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folks email Me outside ACC. Please stop accuse I false behavior! Mother Universe practice non war, non negative behavior

Those who email I , outside ACC. Please do not be so negative,Such us threaten I and accused I false behavior. I work as peaceful energy, Non war, non negative behavior............ When you used negative on your text, your energy imprint is on it..... I started burning up, i sense your are mad spiritual and dislike my energy. Remember not everyone is the same, some of us very sensitive to vibration, we work with divine creation of mother and father energy as one.

Mean very empathy, I hold strong energy Universe creation, because i help five race of different advance et created your universe. I hold strong mother love, protection ,growth. I am very respectful, caring and loving person...........I hold sensitive, if  can read you, Your sending too much vibration........ My energy is tie to our universe creation..  It a ability that some of us have...........  It mean i am not noises and I am not fallow your energy around.........That is negativity, I am not to aloud to used or do negativity with my energy. I get fever or throw up acide. WHen your mad i absorb your vibration, and take up to universe creation mother and father. It bounce back like a chain reaction, caused a minor unbalance vibration. Take time to heal.......... 

Heard the term don't judge a person without knowing their true color. Those dont see i was good the whole time, are blinded from their reason over the fact.

Children of light respect and love one another.............. 



Discrimination others teaching is wrong! Please Do not bring drama/negativity on Emails outside ACC.

Other day, someone has became Territory over a simple supporter greeting from Universe ET and space family toward my Emails, that is outside ACC community. I tend to echo my self over and over. this is commonsense thinking.

Mother universe is a non war, non crime personality, I practice purity, loving support energy. I don't be negative and don't harm people. when I, respond to other fellow members blog or discussion, profile. Is a support information from universe light. I deal with highest universe council creator..... I am no one enemy , but their spiritual family of peace.

Accuse I for wrong information is wrong!!, When i respond, I speak from my higher and spiritual wisdom. I am awakened ascended soul.... I put love and compassion on what I say towards anyone on ACC or others places........Honest and truth......


Universe do not abuse or disrespect people, Everyone's respect and love and cherish your spiritual growth.... We are important as much as the universe and spirituality is to us. we are one and equal family....

Universe is telling you good job, good growth, bless your journey and so on....... They see it as offensive...... Never attack them and never harm them. It mean are supported....... They used communication policy accuse of negative

Their behavior response towards people is wrong.... It sound like they are insecurity personality or feeling threatened. We all know ACC will not remove People for being nice to people. >>>I have photo copy memories,I save my comment. I Know Ben Arion watch every comment daily, When I am speaking positive toward them, they find it crime and break policy of ACC. So it wrong tell someone good job and your getting brighter. because I, can see their starlight energy is at....... I am multi dimension and spiritual ability personality, I can see their pretty star light. When they go so negative and anger words. Make their star light change color and strange vibration. Remember what you say to people , It bounce back all dimension of universe. You are entitle to your action,Only you can heal the false word you accused to people. Universe forgive and love people. Remember no one is perfect....... I Shall not lie, I won't lie, I tell truth, some people do lie, You can see upon their energy vibration is.

my comment, everythings is positive.. No one harming people.

I don't hardly talk to this person that much on ACC, they came out of blue. Got mad of my communication. Well, the person should Done. I sorry i don't agree on your communication and teaching, Thanks for compliant and support. Instead saying something so positive toward I. Negative Response: They say you not bright in purity and you not acceptive. So what, ... Than accused I false behavior, they got the negative word from list of Negative behavior. They try to find something to accused I, to make them feel like a victum. When i compliant and honor the spiritual path of teaching.......... Telling some one good deeds, is a crime? No it not.

I only message this person few time, I always ended love universe mom and father, bless or blossom your journey continue raising. I never harm them, i respect them , honor uniqueness. No one is perfect.

As i continue read negative email the person sent I. the person stated you're not student material, That sound harsh, sound discrimination..........They want student than social spiritual family support them.......... This where i see Egos step in............If you not cool, your not accepted. That how it sound if you put it in simple communication way. Because i don't do their way of teaching, they find my way Stupid. How they say it not bright.

Mother universe, don't call people not bright, we are all smart in own way. There no level to smartness, smartness mean different... testing mother universe with your teaching and communication is wrong. Mother universe don't challenge people, test them right away.  >>>>>I don't need to be in image of them. I follow my way and they follow their way.

Let tell all this, Universe no right or wrong way spirituality. We not aloud to demanded how someone to be corrective in your image of teaching....... Your teaching is wisdom for light, No one had to follow in your footstep. because it is a choice and free will. Only you can follow your foot. Demanding is negative vibration. Only  you go to highest by choice, not by force or control, manipulation. Calling people not bright spiritual is wrong!! 

