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Dream i had lat night about people summoning demons for a game

I have some out of this world dreams sometimes that are very meaningful. This dream seemed to take place on another world, in the future or in the astral realm. All of my dreams i am in a large world or city like place and its usually dark outside and there is magic also. The main part of the dream took place at what seemed to be a friends house. He had some great game in where we all summon these other powerfull beings or demons from another realm into the next room, then open the door, enter the room and attempt to communicate with these beings. I remember thinking that this was a bad idea and we should not do it. There was a girl i liked there so i didnt want to seem like i was scared so we did it, and my brother and i went to enter into the room and we were insantly blown back out of the room and flew back into the wall and we could hear the sounds of angry beings in the room who were really pissed off. The beings would not let anyone into the room and everyone was terrified, i was super pissed at my friend for getting us into this and pissed at myself for following through with the idea. Eventually they left and i entered the room again, i felt a very strong energy in the room and knew that they were there. I then saw an orange cat in the room jump from that room through a h*** in the wall. Everyone was looking at us like and asking if we were ok. After that part, i went back to work, or at least i was looking for work and i found myself in a large and old building with many other people around trading goods and bartering. Everyone was wearing robes and such like star wars. I also remember going to what seemed to be a pawn shop and i tried to sell them a piece of technology i had, i think it was a video camera of some kind but they wouldnt take it. I left and began to roam these strange dark streets and found myself with this girl again. She drove me to my living quarters and i said goodnight. I have had many dreams about being on this other world and i see many people i know and i dont know. Its like an alternate universe in which we live. I find myself in all sorts of situations from battles to pleasant experiences. One time i had a dream about being in a large scale battle against a strong enermy. I was with my dad and we were riding on these flying mortorcycle type devices and batteling an enemy who used this weapon that was unlike i had ever seen, they were firing a weird energy at us that i think was fear. they were just hurling it at us, it was an intense battle but we made it. there were many others fighting as well, it was like a real battle between dark and light, a battle for the dream world, the astral realm. Its very real

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