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Dear Amparo,

Thousands upon thousands of people from all over the planet clambered onto our phone lines last night where Matt Kahn delivered something truly exquisite and extraordinary. We are in awe of all the loving messages being posted all over social media and being sent into our inbox. Wow.

With this said, we are humbly aware that the huge attendance for last night’s event (it was way bigger than we anticipated) caused a few technical and audio issues. We know some of you had challenges getting on the broadcast at the beginning, while others did not hear the clearest version of Matt’s transmission all the way through.

We want to express our deepest, most heartfelt apologies if you were one of those people who did not experience a perfect session with Matt. And we want you to know that our rock-star amazing tech guru (Justin) stayed up late into the night re-working the audio file so that it is the clearest possible version of Matt’s transmission. Pretty amazing, huh? Without further ado, here is the link to this amazing teaching:

>> Listen To ‘From Clarity To Embodiment - The Next 10 Years of Human Evolution’

We highly recommend you take some time today to engage with this mind-blowing transmission Matt has intuited for all of us. It will change the way you see the past, and give you a markedly new perspective about the future. Click here to play it now.

And for those of you who attended the live call, you know Matt is about to start Angel Academy 10 - Creating a New Consciousness. For 9 straight weeks Matt will transmit the most loving, supportive energy as he guides us into an invocation of the next ten years of human evolution. We invite you to learn more about the 10th iteration of this legendary program:

>> Click To Review Angel Academy 10 - Creating a New Consciousness

The Angel Academy experiences are perhaps the most transformative and heart-opening offerings Matt does each year, and we invite you to consider joining AA10 as a major amplifier to your healing journey!

Lastly, while Matt’s ‘Love Revolution’ movement continues to grow by leaps and bounds each day we want you to know that our entire team is driven by the quality of excellence. The technical hiccups we experienced last night were great reminders for us to stay present, grounded and to make sure that your experiences with Matt are as pristine and beautiful as the transmissions he presents.

We share this with you because a great many of you are joining AA10 with the assumption that all technical and audio components will be perfect…and we can assure you, we are ON it!!

With Great Love & Humility,

Todd and the All For Love Team

PS - You’ll notice Angel Academy 10 starts next Tuesday (9.24), and runs for the ensuing 9 weeks. If you are unable to make any of the live calls, we provide the recordings shortly after every session - you’ll be able to download or stream them!

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