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We are eternal beings, the essence of our soul moves through creation a hundred fold having various experiences and embracing All That We Are. As we move out of ego consciousness and break through self imposed barriers reclaiming our divinity and limitlessness natures .... we begin to remember and pull more of who we are into our experience.

Every heart upon this planet has experienced great love and light as well as fear and darkness. Moving through the extremes has brought us unlimited knowledge and understanding of who we are. As we let go of judgment, control and attachment, we are able to move into seeing "the bigger picture" outside of our ego and personal filters to see the gifts and blessings granted. Through struggle and challenges comes growth, courage, strength and wisdom.  This is a time of realization and a time of gratitude to all those who have supported your awakening, your rememberance and reclaiming your divinity.

Stand before the divine, the Eternal Sacred Source, The Eternal Cosmic Father, The Eternal Cosmic Mother & The Eternal Cosmic Christ asking to see beyond the illusions and to align your consciousness, your heart with Thy Will, Your Very Soul.
Ask for forgiveness for any intentional or un-intentional hurt, pain or transgressions against another to be forgiven. Ask for forgiveness, mercury and grace through all directions of time and space. Return any power you have taken inappropiately back to the heart of god and to the source in which it was taken. Send it back with love, light and healing.  Ask for forgiveness and allow the love of the divine, the love of the universe to move through you healing all that is not in alignment with your divine perfection.

Then when you feel the resonnance within your heart. Repeat the above, but with the intention of forgiving all who have caused you pain, intentional or unintentional. Forgive all transgressions or betrayals against you through all directions of time and space. Give gratitude to all those who have helped you to experience All That Is and all those who helped you to remember your divinity and helped you to find love within the darkness.  Send those souls love, peace, healing and gratitude ... for they are simply a reflection of the same divinity we wish to experience.

The divine gave us free will to go fourth to discover and experience all that we are.  Through time and space we have exercised free will and other times we have given our power & free will away. It is time to remember our divinity, reclaim our power and with divine power comes accountability in the use and misuse of that power.

When humanity, individually and collectively reclaims their power and becomes accountabile for ALL their thoughts, intentions, manifestations, creations  and miscreations ... there will be no need for the darkness.

This is when love prevails. 

When all moves into  alignment with the natural cycles of creation  through living love in service for the highest good and betterment of all. Walk forward fearlessly, in love, peace, balance, joy & gratitude with all creation through all directions of time and space allowing you to reach your highest potentials and divine perfections.

In Loving Service ♥

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