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Energy Matching & Setting Up Matrixes - Live! International Tele-session

Energy Matching & Setting Up Matrixes  -  Live! International Tele-session



May 30, 2020 9:00 AM (Pacific/Las Vegas Time)  $35


Come join Bryan and the Archangels for this new eye opening and very informative class that will detail the specifics of physical ‘energy matching’ techniques that you can use in many types of situations with other people, so that you can navigate and direct the energy toward positive outcomes.  In addition, Bryan will teach you his secrets and method of setting up energy matrixes in different locations, including your favorite dining, shopping, work & recreation places.  Setting up these matrixes will help to awaken, balance and stimulate higher thought forms and emotions while dissolving any lower energy matrixes that promote fear, stress and anxiety, etc.



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