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  • Yes Kelly (=

    I saw Him a week and a half ago..

    One of the best (love shot) across the bow of Our war driven countries I have ever had the Honor to watch

    Love does prevail!

    Here's to forgiveness, love,and to re-membering that...We are One.(=


  • This was amazing, what an amazing spirit!  

    And I could see the compassion in those people's eyes and they were blown away too with the energy, just shows that, people do see what's beautiful and can respect it deeply.... :-)


    This guy right here does NOT get moved to tears very often..... but crying I god....i have zero problems.


    Amazing "soul"....amazing performance.....amazing post.  I wanna go flush my head in the toilet now.....hides the tears that are still coming.....


  • <3 <3 <3
  • Yes I saw this already 1HappyKelly. I loved it and it floored me too. As you can see in the video EVERYONE was floored by this guy. Good for him and GOD bless him.


    Love and Light

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