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■The universe is infinite, conscious intelligence that can be seen organized as dimensional matrices of the harmonic octave – the musical and visual spectrum of our natural universe.

■There are 7 fundamental tones of the sound octave, 7 primary colors of the rainbow, 7 basic geometric platonic solids, 7 main chakras of the human body, and 7 emotional sins and passions.

■There are also 12 tones of the chromatic scale, 12 primary, secondary and tertiary colors in the main color wheel, 12 the main fractal of the primal tetrahedral shape of living organisms, 12 Mother Goddess/Gnostic Sophia-Gaia wombs and feeling essences, 12 houses in the astrology zodiac, and 12 of the 2012 new world prophecies. 12 plus one is 13 a fibonacci sacred geometry number, the Goddess wombs joined in the pleroma/quantum vacuum and the spiralling fractal to infinity.

■Every bit or fractal has information of the entire whole, as seen in the holographic universe theory or Indra's Net. The quantum vacuum is a holographic recording in-formation system, and no part of a hologram can be destroyed.

■All individual and universal soul information is encoded in the cells of our body and in the air we breathe. The layers of the finite body matrix interface with the infinite cosmic matrix to create a whole system of embedded programs. We are individual holograms living in a much bigger one, such as characters in a video game or film (like Matrix or Star Trek’s holodeck), where there are mazes to navigate, battles to encounter and next levels to reach.

■Spheres of consciousness divide into fractal vortices and create self-similarly in the harmonic resonance of sacred geometry aka: phi, golden ratio, fibonacci series, golden mean or divine proportion. The 1.618 phi spiral is found everywhere: the atomic nucleus, solar orbits, DNA, nautilus shell, pine cones, arrangement of plant branches, nerves and veins, human limbs, musical intervals and tones, Mona Lisa painting and ancient art, Parthenon, Notre Dame and cathedrals, Great Pyramid of Egypt, stellar body frequencies, Apple iPod, etc.

■The pulsating vibrational vortex is the basic pattern of matter in the universe, from electron orbits, tornadoes and hurricanes, sacred sites, crop circles, fruit structures, cellular centers, torus heart, plasma torsion fields, stargates, Einstein-Rosen bridges, Holy Grail to the Goddess kundalini.

■Infinite phi spiral waves implode and explode in and out of singularity and multiplicity, such as the Cosmic Egg and Big Bang theories. Black and white holes invert and reflect into each other through tones and light. Gravity and levity push and pull galactic vortexing forces – with gravity pushing down and creating Earth and physical matter. These are the interrelated dynamics of the implicate order as the underlying, enfolded reality beyond perceived space-time notions, and the explicate order as the manifesting, unfolded order of the implicate.

■The phi harmonic vortex field is composed of plasma, the fourth state of matter as hot, filamentary ionized gas, which emits light and electrically charges the entire universe. It accounts for the dominant forces that conventional physicists call mysterious dark matter, dark energy or background radiation that fills the vacuum of space. Plasma forms includes: the sun, fire, lightning, plasma lamps, neon lighting, television screens, etc.

 ■The harmonic light spiral vortex is the dynamic of creation as seen across all cultures – the spiraling dance of the cosmic spheres, yin and yang, prakriti and purusha, Shakti and Shiva, Heaven and Earth, the world tree structure, appearance of God in a whirlwind, embryonic shape of languages of the ancient spiritual world, including original Hebrew letter sequence, as well as Egyptian, Sumerian, Latin and Chinese.

■In esoteric terms, the spiraling merkaba or tetrahedron-shaped vehicle of sound-light and feeling-thought is responsible for time travel, teleportation, invisible shielding and levitation. Things vanish and return in large vortex fields, as evidenced in famous spots such as the Bermuda Triangle and Stonehenge.

■The vortex field reveals the effects of anti-gravity and transcendence into another dimension, and gives rise to all forms throughout the cosmos and is the metaphor of the spiritual ascension process.



