Greetings ! I AM Goddess Isis, coming back to thee to call on you and my warriors of the Light , for there is that time my dear ones, the time to firmly and definitely anchor the Divine feminine , on this beautiful planet Earth , and there is much to be done .

The truth about the atrocities committed  against the feminine side of the humanity, and I speak about that side of the human being, the nurturing, receiving, gentle and creative in the female and as well as in the male individual , are slowly but clearly being revealed and it is very hard for any decent person to ignore them any longer. You are finding more news and details regarding the abuse, the rape and the crimes against of the so perceived weak ones, children and women, for the light is shining and the truth is being uncovered. Most  of you here, have this mission to work on balancing and restoring the splendor of the Divine feminine and so you have chosen lifetimes and lessons that will give you the insight and the drive to do so. There is indeed a need to heal first all of  your hurtful lifetimes and memories and it matters not if you have chosen to be a woman or a man, for in each scenario you have experienced the pain of being unbalanced and less than whole. You have forgotten how it feels to be in harmony at all levels and you can use the examples in nature, and the plant and animal kingdoms are abundantly revealing to you and show you the way, for they were and are always in the in harmony, or else there would have not been able to survive as a species, only the human beings were allowed to stray from this balance for so long .  

 Many here are very much engaged with Me and other expressions of the Divine Mother into this type of work, in balancing and  healing the Divine Feminine and Masculine for both need to be restored and completely renewed and it starts with the healing of all that has been  hurt  throughout the years and lifetimes on Earth, with compassion and Love and releasing all the judgements . And at the same time we are going to work on restoring and ending the gender inequalities and the power over any human being, the domineering, the slavery and the rape of any human being . 

You have been taken a certain aspect of this major issue to remove, to clear and to eliminate, as you know first into your own false grids system and then once removed it will be affecting the rest of the collective, and you have done most of this inner work and that is the fundamental piece that was needed, for now the structure for this old paradigm was completely removed. Congratulations !

We thank you for your work had a huge ripple effect and is being felt across the whole globe, universe and multiverse . And now, it is the time for further action,  and you will know where you should concentrate your efforts for you will feel it in your hearts, you will know what enrages you the most, what would you like to dissipate and have it disappear in an instant, then this is the issue that you will have all the support in healing and restoring. Do not be dismayed and discouraged, do not let that feeling of futility and powerlessness rise up and stop you. Call on Me and I will show you the way that you can actively work on ending all these atrocities once in for all.  You are more powerful than you think you are, and every step taken in the right direction, makes a huge difference and that doesn’t have to take a long time, for the healing of the human collective and the expansion of the human consciousness is progressing rapidly and it would not be stopped.  The Light is on and yes, there is much to be done, but we are powerful and together we can bring the Mother’s plan to fruition, faster than you think !

I am here with with, more present than ever, do not hesitate to call on me !

I thank you for your service !




“ Greetings ! I AM Goddess Isis , that warrior expression of the Divine Mother , here with thee today and always as promised , to bring love and strength and to extend my urgent call for action and active participation in healing and restoration of the human Being to the original design , to release and remove the old ,  profound inequalities and imbalances of the feminine and the masculine created thousands and thousands years ago, in the attempt to hurt,  to create discord , pain and suffering and to completely enslave the human being . 

You are all Magnificent multidimensional beings , powerful and capable to Be and travel anywhere you want and where you focus your attention . Know that most of you are working with Me , for we have this bond and agreement to do what is needed at this time, and much is being done during the night time and some of you will remember that we travel together, even if it isn’t necessary to recall the entirety of the trip and work that is being done , just rejoice that we are clearing and purifying some of the deepest and darkest places .

I am here today , to suggest and ask thee to set the Intention and connect with Me , in your prayers and meditation , in your sacred circle gathering , that we  can remove the false grid of power over others , of the abuse and slavery , of genocide.

The ways of inflicting pain and suffering on the most vulnerable ones , children and women , but men as well, needs to end and be eliminated , and that will be done very soon , as soonest as today !

Yes , there is much to be addressed out in the world , but the main work is being done and begins in the unseen, energetically , combining our love and light , day and night,  and removing any possible false grid and constructs and support of the old , of the disease in the physical body ,in the mind , the soul . 

 Yes, we  need to release the apathy and the indifference , for when one is hurting across the globe it is affecting and paining you as well . and you can start with small steps , being to sign a petition against the abuse and mutilation of women in Africa , or joining together and sending light and prayers to the ones that are caught in the war and mayhem , or more actively bringing awareness and fight the cause of your choice .

I thank you for your active and constant participation and diligence , I thank you for your service !

I am with you !




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