tandem with your group consciousness, with those who are working so diligently behind the scenes to bring about these epic benevolent changes and transformation of All That Is on the Earth sphere, from dark to light.

Sending out unconditional love to All on this most auspicious moment,

We are,
The Council of Angels,
Archangel Michael
Archangel Raphael
Archangel Chamuel
Archangel Gabriel
and Archangel Zadkiel

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Comment by Joanna on March 8, 2019 at 3:42am

'Love always finds a Way'  ~~~~~~~~~~ :) 

Love&Blessings to you too Amparo  xo

Comment by amparo alvarez on March 8, 2019 at 3:32am

Thank you Joanna for your input...Did you know that it took me 4 times to be able to bring this message? It was rejected until I changed the title...but when it accepted it, I edited the title adding all the angels....Blessings and thank you for your presence of Love and Light ....

Comment by Joanna on March 8, 2019 at 3:26am

The transformations are rolling at a rapid pace through this 'bridging year' of 2019....there's plenty happening now in the 3D layers too; when we look for the loving, caring and heart-warming actions and activities, the higher vibrations can be seen flowing in and through many people....and of course through the animals, plants, crystals and Earth itself.... :) xxx

Comment by amparo alvarez on March 8, 2019 at 3:09am

First I put i the title "GREAT NEWS" only and when it accepted it I went back and added the real title...Someone is not happy about this TRUTH...

Comment by amparo alvarez on March 8, 2019 at 3:04am

I tried bringing this message with this title to no it is:



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