>>>>>The person have discrimination my teaching and positive communication..... when i am supported to their learning and teaching. Person say i am not acceptive or bright. They want student not friends....... Why people be so negative? Why call the good people bad? when we did nothing wrong? why create a problem, drama and conflict?

Awareness, i am tired people attack I. when i never harm them......
I support you with good word , they found it offensive.


why a person become discrimination and territory, possible reason.
Some of behavior they may have.
1 deep down they don't like the person from beginning,
2 seperation people in groups
don't fallow full equal and one spiritual family growth.
4 high egos.,
5 high expectation,
6 used alot or some negativity
7 they feel threaten
8 they feel disrespectful
9 belief, value , interest.
10 making up false accusing communication crime.( light people response to them few time that is supported)
11 they think they are smarter than you
12 self center
13 hostile
14 caused Drama
15 restriction and limitation
16 make you feel unworthy
17 make you feel not acceptive
18 anger and mad behavior
19 and etc.
everything free will, th
Compare to mother universe
Movement higher purity , Your own pure is your own teaching, there is no right or wrong to awake or ascended toward the light. we all get their one way, we all as one.......

>>>>>>Teaching, and advice. YOUR OWN WISDOM < mother universe and father universe mission. "Light is your wisdom"

  • Loving and respective
  • caring, respectful
  • children of light is special
  • one family, no separation. 
  • wisdom
  • Supporter
  • truth
  • positive
  • speak from high Universe Et and Et beings
  • Contactee to 1,150
  • carried mother universe vibration
  • mother love to all children of life.
  • protecter
  • security all life, space, place, and muti universe.
  • watcher
  • teacher, 
  • learner
  • Awaken, ascended being(combine higher self and creation self, at universe vibration level.)
  • Universe Creator energy
  • work with starseed higher awaking and shift
  • work 13d-30d, 150 Dimension and infinity higher
  • cherish spiritual growth and process.
  • YOu our your own wisdom to spiritual growth.
  • so on

HIghly psychic ability and telepathy communication, See star light, time frame, and past life of person.
i can read your text energy and vibration, i follow a personal space and non interaction exposer of your spiritual mind. Mother Universe don't violation your personal space, no manipulation, no control
I follow a non control, non manipulation teaching. Don't read people with out asking permission, Mother universe don't read your mind.Those who contact spiritual, are ask spiritual, nothing is violation.
act of peace and protection of spiritual vibration to highest.
If they don't see the true side of I my personality, than they are blinded from the truth... You put your emotion and issue first......

Creation tell us to love each and adapt. no need to anger or discrimination one another. we are very smart in our unique way, we are family. no need to choose favorite, we are equal. we are favorite of the universe...........

I am not pounding my teaching on people, if they don't like my blog, Than that ok.. i never bring my teaching upon them......if I say something it with my experience. I tell stories and experience to my response..... I don't need a TEST on spirituality. when we are teach differently. 

They found offensive and territory To ward I,
I say a good information and supported, i never say anything negative toward them. Supported and honor their growth process.......

........When you tell people positive, they hear you as negative...when all time you response positive.

>>>>>>Filter the good words, noise the good words out>>>>>>>>>>>

insecurity of socialness, If you talk to them as a friends, family member and people might take it offensive............ they see you as threat, when you're not.....

Spiritual people are not perfect........

possible on what has happen, a person never like you from the beginning. If you write good things to their blog or profile , others. They take it offensive...... Most been something caused them dislike you from long time or recently, on why some one don't like you at all? Everything has reason.....

>>>>>>I figure out is how they respond, calling my teaching not bright and not worthy to communicate them.........

I get is anger words from them,  speak loud........what you write on email leave a vibration imprint. it loud noise caused disturbance in positive vibration of light...... I cant felt the energy of this person, seriously don't like I from beginning, Something tick them.                Spiritual we don't separation people, we are one family......

They wanted student, not people being friendly.. Sound to I , the person who contact I have insecurity social problem....... I work with whole people, not separation. I never spilt people individual group. we are equal..

They put I in group unworthy, unsmart spiritual. if put into understanding.............When support a teacher good teaching, support them. they wanted a student, not friend or spiritual family

positive words is love= they see it wrong............ note everyone is one with everyone. I support them or love them as spiritual beings.

I wonder is that how they talk to their parent?

>>>>>>High egos, high expectation of person,
they take belief ,value and interest toward selection of people.

I quote, When will the professor talk to the professor in harmony, two ascended awaking beings can get along in peace.........But they refuse this communication concept..Than they ignore it........ We don't had to be everyone student, we can be their spiritual family and support them on their mission........ Your growth is your way and my growth another way.........we all go to creation light at the same point............

