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Earth’s Golden Age
Life beyond 2012

This book describes some of the civilizations that are helping Earth and us to ascend and forthcoming dynamic changes in our world.

When Earth left third density in December 2012, she took the first step into a new era, her Golden Age. She will continue ascending through fourth density on the way to her destination in fifth.

Why is the planet ascending? What does “density” mean? Will there be geographic cataclysms as prophesied? What kinds of changes will there be? How can we prepare for them? Who will physically go along with Earth? What will become of those who don’t? What about animals? Are ETs involved? How can we explain this to children?

God wants us to know what to anticipate during this unprecedented time in the universe and become familiar with some of the civilizations who are helping us. It is appropriate that He have the last words in this book:


     Now that you have become acquainted with some of my other children— your brothers and sisters—wouldn’t you say that we’re a pretty inspirational family?

     You know more about yourself, too. You know that you are an inviolate, independent, eternal soul as well as an inseparable part of me and of all other life in our universe.

     It’s an ideal arrangement that keeps getting better and better—you’ll see this for yourself in Earth’s Golden Age. What a grand adventure we’ll have!

     Like my child Gaia, I am overflowing with joy and excitement that she is going home and you’re going with her.

     Well done, my beloveds!

     My infinite, unconditional love for you is expressed by you and through you.

     We are ONE.

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