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Keys To Living 5th Dimensionally

Greetings!  Dear Loved Ones. 

     As I stand on the stage before you, I bow to all of you, for you all are beautiful and talented actors who have participated in my life's awakening process.  I thank you, and I HONOR YOU.  If it weren't for you, I'd still be walking in a blind, no way out, funky circle. 

     Does that sound familiar to you?  Are you still sending out a wrong signal and attracting the same old stuff in your life?  If so, before I walk off this stage,  Let me say to each and every one of you who reads this blog, "Listen!  Come With Me!  Take my hand, and let me help you up!  Let's go home...Together!"  How?  If you follow these 3 Universal Rules, your life will change in miraculous ways.  Hey!  I want you to be happy!  This will help you achieve that!




  #3:   LIVE IT! 

     Now, let me explain what these rules mean, because I know you have questions.  I did.  However, I told myself long ago that each time I learned something this beneficial, I'd share it with you.  After all, we're all suppose to help each other.

     Universal Rule #1:  SET YOUR CODE OF INTENTION.

     Every One has "something" that they hold and consider to be the most important thing they live up to and cherish in their lives. 

     Let me use myself as an example.  I choose Love.  I happen to think that Love is the most important thing...EVER, and that there IS nothing else.  Love is all there is.  So, Love is my Code of Intention.  It is my life to live lovingly, at every moment.  To people, to ALL LIFE, large and small, to the Earth, to the Universe, and especially, to myself.

     What does that mean?  It means, every breath I take, and every step and move I make, I do, act, react, and feel...lovingly.  I hold it on the MOST HIGH.  There is nothing more important to me than love.  I live it. 

     For you, find what's most important to you, and start living your life by it.  That's your Code Of Intention.  When you set a life of Intention, you become sovereign and free from the collective consciousness of chaos, no longer in the mix.

     Universal Rule #2:  MAKE IT WHO YOU ARE & WHAT YOU STAND FOR.

     Once you set your intention, it's time to act accordingly by...

  #1:  Accountability

  #2:  Honor

  #3:  Humility

  #4:  Service

     Accountability is when One chooses to live in a 5D embodiment state of be-ing, you will learn that you will "feel your way" by the good and bad choices you make, and hold yourself accountable for your actions, regardless of choice.  Be accountable.

     Honor, is to understand that in the "no matter what", all those that you come into contact and interaction with, should be Honored.  They are here to help you learn and grow.  So, no matter what they've said or done, forgive and honor them.  For without them, you'd still be wandering around in that blind, no way out, funky circle!

     Humility is to believe that you are no better than anyone else, and that we are all One, connected, and that by living humbly, you will be directed into going with Life's Flow where life is a blessing, full of surprises and gifts.  A 5th Dimensional way of life.

    Service.  Service is how you react with others.  For me, I have chosen to live lovingly, so my service is to Love others, unconditionally as I walk this planet.  I don't charge for this service.  I give it freely.  What's your service???

    Universal Rule #3:  Live It!

    So, you've found your Intention, and you now you know what's expected of you in a 5D way of life by being Accountable for your actions, Honoring those you interact with, by being Humbled by knowing we're all connected as One, and by being in Service by what you consider to be the most important thing in your life, intentionally.  Now, Live It!  Every moment of action and reaction in your life.  When you can do that, you will be living a life of passion, grace and gratitude by being an example to others who will be walking behind you in your footsteps.  It's what you've came to do at this monumental time of Ascension! 

     If this blog interests you, you are most likely considered a "First Waver".  Your actions, how you live your life, will lead the way for Humanity.  You have EARNED the right to be here.  You are WORTHY and your participation is greatly needed and necessary.  This is such a IMPORTANT time in our lives.  All our lives!  It is a time that we do this incarnation better than we've ever done it before!

     Lastly, there's something else that's important.  It's how we treat ourselves.  We know and get that it's so important to love and treat others lovingly, but it's also so very important that we treat OURSELVES lovingly too.  It begins with us, because anything lacking within is put out to the Universe as an "imbalance".  It slows progress.  If we continue to do things that make us feel badly, we are constantly having to rid our bodies of unwanted mind/body/spirit toxins and imbalances.  So, treat yourselves well.  It reflects out to others as the Light you are.  You will, literally, Shine when balanced!

     My Dear Loved Ones, I have never been comfortable with someone "claiming" a date for something to happen.  However, it has been mentioned by the Galactic Council that those who KNOW they are members of the 1st Wave will achieve full 5th Dimensional embodiment by September 27th, 2015.  As they put it, we will simply "blink" ourselves into it.  This resonates with me, although I'm still unclear of a specified date.  I feel this happening.  If you wish to learn more of this, please type into your browser: "A Galactic Message-Matt Kahn/" and watch this very powerful 1 hour video. 

Here's To Our Freedom!

Love and Light to All,





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