God Is Always Right Here
Heavenletter #5014 Published on: August 17, 2014
God said:
Someone asked recently what it means when he tries to hear from Me, and hears nothing, nothing at all, a blank, and he is heart-sore.

Now, talking directly to this heart, what it means is you tried to hear Me but did not hear Me, did not consciously hear Me. That’s all you know, yet you read things into it.

You wondered if it meant that you were less than worthy? Have a thick skull? Are somehow out of the pale? Have failed a test and no longer allowed into the Kingdom?

You must know it is none of these. It is not possibly any of these.

It’s possible that you were trying too hard. It’s possible many things. All you do know is that you wanted to hear Me close to you. You listened and listened, and nothing came to you. You may have taken pen and paper, and you did not come out ahead.

Let’s look at it this way: Hasn’t it always been that when you did not get your way and the results you wanted, you were sure it was some kind of failure on your part? Haven’t you thought for as long as you can remember that not getting what you wanted the way you wanted was failure in your eyes and everyone else’s? When have you not thought that you were down on the count!

Come now, no longer think that, when something in life doesn’t work out the way you want, that you have been eliminated from future casting. Do you really believe that you have been dismissed, that you had your chance, missed your chance, and now simply aren’t good enough? You have always feared that you were not quite good enough.

There is nothing you have to learn to hear Me in whatever mode you like. It may well be necessary for you to unlearn, however.

You might not succeed in receiving a two-way communication with Me because you know too much, that is, you think you know too much of what I ought to say. In other words, you may have too much judgment. You may think I have to speak only auspicious words, great words, phenomenal words that will shake the rafters of the roof.

I am much more quiet-spoken than that. I use one-syllable words. I use the same words you do. You want to hear Me as a miracle bounding out from the canopy of the Heavens. I may just listen to what you say. I may let you hear what you say. I may nod My head to you. Whatever I do, I do not give you a hard time. I certainly do not turn a cold shoulder. Enjoy Me. I am not always so serious and weighty as you think.

Everyone has the right and privilege to commune with Me. Everyone has the personal invitation to come speak with Me and to hear Me, to hear My intent, and to feel My love. My love for you defies description, and, yet, I give it. I hear your calls to Me. I hear and embrace your words and your heart that beats for Me.

If you do not hear the Words of My Heart, if you do not feel Me close to you, the first thing to do is to let go of expectations, expectations not desire. I am meaning to say to let go of presentiments or predictions. I do not follow your script or anyone’s script. You and I are a combination. Of course, you can hear Me and hear from Me. I am whispering in your ear all the time. You do not have to study up on Me or follow a certain protocol.

In one sense, you cannot ask too much of Me. You may well ask too much of yourself at the same time, it seems to you that you are lagging. How many times have I said: “I am here.” Ten? Twenty? A hundred? More?

Beloveds, I am here for you. There is no one that I am not here for. Listen, I speak. Jot down whatever thought pops into your head and take it from there, for I am here. I am here. I am here.

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  • I'm not religious in the slightest. I wouldn't say I believe or worship in anything. It's more like I support logic and its practical usages. As for my spiritual path, I think I've probably completed it, or I haven't even stepped into it at all. 

    On second thought, you don't have to summarize the key points to me, they probably wouldn't click together in my brain.

  • I'm not sure what to make of this. Can you summarize the key points for me?

  • Beautiful..Thank you!

    Happy Sunday8115154884?profile=original

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