Feline of the High Council of Sirius on September 27, 2020

Dear sisters and brothers of the earth, I communicate this to you: Your brothers and sisters of the stars are currently on earth watching and feeling with your hearts the people you pass in the streets because many of them are no longer human but are beings who came from the stars to increase the vibratory rate of the earth. I have a date to give you. You are currently in 5th dimension that you have just passed into 5th dimension between the end of August and the middle of September but your eyes see nothing because the matrix of the third dimension is still there. You will definitely join your brothers and sisters of the stars before the end of October.

I do not give you a precise date but know that there is a deadline that has been set by the high council of Gaia for all of you to pass through your 5th dimensional light bodies and to go on board the healing vessels to get rid of the beliefs, the false things that have been told to you... You will learn to find your full potential and also rejuvenate because it was not foreseen in your DNA that you will age in 5th dimension. You have experienced a lot of life. But you all came from the stars when the earth was created.

Open your eyes and increase your vibrations by listening to gamma sounds and by activating your torus (ask Patrick how to do this he will gladly explain). He is not a teacher and shaman to keep his knowledge in him.

In the name of the high council of Sirius, I send you a lot of unconditional love and know that you can always ask for help if you need it ntore leave.

Patrick will be able to tell you that he lives with fairies and also a being of light who is shaped like a wolf.

I am Feline from the High Council of Sirius and I greet you. Know that we are proud of you because you are close to the final ascent and that this stage is not easy. You are shaken by the vibrations of Alcyone but also by your hesitation in front of the unknown!

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  • Alcyon is the Central Sun of this Galaxy (The Milky Way) in the future the Golden Rose Galaxy...
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