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The Universal Law of Sacred Purpose


Steve: I’ve asked Kathleen to post her book on the universal laws in chapters on our site.

The Thirteen Universal Laws

Chapter 1. The Universal Law of Sacred Purpose

Universal Law is a creation of the Mother to align us with the Divine Mind, Heart and Will — how things work in the higher realms — the knowing of a higher level of ethics and lovingkindness.

The Universal Law of Sacred Purpose helps us to understand the essence of who we have chosen to be and our sacred mission in alignment with the expanded vibrations and increased frequency on Earth now.

Our sacred purpose is the core of Who We Are, our joy, not something to be limited.

We are witnessing a global movement, our hearts, minds and will slowly coming into Divine Right Alignment, and the discovery of collective sacred purpose.

Collective Ascension is the embracing of heart conscious ways of being, joyful, peaceful assistance for the Mother in the restoration of Her Plan of Love (2), the rebirth of societies on Earth in Divine Alignment.

In the teachings through Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love, we learn all energy that emerges from the heart of One has sacred purpose, expression and direction — that every atom, every subatomic particle — everything throughout the Universe has sacred purpose.

As we move into the higher realms of consciousness, we are coming to understand heart consciousness, heart knowing, Divine Sacred Purpose.

The Universal Law of Sacred Purpose helps us clarify our purpose, our expression in this lifetime, our alignment with the Love.

Align with sacred purpose and the feeling is of being in the Eternal flow,
in harmonious Divine Creation, in joy.


Often, along the way, we find obstacles to release, blockages that are not of love.

These obstacles, the false grids and our core issues, can be looked on as gifts, knowledge as to what is limiting us, so we may move into the flow of Divine Sacred Purpose.

Acknowledging and feeling our old emotions

is allowing ourselves to be healed, to be Loved, beloved.

Often we can feel — our ego can feel — afraid.

When we re-assure,

appreciate mental and

emotional bodies, our ego,

we begin to heal and to operate

in the higher vibrations and frequencies,

and the bringing of our ego into balance occurs,

allowing us to be the embodiment of our sacred purpose.


Feeling and letting go with forgiveness, compassion and gratitude our doubts, judgements, worries, addictions, limitations — understanding the false grids, entrenched old beliefs, and our core... — helps move us into the flow of our Divine sacred purpose, the sheer energy of peace, Love, joy.

The Universal Law of Sacred Purpose helps us to discover the uniqueness of who we have chosen to be, our mission, our purpose, our plan within the Mother’s Divine Plan.

Our Planetary Logos and Keeper of Universal Law, Sanat Kumara (1) tells us that all energy that emerges from the heart of One, in whatever form, has sacred purpose, expression, direction connected to our completion and continuity.

He says the purpose of All existence is to Love, to be of joy and find our way Home through the heart.

Home is understanding and knowing heart consciousness,
alignment with the Universal Laws, the Laws of Love,
and our Divine Sacred Mission and Purpose.


An Invocation for the Universal Law of Sacred Purpose

I invoke Sanat Kumara, our Planetary Logos, and Keeper of Universal Law
and the Universal Law of Sacred Purpose for clarity of my sacred mission and purpose,
Who I Am, my essence of peace, Love, joy, balance.



(1) Sanat Kumara is also known as Ahuramazda to ancient Persians, as the Ancient of Days to ancient Hebrews, as Subramanya to ancient Hindus, and  as Quetzlcoatl, to the Mayans, the one who gave them their calendar.

Sanat Kumara is our Planetary Logos and Keeper of Universal Law.

(2) The Mother’s Plan, Her Individual/Family Plan, Self is All:

To be our creator selves, assuming the mantle of our Divine Authority, in charge of our life, thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviours, steps, environments, in alignment with the Love, the Divine Mind, Heart and Will, in service, sacred purpose, and harmony with each other.

“Sanat Kumara Explains the 1st Universal Law, the Law of Purpose,” channelled by Linda Dillon for the Council of Love, August 13, 2013,

Audio: Heavenly Blessings ~ “Sanat Kumara: Law of Sacred Purpose,” channeled by Linda Dillon for the Council of Love, August 13, 2013,
Meditation 13:49, Sanat Kumara: 30:40

Much gratitude to Linda Dillon,
channel for the Council of Love

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