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    Figure 1: Travelling Wave
    Single Sine-wave trace showing the Three Phases in one Cycle
    Positive-Peak, Negative-Dip and the Transliminal (Neutral)

    As we can see, a wave is really the same cycling motion of energy as what goes on within a torus vortex, (see below) but in our three-dimensional reality it can be ‘drawn out’ as if the cycle is moving or rolling along between two points in space – as between location ‘A’ and location ‘B.’ As many of us will know, ‘travelling waves’ cycle or oscillate along an imaginary null-line or timeline.
    The travelling wave shown above as a single frequency wave, takes the form of a sine wave. The frequency of the wave is determined by how many cycles or oscillations there are in a second. The amplitude of the wave is its maximum displacement on either side of the null-line – the null-line being the 'midpoint' or equilibrium point of the travelling wave and where the poitive and negative phases are in balance or cancelled out altogether.
    The null-line is zero, having zero amplitude, and because of this we could say that it is ‘non-existent’ as a tangible line or ray of energy. But something must be holding the peaking and dipping wave of energy together as the wave travels along in space and time? And the answer as to why this line would be ‘non-existent’ to us is because it is 'infinite' and cannot be measured – being right off the scale – which is why it is zero.

    The zero-null-line of energy, is really that still-point in the centre of the circle, the cycle as in a torus vortex or indeed a cyclone or tornado – this zero "eye of the storm" at the epiccenter being an expression of the 'void' of eastern mysticism, otherwise known as the Absolute. And for the sake of the travelling wave, this centre is ‘stretched’ and drawn-out, as if in a line of infinite energy. But again, if infinity is being drawn out as if in a line, then it cannot be infinite can it?
    It’s not really stretched out as if in a line, that’s just the way we perceive things and “like” to see it. It being ‘stretched out,’ is only how we would understand it from our ‘dimensional’ perspective.
    In truth, there is no line. It is imaginary. The only line that exists for us is the peaking and dipping wave that is travelling on and around this imaginary line, tapping it. Only the point exists – the same zero node point that is being tapped – and that point represents the source-centre – the same centre that seeded the universe”.
    As regards waves of positive and negative energy, the invisible, zero null-line that these waves seem to be travelling along, is the hidden, ‘neutral, third force – which was the term Gurdjieff used.’

    We can also refer to this null-line as a timeline – meaning that it is the timeline for any particular ‘travelling wave’ of energy, as it travels from A to B through time and space. If this ‘line’ has zero measurement, then for the wave of measured energy that travels along it, the null-line represents infinite energy. Therefore the wave is being driven along and guided by this non-existent, invisible line of infinite energy, and goes through it twice every cycle – as if ‘tapping’ the infinite energy found there so as to generate the next half of the cycle. Regarding the creation and recreation of a wave of energy – which is the basic carrier of energy/information, and which makes up all phenomena in our world – it is as if the required amount of energy needed for each cycle of the wave is being measured out from that infinite point passed twice in every cycle.
    Again to our senses, there is no extended ‘line’ of infinite energy. In truth all energy is within a non-dimensional, non-local, POINT. In this I mean that there is no such ‘line’ from location A to location B. And there is no wave travelling through time and space. In truth, space and time do not exist: space and time is an illusion being created from this non-dimensional, non-local point of infinite energy.

    You see, to really understand this, we must learn to think of energy as information and information as energy. Our perception is that energy flows through space, or is propagated in waves from moment to moment along a linear timeline. We can apply this to ourselves when we move through space and time, walking from location A to location B . . . but what if there really is no location A or B? – Meaning that our external experience of movement, as in changing location and changing time, is really a change in the energy/information patterns that appear to surround us. As mentioned, the wave seems to be travelling from A to B – but really it is going through a circular or cyclical transformation – "a loop.”
    Again, every time the wave of energy goes through the zero-node on the null-line or midpoint; it ‘taps’ that energy to make the next half of the cycle. But as we can see, each zero-node is the SAME ZERO-NODE . . . THE SAME VOID.
    This means that the wave isn’t really “travelling” anywhere in space and time: the ‘locations in space and time’ that the ‘wave’ seems to be passing through, is just an alteration or transformation in energy which makes up the surrounding information patterns of our sensate reality.

