This is my own input from a chart that I got from a chiroprator...This information is being share by PH,D's, and other Doctors that are against what is going on, yet find themselves caught in the middle...I share it with you all in the hope that you spread these horrible actions against our children...This is the reason why the children get fevers and convulsions and other anomalies when vaccinated...Please spread it far and wide to every soul you know in any country...When sharing please copy and paste, don't share it directly to facebook or any other website, and erase any traces of this information leading to this website...There is a chance they will erase it as they did with some information I gave three months ago about truths that I am aware many others are as well...That is how we can get far and wide...Thank you for your Light and Compassion...

I will only mention the names of the poisons in it, and in short the known effects...

ammonium sulfate (salt) 

(suspected gastrointestinal, liver, nerve and respiratory system poison.


known to cause cancer. Suspected gastrointestinal, liver, respiratory, skin and sense organ poison.

genetically modified yeast, animal, bacterial & viral DNA

can be incorporated into the recipient's DNA and cause unknown genetic mutations.

latex rubber

Can cause life-threatening allergic reactions.

monosodium glutamate (MSG)/glutamic acid

Being studied for motagenic, teratogenic (developmental malformation and monstrosities) and reproductive effects. A neurotoxin Allergic reactions can range from mild to severe.


Implicated as a cause of brain damage: suspected factor in Alzheimer's Disease., dementia, seizures, and comas. Allergic reactions can occur on skin.

formaldehyde (formalin)

Major constituent of embalming fluid; poisonous if ingested. Probable carcinogen; suspected gastrointestinal, liver immune system, nerve, reproductive system and respiratory poison. Linked to leukemia, brain, colon and lymphatic cancer.


Live and killed viri and bacteria or their toxins The polio vaccine was contaminated with a monkey virus now turning up in human bone, lung-lining (mesothelioma), brain tumors and lymphomas.

polysorbate 80

Known to cause cancer in animals.

tri (n) butylphosphate

Suspected kidney and nerve poison.


Poisonous if ingested. Causes birth defects in experimental animals.


Producted from selected pieces of calf and cattle skins, de-mineralized cattle bones and pork skin.  Allergic reactions have been reported.

gentamicin sulfate and polymyxin B (antibiotics)

Allergic reactions can range from mild to life threatening.


One of the most poisonous substances known. Has an affinity for the brain, gut, liver, bone marrow and kidneys. Minute amounts can cause nerve damage. Symptoms of mercury toxicity are similar to those of autism. 

neomycin sulfate (antibiotic)

Interferes with Vitamin B6 absorption. An error in the uptake of B6 can cause a rare form of epilepsy and mental retardation. Allergic reactions can be mild to life threatening. 

phenol/phenoxyethanol (2-PE)

Used as antifreeze. Toxic to all cells and capable of disabling the immune system's primary response mechanism. 

human and animal cells

Human cells from aborted fetal tissue and human albumin. Pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, guinea pig, dog kidney, cow heart, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, calf serum, sheep blood and others.

Our children deserve better...We are suppose to protect, love and cherish them, not hurt them...They are the future, with this truth in mind, why is this done to them?

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  • Please don't misunderstand, but aren't most of those the kind of harmful substances that are supposed to be in a vaccine?

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