Greetings dear ones! I AM Goddess Isis , and I have been waiting for quite some time and for the right moment to come and address you and to speak to you about the progress and the great accomplishment in balancing your Feminine and Masculine aspects, about the anchoring and re-anchoring of the Divine energies of the Mother and the Father, first within your selves and then into your lives and realities, and into Gaia. 

Both of them have been grossly distorted and misrepresented on this planet and I, Goddess Isis am here today to announce and declare that Now it is the time to end and completely wipe out all of the slavery, the horror and the mistreatment of any of the human beings, male or female and that will start of course with the children, by keeping them in the pure light and love . 

I have been known for my profound love and despair when my Beloved one was removed from my side, and of course the story and the legends are limited and written by and for the human mind to be able to comprehend, when the truth is that I have always embodied the Mother’s Love, Her nurturing and creative energy, while at the same time I was fiercely protecting and nourishing the Divine Masculine part in myself, the will and the strength and the power of the Father.

I am here to invite you to do the same, and of course that you had to work and remove a lot of the memories, hurt and pain that you, yourself and the whole humanity was enduring for way too long, in this battle of the genders and you have been embodying in the male and female physical vessels many, many times that you would be able to feel and understand, to experience and see how you are being controlled and manipulated by the ones that  did not wanted you to know how powerful you would become as a united front and family. 

Now, not only that you have released and transmuted and eliminated these old energies, for your self, your families and for the whole collective, but you have been able to incorporate and bring into your vessel most of your masculine and feminine counterpart, and you are becoming the wholeness and the perfection of who you are, walking and bringing into form the beauty and the unity and the Magnificence of the Mother and the Father/ One.

It is at this time that I am inviting you to come and sit with me that I can remind you to blend and balance the two of Them, to show you how powerful and strong you are now, and since your power is the power of Love, you will create miracles untold. And this is just the beginning!

Most of you here, are part of My legions and it is the time to start and for some of you to continue our work in the seen and the unseen to remove the slavery and the stigma of the Feminine and of the females Souls, in all of the places on Earth that in a very obvious and horrific ways or in more subtle ways it is considered the norm that girls, mothers and women are treated and considered less than and kept in the disrespectful, dishonoring and limiting conditions. I have zero tolerance for those who abuse and mistreat others, and yes, using the Light and the Love arsenal, we will stop them, we will expose the Truth, and bring the pink energy and Love and my flagrant Rose to all .

I thank you for your service, My warriors of Love !

I am with you, always!


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