    We could refer to this motion of energy as ‘Backaction,’ because even though the energy seems to be moving along a linear path in time and space, the zero being “hit” is the same zero – the same void. The ‘measured-out’ energy from this point is always coming back to the same point, so as to “tap” the infinite energy there.
    This means that the wave is cyclical – circular – a self-referential, self-organising, loop of energy.
    A subatomic particle is really a tiny loop of energy – a toroid: its energy continually unfolding outward and then folding inward in rapid succession from its centre. The waves of energy that seem to be travelling along a linear path are really the concentric waves of larger loops of energy. And again, we can apply this to ourselves. We are “tapping” the energy from our own centre. This ‘tapping’ of infinite energy, is how one regenerates and recreates the information patterns of the reality one is experiencing. The centre of our consciousness does not move; we do not move, instead we remain in one spot!
    In other words, the movement we associate with space and time events is only the slight or drastic changes being made in the unfolding pattern – i.e., the pattern in each cycle, which is divided between mental and material – implicate and explicate energy/information. There is no time, and no location, only a change in the pattern.”

    We are always in one place . . . at the centre, but the changing patterns around us – which we could say are the finite projections of energy/information from that ‘superholographic plate,’ our centre, gives us the illusion of space and time.
    In truth, we – or our consciousness rather – is always in the ETERNAL PRESENT. As we know we find it extremely difficult to capture the present even though we are living it all the time. The moment we try to capture that instant of NOW! . . It has passed.
    The reason why we cannot capture the infinite energy of the ‘eternal present’ is because it lies hidden, behind our unconscious – and so we have named it the ‘Unconscious.’ Again, we are unconscious at this point in the cycles. Of course we do not notice that we are unconscious so many time a second, and so we could say that our consciousness kind of ‘wallpapers’ over the zero-node ‘joins’ in our surrounding reality, which is why we do not really notice this zero anywhere – only acknowledging these things as in, “Oh yes! There are ‘nodes’ in standing waves” – which is now taken for granted and doesn’t really mean anything to us . . . and that’s what’s exciting about this, as no-one has realized this or explained the phenomenon of oscillating waves in this way before, and especially not in terms of consciousness.

    At the same time though, we realize that the zero is responsible for all the paradoxes in our world, and this is the reason why many physicists try to ignore infinities when working on a new theory. It’s not nature that “abhors a vacuum,” it is man himself . . . his mind or ego. It is the ego that wants to 'avoid the void'. The ego wants to avoid ‘That,’ which is the True Creator behind its illusory reality, and which has the power to expose the illusion about itself and its world which the ego is trying to dominate and control.
    In esoteric literature, this point being tapped is known as the ‘Eternal Return’ – again it is really the ‘Eternal Now’ – and this point of ‘Now,’ is also the ‘Primal Mover’ of all energy. Each of these terms is ancient and they support what I have said.
    We can see that the reason why it has been called the ‘Eternal Return,’ because it is the same point being tapped each time, and it is also known as the ‘Primal Mover,’ because this point or this centre, drives all these cycles along. As said, the measured waves of energy are not really going anywhere – as again, the three-dimensional spaces and distances between one thing and another is an illusion. And so like our orbiting earth, the wave of energy is being kept in orbit around that same centre – as if travelling without really moving.”

    In essence, this is what the Shaman says he does when he tries to explain how he is able to access other realities.

  • Thank you, ljwheat :) 

    Here is some more interesting data :)  How can we not see the hand of divinity?

    The image below has been made by hand with help of computer software for
    drafting. First, let's draw a square and two circles so one fits inside a square
    and the other outside the square. Strangely this represents accurately
    proportions of the orbits of Venus and Earth.
    Second, let's draw equally
    spaced points on each circle representing number of days per orbit (365 points
    for the orbit of the Earth and 225 points for the orbit of Venus). Next, let's
    connected lines between orbital positions of each planet for each day - picking
    for the starting point a day when both planets are closest to each other. After
    repeating this process for 8 orbits of the Earth the lines form this amazing


  • This is a church courtyard, really an amazing place in Melbourne. The on site restaurant provideds a large menu. Eat all you want and then make a donation, very unique, whatever you want to give. Everything there is self empowering and up lifting.

  • Beautiful!  Thank you, Stick, I see the Flower during meditation, lovely. And thank you, Ravinder, I will do my best by you, it is true, we are remembering who we are...  I see a beautiful structure to the world, sacred geometry has been in my visions for so long that it was a backwards journey to learn to understand what I saw and experienced... My egyptian self is coming to the fore, I believe that shapes and numbers have a consciousness, I believe that the "gods" of lore were actually formulas and sacred geometry - blueprints of divine energy, and that they are consciousness beyond our human scope of far anyway :) 

    The time is coming that the veil will fall completely, and the transformation will unfold, what times we live in, eh?


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