Lord Buddha for Monday 6/1/20.

Greetings dear one! Greetings! I AM Lord Buddha, I AM you family and

supporter, I AM the light and the Love, I AM YOU. There is a Buddha in you, and you are such a big part of Me. We are One,

Don’t underestimate who you are, don’t play small anymore! 

And I am not telling and suggest that you to go out and act in boastful ways, telling people how wonderful and wise you are, but I am encouraging you to embrace your wholeness, your vastness and in every single way to move forward and to expand your unique selves.

And what do I mean by this dear hearts? 

What I mean is that you slow down and pay attention to your bodies, to your hearts. Turn within, and see where there are spaces and places that need a little lifting up and awakening, aligning with the rest of you; you might say an enlightening of those forgotten parts, even those particles of you that still reside in the powerlessness paradigm. You can’t be truly moving forward and you can’t be truly free if you do not completely let go of the old.

And yet, I say to you that this can’t be done while you are rushing about your daily chores and/or worrying about or planning the future. 

Be mindful in every moment of where you are ~ yes, all of you, the entirety of who you are! If your mind is not in this here and now, then you are not fully present, and

every single insight you might be getting from your guides and heavenly family, falls by the wayside, and is lost. It doesn’t take a long time to bring your full focus and

concentration to a certain matter or aspect that is not the way you desire it to be. Sit still, and while you are meditating or simply taking a nature walk, hold the

Issue, the problem in your heart-mind, and simply allow the answer and the solution to come to you. And keep on heart listening, for the answers are always there.

Perhaps buried under lots of fears, but if you genuinely search and go deep enough, the solutions are extremely simple and straightforward. Sometimes there is a

simple “yes or no”, sometimes there is feeling of excitement and liberation that contains the answer “yes or no” that you can translate easily. There is never a

reason to rush and go about other chores, for this is only a distraction and a subtle type of escapism. Your journey to freedom is the most important task you have.

Make it simple and make it a routine to search within. It really doesn’t have to take too long and on the other hand you can make it a contemplative endeavor all

day long; for regardless of what you are doing, you can hold yourself anchored in your heart, moving slowly and attentively toward everything that is arising within.

Notice when there is expansion and love coming through your entire being, for instance whenever you meet certain like-minded people or a beautiful and playful child, or when you listen to a beautiful song, or are gazing at a beautiful flower. Notice when there is a tendency of constriction to the love flow through your heart, or when there is a challenging situation, like things getting broken in your house, or your child is misbehaving, or there is war in your backyard. Then let go of the fears and see the attachments that you have to desires and to your belongings, see the pain that is arising within thee for witnessing the suffering in others; and it really doesn’t matter whether they are your children or “others” out there, you feel it just as intensely, for we are all one. Let go of this pain and fill yourself with love and compassion, sending it to everyone, embracing yourselves and every single one involved.

The world needs this love, and needs the safety of your warm and kind embrace. This is the main task that you have dearest hearts, all other actions of service will be

flowing freely from them in Divine timing.

I am leaving you now though I am always within you!


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