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Aliens in the Bible - True Translations Ep 1 Elohim. GOD - Paul Wallis & Mauro Biglino. For hundreds and thousands of years people around the world have turned to the Bible for information about God. Two scholars Mauro Biglino and Paul Wallis argue for a radically different interpretation ... 🔵The 5th Kind Website: 🔵The 5th Kind YouTube Channel: 🔵Mauro Biglino YouTube channel: 🔵Mauro's Website & Books: 🔵Paul Wallis YouTube Channel 🔵Paul's Website & Books: Seeking out the root meanings of keywords in these ancient texts they find another, quite different story emerges ' one with enormous implications for our understanding of the human race and our place in the universe.. For more than two millennia readers have interpreted the ancient texts of the Bible as stories of God, a seamless narrative in which God creates the heavens and the earth, botanical and animal life and eventually the human race. However, a number of anomalies in the texts along with intriguing questions of translation point to another possibility. Paul Wallis is an internationally Bestselling author, researcher and scholar of ancient mythologies. Over the last decade Paul's work has probed the world's mythologies and ancestral narratives for the insights they hold on our origins as a species and our potential as human beings. As a senior churchman, Paul served as a Church Doctor, a Theological Educator, and an Archdeacon in the Anglican Church in Australia. He has published numerous titles on Christian mysticism and spirituality. He is a popular speaker at summits and conferences around the world. Paul's work in church ministry has included training pastors in the interpretation of Biblical texts. His work in Biblical translation and interpretation has revealed a forgotten layer of ancient story, with far-reaching implications for our understanding of human origins and our place in the cosmos. Mauro Biglino is an internationally Bestselling Italian author, researcher, and highly regarded scholar of ancient Hebrew. For many years he worked for Rome’s Saint Paul Press as a Bible translator, providing with great precision the literal meaning of Hebrew words for Vatican-approved interlinear Bibles. It is an exacting discipline. The scholar must be rigorous in avoiding any kind of interpretation of the word and give only the literal etymological meaning of each word part. Mauro’s findings set him at odds with the conventional expectations of the Catholic world and propelled him onto the international stage where his work has opened up a world of cultural memory recorded in the Bible, yet hidden from the public for centuries by mistaken translation and the dogmas of the Church. Together, Mauro and Paul show that the root meanings of a series of key words in the Bible reveal an earlier layer of information very different to the story of God associated with the Bible. Hidden plain sight in the pages of Genesis is an even more ancient narrative, one which reframes the whole story of human beginnings… The oldest word in the Bible rendered as “God” is the Hebrew word “elohim.” But is that what the word means? And what are the implications of the translation choices surrounding this mysterious word? The final edit of the old testament of the bible, the hebrew canon included the layering of some beautiful and profound theology over the top of ancient texts. Unfortunately mistranslating traumatic ancestral memories as if they were encounters with god is a choice with far-reaching consequences. Belief in a violent xenophobic hierarchical god has been used through the ages to justify violence wars and all manner of abuses. however, the fidelity with which the ancient manuscripts have been curated in the hebrew canon by countless generations of priests and scribes means that in our generation we can now return to these fascinating artifacts of our pre-history and ask how differently they might be translated.. 🔵Narration by Jazz Walker 🔵Video footage licenced by Envato Elements & Storyblocks 🔵Music Licenced by Envato Elements & Epidemic Sound 🔵Alien in the thumbnail image: Cesar Adrian -




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The Extraterrestrial Interference Series.


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Part 2 The Good The Bad and the Ugly -


Part 3 Truth is Stranger than Fiction


Part 4 The Free Nation, Has Never Been Free.




Part 6 The Extraterrestrial Races Already Interacting with Earth


Part 7 The Karistus - The Ones Known as the ANGELS


Part 8 Reptilians Control The Earth


Part 9 Putin Said, They are “NOT EVEN HUMAN”






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  • The Elohim are the ultimate space faring race....The race of the devic kingdom....They serve the divine edicts of Logoic beings, of the Heavenly councils....They are responsible for the body of creation, itself...Just as, on a microcosmic scale, the devas within our own bodies, maintain the various tiers of bodily energies...So it is with the universe, with it's many galactic forms...
    The Elohim, unlike ourselves and Ascended Masters/Galactic Humans, do not require to live on planets...nor motherships....The Elohim is it's own natural "space ship." It is totally independent of the need to live in a planetary biosphere...It is self-contained in it's service to the Plan of God...But ever ready to serve in co-operation, with those who work for that plan, among the parallel kingdom. The Logoi, Kumaras, Ascended Masters, etc...Even human beings may call upon these angels...

    The Elohim work alongside the Galactic Federation, but are actually a parallel evolution to our own...That of the devas, time lords, angels and archangels...The smallest devas are sub atomic, with low consciousness. The higher Archangelics are super consciousness and totally inhuman, in appearance....Vast space-faring "rods," that vector interdimensionally, working to construct planets and suns, or destroy them.....They work to maintain the energies that allow form expressions, within the creation...

    Sometimes, fiction can inadvertently reveal a truth and an actual Archangel Elohim, mostly resembles the "robot destroyer," in an episode of Star Trek...Albeit, without the gaping mouth, that shoots out a

    They are miles in length, with silvery-grey scales, like a large fish.....A cylindrical body/hull...
    They do not breath air and are at home in space...
  • See here in this T.V. Show they are use this Doll wich look a littelbit like a Elohim. It's not a Gray, they are diffrent.
    Wait, Thor was a little grey alien?
    How the TV-series Stargate SG-1 combined Norse mythology with Science-Fiction
  • The Elohim are, according to my information, a race from another planet, yes. They are intimate with God, who is called in space by almost all races, the giver of all life. It is possible that the Reptilians have rewritten the current Bible in some way so that the texts are partly useful for enslaving the people. Listen carefully to there when the Bible is read and separate truth from lies. The Elohims are very close to God the giver of all life and of good disposition. I believe they are part of the Galactic Federation.
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