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Episode 11: Connecting to the Purpose of Life Steve Farrell with Ervin Laszlo


Welcome to the “Awakening the World to Oneness” Podcast, brought to you by Humanity's Team!

Episode 11: Connecting to the Purpose of Life
Steve Farrell with Ervin Laszlo

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“The world has become One, whether we like it or not.”

So says Ervin Laszlo, Club of Budapest founder and 2-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, who takes Oneness and connection as a serious matter.

“We could make it into a positive One. But it could be a breakthrough One or a breakdown One,” he says.

In this interview, Ervin and Steve discuss how having a crisis is also the birth of something new.

That something new could be called awakening to consciousness and being One with purpose.

There is a natural way of being in the world. Traditional people—and modern Indigenous people who are still living their own traditional way of life—live in sync with nature.

But for the past two hundred years or so, mankind, for the most part, has divorced itself from the natural way of living as part of this world.

But what does being in sync with the natural rhythms of life really mean?

There’s a continuing and growing conversation about Oneness and connection but Ervin asks, “Connection with what?”

“There is something like purpose,” he says, “something almost like a will in this Universe, which is not created by humans. And it doesn’t necessarily have to imply that it is the will of a Supreme Being, but it is there in nature.”

Ervin believes this is the case because…

  • The Universe in which we live is not all there is in the world
  • The Universe is something that came into being and is probably not going to last forever
  • Something has been organizing, creating, and guiding the process
  • All the evolution that’s taken place could not be the product of chance
  • There would not have been enough time for chance to create the Universe!

To hear more about why Ervin believes there is a purpose and how connecting to this purpose will move humanity forward toward that which is whole, meaningful, and progressive—tune in to our new podcast, “Connecting to the Purpose of Life.”


When Steve asks Ervin to talk more about our connection, our Oneness and elevated consciousness, Ervin says, “This is our Universe, not the Universe.”

“We are children of the Earth,” Ervin says. “We are children of the biosphere. And we are dependent on our Mother—this whole system which is around us—for our life, for our well-being, and for our future.”

Steve goes on to talk about how Ervin Laszlo was one of the partners in the creation of the Conscious Business Declaration, along with Humanity’s Team, that calls on business leaders all over the world to see our connection—our Oneness—and to bring real consciousness to business.

“Business,” Ervin says, “needs to be holotropic. We need to seek our wholeness, not as an abstract, metaphysical concept, but as something very real—meaning a whole system where all parts are coherent with all other parts.”

A world, including business, which is self-centered…

  • Is a negative influence
  • Creates polarization
  • Creates conflict and eventually violence
  • Is moving toward a breakdown

Those, including businesses, who seek wholeness…

  • Are highly in-formed
  • Feel their conscious coherence as love
  • Allow instinctive knowledge to emerge
  • Are like artists who influence the world by being the work of art itself

In this interview, Steve asks Ervin if we’re taking the necessary steps now to create the consciousness, the focus on wholeness and Oneness, that are necessary.

“We need to accelerate the positive strengths,” Ervin says, “to change our view of the world.”

“Our time has come,” he says. “Change is here. Into what will we change?”

To hear more about these positive strengths and how we can change and transform together, listen in to our podcast “Connecting to the Purpose of Life” by clicking the player button link below.

In Peace,

Christine Kriner
Humanity's Team

P.S. You can also hear more from Steve and Ervin in the Voice America Special radio programs, “Conscious Business for a Flourishing World 1 & 2” presented by Unity Earth, by clicking the links below:

Flourishing World 2: January 17, 2020

Flourishing World 1: December 13, 2019

In these two interviews, major global thought and business leaders including Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Ken Wilber, Deborah Moldow, Dr. David Sloan Wilson and Kurt Johnson, are interviewed by Steve Farrell of Humanity’s Team and Peter Matthies of The Conscious Business Institute, both Guest Editors of the forthcoming new magazine imprint CONSCIOUS BUSINESS.

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