>>>>>>>When you respect them love and kindness, why would they say disrespectful?

Universe respect all energy, all energy is love.........

.................People need open their heart and eyes. No one harm them
we bring love! simple as it is.......

Please stay as positive with my blog, I send light of love, peace and caring, you are love, no one out to harm you or disrespect you. time to get along with peace.

Follow ACC community guidelines.

we are all brother and sister not your enemies. 

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Comment by UniverseMother3 on September 14, 2015 at 8:21pm

yes, madam Goddess of beauty, they are ignore. it peace now, this is awariness... It mean i am not going hide from them. i am not scare of negativity.....good wisdom you say, 

they are ignore and block....... when show love once more and clean up their act. we will work with them once more, no one is perfect........ thanks kind word. yeah impossible to like everyone........ 


Comment by Goddess of Beauty on September 14, 2015 at 8:06pm

Dear Light sister, please ignore them.

It's cos of egotistical souls like them that Atlantis and the ancient world got flooded by the Universal deluge.

In life it's impossible that everyone likes you, some will and some won't. You might have some who don't like you but many here love you and send you pure energy like me and some other friends. :)

Love & Light :)

Comment by UniverseMother3 on September 14, 2015 at 2:49pm

Hm make i wonder why people come up negative assumption, Speak truth. lying to be is negative vibration..... those try to message this blog , are filter out the truth. When say negative words describe I ....... When i am positive.... >>>>I keep getting word jealous, anger. hmmmmm

Denial is negative words, That not what my energy is, I only speak truth...... Please read the blog, mother universe dont live in lies, she live with honest truth.......


people blinded from  from my true personality.  it will. 

Comment by UniverseMother3 on September 14, 2015 at 5:40am

I practice non drama communication. Drama is negative vibration , i practice logical and loving communication toward the light..... This not a drama blog, it awareness No one after for attention and affection. ........

Comment by UniverseMother3 on September 14, 2015 at 5:36am

That is good question, Why Mother universe throw up acid? i tell you in my little book in event this wens.......i tell you folks straight up. I am allergic negativity, if say or someone hurt I with negative. or make I sad.........My energy will absorb your negativity and throw it out acid........ i get a strong pain from throat. Than i had to rush to bath room.... i be throwing up 1 hour, Ben arion tell I drink tea and meditate the first time it has happen. I try it, i throw out the tea, i could not eat nothing , my body weak all day. 

how did it happen, My space family shift my energy highest vibration early spring , to combine many mother universe vibration. My spiritual energy is call Mother universe.... when the shift I , they change my energy vibration and caused sensitivity, my ability.....  When i be mad or sad, i get flu ,fever or throw up acid. 

I throw up 3-4 time from ACC attack on I...... when you all mad , i absorb your negativity vibration. I throwing up acid heal my energy....... why attack I , when I dont attack you. that why cant take negativity. yeah it is hard to be in public sometime...... I cant be around negativity or anger,  People had to try not  make I sad.

I assuming it a good ability to have, challenge I. You had to stay positive and loving all time. I do things being fruitful and purity of my energy........ 

I am fine today........... Not sick, i don't feel negative vibration from attacker. I can tell you all if he try to link I.Et and spacefamily put his energy on a watchful I.

......................Acid only last on the day it has happen, last 1 hour to 2 hour. It taste bitter...... it hurt badly, made I weak all day. i take a day or so to heal........... No acid sickness last long.......

Remember you are only few second from my energy, i can see your star light and vibration. so on. 

That why i had to handle positive words......... Positive energy 

Comment by Lisa Barnthouse-Fraser on September 14, 2015 at 4:51am

Absolutely we all have a right to a voice opinion belief the fighting one another over that must stop time for peace.... Much love dearest one....

Comment by UniverseMother3 on September 14, 2015 at 4:38am

andromedan , that ok no one had to agree with I. sometime we need a voice for attacker..thanks for message. we dont had to agree with everyone. Remember you follow your own wisdom. your understanding your truth. i respect that.thanks

Comment by UniverseMother3 on September 14, 2015 at 1:02am

Watch what your say folks, Keep drama and negativity off, stop calling people name.

Comment by Lisa Barnthouse-Fraser on September 13, 2015 at 11:41pm

I have to say in defense of my dear sister and friend just lay off of her you may not agree with her ways so be it but they are her ways her beliefs I'm a tough cookie and will forever fight for the ones I love on here and I love this girl like a daughter so she is part of me now so please leave her be or come to me thank you

Comment by UniverseMother3 on September 13, 2015 at 11:35pm

I almost throw up acide couple time, mean time I ok, i am of space family heal my energy...... i want peace,,,,,,,when can universe mom be part of your family? when you're ready.


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